Prague-declaration of love

Nietzsche said: “When I think of another word to express the music, I just found a Vienna; and when I think of another word to express the mystery, I only thought of Prague.” Prague lonely people of the United States also scrambling are you with the necessary Empathy another person at that time the local share. Put such a wonderful place for lovers of programs that could not have been better.
Romantic LIST

Look for Kafka

More than 100 years ago, Kafka unbearable noise of the old city, moved into the No. 22 Golden Lane, a house of blue water on this stealth writing became his place. And today, has become reclusive as a small bookstore,Couples can take a look at his footprints. Golden Lane in Prague Castle’s St. George’s Cathedral and toys between museums, because of the Roman Empire during the 16th century, many people living in this alchemy, it got its name.

And beloved people walk through the Old City

Prague old town some remote quiet street so far remained a medieval appearance, the streets paved with stones, street lights are old gas lamp-style, many houses with religious murals. The ancient clock tower every hour, bells on the door will automatically open the window, the bell Qiming, 12 such as lantern-like icon in the window appears, bowing to people. Why not take the right right table, put your love happy time Forever to remain in the bottom of my heart.

Vltava River in the West Bank as draw Zhang

Vltava River in the West Bank is home to a lot of small city famous Czech artists, a walk along the street there, look at the artist’s finest creations, if we do not enjoy can also ask them to draw, like Zhang, the sweet moment you put them down. Prague is a city of respect for the arts is entirely not have to worry about the level of these street artists.

Cafe Slavia in love

Have been to a lot of people say that Cafe Slavia Prague can love more sweet. Cafe Slavia have a century of history, the most valuable is its rapid development in modern society still cling to tradition, can enjoy here a hundred years ago the Czech Taste. Vltava River overlooks scenic best seats, but we must go back Oh!


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