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The dress grass suburb romantic lavender in season city appreciates ground
Cloud Feng mountain lavender blood relationship pure and unadulterated page 2:the Prague farm look for the dream vanilla paradise page 3: the flower river manor water and flower form a pleasant contrast page 4: shocking of the Blues manor dreamlike purple color

See the lavender not necessary going faraway general prosperous Si?Near in very short distance suburb, July in the city, the lavender positive fragrance of flower four overflow.The lavender is this ocean trick, with lend orientation ability of oneself to environment, stubbornly the existence is in each big vanilla manor of city suburb.The lavender that don’t take care of these gardens first have whether the specific weight is very big, but at least, we need not Peking and need not faraway country, the movie television what inside appears that puts on purple color nearby at very short distance, the car distance in previous 12 hour of romantic flower of that foreign country wit and humour can immediately feel.

Flower of there are 100,000 stubs high-blooded British lavenders in the species garden and fill the air south Europe romantic feeling in thick France, in some corners will some sages, verbena, Persia the chrysanthemum, and mint…etc. is to embellish.

Enjoy flower a seasonal changes the beginning of July is the best and end by the end of July

The price individual tourist’s admission ticket is 35 dollars|person;The lavender fix menu in restaurant is 58 dollars|person, the Taiwanese special feature delicacies has the Hakka alkali the glutinous rice dumpling, 23 dollars per;Thou early the monosodium glutamate meat dry rice, 23 dollar per;The black and white slices, 17 dollars per;Positive harbor fried rice noodles, 28 dollars each;Perfume lotus tea, 42 dollars each.The east Chan meeting building, the ancient building guest room having style of Song romantic feeling is 10 and stop for the night a mark in normal times 338 dollars|night, the weekend is 398 dollars|night.The high speed goes back and forth about 60 dollars, about two roads of hours.

Cloud Feng mountain box office arrives an of view area to still have the steep slope road of 700 meters, can take the view area connection car(5 people rise, 6 dollars|person, dissatisfied 5 people, then 30 dollars|car) or walk view area entrance.There is one very dreamlike name in the lavender here park-”dream farmland”.Along the designation card steps on right handy knoll road, no longer than two minutes, can immediately see one crumb lavender farmland, some very small disappointment, can’t order so lavender?The staff member seems to see my worry in uncertainty and tells valley to still have the one a little bit larger lavender farmland.The set overlooks downward from the wood system view view, indeed as expected!Although it is said not imagine medium general prosperous Si that sort is big slice of big slice of of lavender, and the beautiful scenery of in the interval can also satisfy to photograph and be photographed each kind of request of .Much less, here absolutely is all the lavenders of the quality goods at reasonable prices, comes from the same species with general prosperous Si in France of, vegetable have British Xia leaf’s lavender of”quite perfume plant”"fragrance after” praise.At that moment the many peoples all mistake verbena and sage for lavender, the representative director here tells me, want to classify whether is that the lavender isn’t in fact difficult, as long as two hands hold up lavender, from descend but last of one Le, looked like weak blossoms all strongly built, after can’t fallen off in succession, and releasing, stayed remaining joss-stick that non- lavender was beyond doubt.The species flavor like this is very heavy, no wonder that feel the air of top of hill in all cloudy fragrance of flower!Spend a farmland the flank is a traditional British garden, white of cabin, blue of window, white of the car of Peng Peng and woody gazebo, the full park clips to grow each kind of be the flower in quarter, Fan Er in England is hundred percent.Sit on the wood quality gazebo in the hospital, curl up in the fragrance of flower in drink a tea chitchat, that calls 1 to lightly be born.Walk into white cabin, originally the inside is a vanilla is small to spread and sell various lavender- related product, even can still just in the DIY the lavender small joss-stick wrap, the type of small pillow.

Return from the flower farmland, continue to in walk, will discover to own good original ecosystem scenery here environment, the everywhere can see is with meticulous care polished up of view facilities, afterwards find out, originally one of the representative director of country villa is the half-hardy teacher of a Taiwan.The place of the country villa useful meal is a fine courtyard that calls “Ming park”.The lotus tea, lavender coffee, lavender milk tea and lavender tea and Taiwanese light repast are that main dozens are this year.The whole country villa contains a lot of righteousness works, their benignity is friendly and have other view areas different service attitude.

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