Go out tour regulation

1, ride an airplane, should notice to fly a safety, button up safety belt, don’t take a dangerous or easy Ran article, don’t ascend and descend a period in the airplane

The usage hand lifts to move a telephone to wait related electronics thing.

2, the valuables please place cabaret safe-deposit box, if along with take, the attention maintains and absolutely not to leave a hand.

3, discrepancy cabaret the room please with close the door, don’t  cover with a clothes on the light or smoke on the bed, hear the fire bell ring and please from

Urgent the exit quickly leave and absolutely not to take elevator.

4, take speed boat, drift a wood raft, take part in an aquatic activity, please by rule be dressed in life jacket, and act according to the staff member’s instruction.

5, the seaside drama water, please don’t outstrip safe warnning line, don’t acquaint with water, absolutely not to and alone enter water.

6, route of travel in or free activity if see stimulating movable item, the body condition poor please don’t take part in.Get a heart attack,

The tuberculosis, asthma disease and high blood pressure slices to hate to be engaged in aquatic and high empty activity.

7, please don’t arbitrarily and more change seat while taking bus , the head, hand didn’t  stretch out a window outside, top and bottom car please watch for to a car direction in order to prevent occurrence dangerous

8, take cable car, please one after another and up and down, listen to the conductor of staff member.

9, run about snow ground, steep hill path, please careful.

10, the group could not take off a brigade without authorization while traveking and left a brigade alone, please advertise for all to accompany the guide to agree, and along with take a local accommodation rice

Store address, telephone, in order to prevent occurrence accident.

11, arrive view area tour front, tightly record a guide to give an account of concentrated location, time and the tour bus car number multiplied by.In case of take off regiment, please

In concentrated the location wait for a guide to return to look for.

12, go out a trip, notice a healthy body, fruit absolutely not to eat to living a food, living seafood and have been already peeled, patronize wayside have no license stand file

Eat and drink too much at one meal, drink boiled water more, eat vegetable and fruit more, little smoke, little drink.

13, nighttime or free activity time go out by oneself, please tell to all keep the guide or regiment friend company, should special attention safety.

14, absolutely not to expose a wealth in the public place, shopping also not in public pure few bill.

15, before checking out each time, please check the baggage product that you take, specially notice your certificate and valuable wealth and properties.
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