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2011 Islamic delicacies tour cultural in China(silver Chuan) stanza grand opening
2011 Islamic delicacies tour cultural in China(silver Chuan) stanzas, this morning the Mosslem people in Ningxia interborough silver Chuan in the capital is international meeting the exhibition center is grand to open.More than 200 business enterprises from the United States, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwanese etc. nation and region and hinterland several city areas, more than 5000 businessmans attendant the opening ceremony also plays(tea art race culture demonstration), studies and discusses exhibition demonstration, the technical ability big match and technique exchanges, Mosslem people cultural exhibition taking part in a current festival to forum and economic cooperation to recommend six greatest versions piece and eight sub- activities.The current grand occasion is united by Chinese cooking association and the city hall of silver Chuan to hold.

This is the silver Chuan with lend the niche advantage and humanities advantage of country unique interborough capital city to Mosslem people to take”expand race culture, promote race united, develop Islamic industry, promote to travel construction in the destination city” as topic to remit to gather domestic and international numerous brand business enterpriseses on the Islamic industries, such as food and Muslem thing…etc. to display traditional cooking technical skill in China among them and completely, make food culture to the utmost shown its science, culture and art content, in the meantime the grand occasion of all-directions Islamic dining in demonstration Ningxia and Muslem’s culture special magic power.

This is the silver Chuan to hold delicacies cultural stanza after 2008 of another grand occasions is also a silver Chuan to have the honor of acquiring “Chinese Islamic delicacies culture it all” title of honor one anniversary moment in the meantime, again to whole all new images that social display silver Chuan Islamic delicacies culture travels, recommending of”let everyone remember silver Chuan and let the visitor stay in the silver Chuan, make the silver Chuan headed for world” grand occasion.

The attendant current Islamic delicacies travels cultural stanza more than 200 business enterprises in, current 100 win the group as the representative’s Chinese dining 100 strong business enterprise, and then have with all gather virtuous, east to follow, is representative of the China grand old dining business enterprise, there is also the local brand Islamic dining business enterprise of the virtuous silver Chuans, such as Long building and stork building…etc., connect McDonald’s, Kentucky in the United States should also invite to an exhibition will join the exhibition.

With go toward different BE, the current Islamic delicacies travels cultural stanza is previous the cooking robot”love can” developed by heavy cheerful science and technology limited company in Shenzhen for the very first time be unveiled, the citizen can taste robot to use around a minute time boil the aroma of stir-frying accompany good”Gongbau Jiding” wait 1200 various Chinese foods;The east comes to fluently and all gathers virtuous, the group, the Nanking happy park and Xian old Sun Jia, the Su of Xinjiang and Chen2 Yang Ma’s house of China sky burns wheat etc. more than 40 in homes China grand old brand dining business enterprise established a special feature exhibition set, the local business enterprise also joined in succession and also have the fourth national Chinese food technical ability creative big match northwest match area finals produce of 200 contestants carry on of the sherbet dish, hot vegetables and noodles order, carvings etc. contents of the China cooking ratio put together to contend for, the exhibition sells 160 remaining to grow Islamic taste a light repast.Exhibition will of the tour recommend a demonstration and enlarged local travel in winter of special feature publicity, will for work out a half year of tour of silver Chuan’s carefree problem to do one beneficial try.Contents of enriching, make current Islamic delicacies tour cultural stanza it may be said to actually return.

Speak of silver Chuan to for successive years hold the cultural background of the Islamic delicacies tour cultural stanza, Chinese cooking association vice chairman and incumbent silver Wei in the Chuan City often Wei and vice- mayoral〃 willow say, in 2010, the silver Chuan whole city Islamic dining industry carries out operating revenue 1,980,000,000 dollars and takes up above 90% of the whole city dining profession income.The first quarter of 2011 degree, Islamic food and Muslem thing industry the income together compare to increase more than 20% and develop power the head is good.But need not Hui speech, the Islamic food of the silver Chuan City industry and international go to a lot of cities to still have bigger margin, the scale of native Islamic food business enterprise is small, product structure one, pack ability not strong, the publicity still needs a further exaltation.

The willow introduces further, there are 57 nations of Muslem in the whole world, among them, Middle East nation has more than 20s, these nation import annually of Islamic food the quantity is all very big, we want to work well a hallal(admire pull) attestation and turn our conformity assessment procedures, practice mechanization of big production, formation scale, native business enterprise after doing greatly”walk out” is viable.Native business enterprise’s”walk out” should has the taste of international market first and be like the large activities, such as meeting and Asian Games…etc. of the Olympic Games, World Exposition, great luck and all need a great deal of Islamic food.Should enlarge standardizing of product production construction, do enough article on the food safety, enlarge strength for publicity, work well the packing link works, such as design and sale…etc., do the whole industry.

The willow for instance says that all say matrimony vine in Ningxia good, matrimony vine in Ningxia exactly good where?How outward publicizee matrimony vine in Ningxia good?A Japanese friend finishes buying matrimony vine to take to return to an examination from Ningxia and made a phone call to tell that matrimony vine in Ningxia contains 14 kinds of mineral qualities and still has to be abundant than winter-worm, summer-herb and have clear eyes and protect liver to protect liver etc. multiple effects.He says that we should develop a more matrimony vine products by ourselves and sell to 500 dollars 1 catty, not current of 3410 the dollars are 1 catty.These are the idea, thinking and visual field to decide idea.Also need to pay attention to a talented person to usher in in addition, not the ability list depend on oneself of strength.

The embodiment “walk out” the silver Chuan Islamic delicacies tour cultural stanza of thoughting the state grand open.5- days stanza meeting will on July 12 act, we expect and wish to wish the current Islamic delicacies travels cultural stanza is satisfactory succeed.

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