Travel into residents

Travel into residents according to the survey the consumption head choose

On July 4, the Chinese people the bank business management Dept. releases of 2011 second quarter degree 1400 towns keep a questionnaire result to suggest, 41.3% residents choose future 3 month”preparation tour”, compare a last quarter to rise 11.9 percentage points, and set 2009 the four seasons degree of new high that has ever had.

The survey suggests that two quarter, degree residents commodity price satisfaction index number is 18.1, compare last quarter and respectively last year same period lower at 2.8:00 with 1.1:00.Among them, the 60% above residents think, current”commodity price level Gao, and is hard to accept”.Positive because the commodity price level leads Gao, this quarter degree the residents consume will to have to weaken.

Travel the industry insider analysis mean and revalue in renminbi and exit from country tour and shopping to be just seen by many people under the local inflation pressure bigger background as real benefit of consume a choice.

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