Japan: spring cherry bloom pink Valentine’s Day

Thin snow from Seoul Incheon International Airport to fly about two hours, you can see from the sky surrounded by azure water of Okinawa, which is a vast expanse of water in group intermittent involved in a small Island. With the lower altitude, a plant covered with a green city, constantly being enlarged at the moment was all the more clear it.

When we wear unlined garment out of the cabin, the moment they were surrounded by sunshine and warmth, there are over Spring Island. Winter snow and cold of Northland have been left thoroughly clean the Cloud Nine Seoul.

Okinawa (read Okinawa) from a combination of more than 60 islands, the main island is long and narrow, and head away, about 100 kilometers wide, but 30 kilometers from east to west width of the narrowest place is only three kilometers, now has less than two million people. Subtropical marine climate it year-round sunny Fengqing, we cattle landing at noon New Year’s Day outdoor temperature is 24 ℃.

Heard of Okinawa, formerly known as the Ryukyu Kingdom, there had been 400 years of independent history. Years ago, Okinawa and China, Korea and Southeast Asia have had frequent trade by Chinese culture deeply influenced.

Ryukyu Kingdom envoy to Beijing during the Ming Dynasty, Chinese canonized to concede defeat, the annual tribute, has also been lucrative trade assistance and return. WANG Si-every new legislation, there is missions to China’s large, has fixed the canonization of the system. After the Meiji Restoration, Japan gradually stronger, the Meiji government and big fan southwest Japan annexed the Ryukyu Islands by force, was born in Okinawa Prefecture.

Okinawa’s strategic location due to very special, belonging to the Western Pacific sea and air hub, during World War II Japan as the only battlefield, the U.S. military has been strongly attacked the island to rubble, was occupied by U.S. troops, after the Second World War, Roosevelt was said to be interested in handed over to China, Chiang Kai-shek were just politely refuse, perhaps security are busy, the badly battered, not attend to you. If then scored, homeland physical access to resources, with the eastern part of the strategic barriers Needless to say, but the days of the Ryukyu people like it?

The early seventies, the United States returned Okinawa to Japan, but still have large numbers of troops stationed, the military port, the airport, the American base in the village at a glance, the local age-old traditional culture and American culture, the integration of modern civilization and has become the tourism projects and Aspect.

Out of Naha Airport, we eat noodles, soup, a piece of pig ribs, sprinkle a little chopped green onion, non-greasy, texture tendons Road, Taste was nothing special. And the collective culture of the Kingdom of Ryukyu go village, southeast of botanical gardens, the U.S. Kadena Air Base tour around look-out, all the way through the lush trees and plants in between can be regarded as a Ta-Qing, tours the spring bar.

Construction-intensive but not tall, compact easy. Compact streets clean. Green lawn full of flowers and sunshine make the water taste of the kind of life, all of a sudden slowdown in the kind of modern urban life in cramped, evacuation of people crowded heap.

Garden plant varieties and layout of Fujian and Guangdong, some similar, residential-style close to some and South-East Asia, have to carefully safeguard the care of conscientious, honest, shows order in the verdant tranquility. Turn on the lap, it seems that Japan will be able to understand the longevity of the Mysterious Island.

Botanic Gardens have wine, brown sugar production, glass workshop, pottery and other items of display, experience, popular with local tourists. Father operate quietly with her daughter, traveling students to focus on listening, it is quiet, no yelling of noise and clutter.

Feeling in the Ryukyu peoples Xu crafts are familiar, deja vu. Chuan from China over the past lions are, where the free play, out of body size-fits-all face, from the material to the body looked very relaxed, living waves, modeling a lot more free and easy.

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