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Israeli officials said that if the Israeli authorities decided to attack Iran

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Exclusive news that the Associated Press , February 27 , Israeli officials said that if the Israeli authorities decided to attack Iran , will not advance to inform the United States .
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According to reports, Israeli officials said that if they ultimately found against Iranian nuclear facilities

Reported that in recent months, the United States has been trying to persuade Israel to fight against (Iran), only Iraq ‘s nuclear program to produce a temporary delay .

It is reported that the news is disclosed in U.S. intelligence official who is familiar with high-level meeting . Set a tense atmosphere to America to high-level dialogue will be held at the White House and Capitol Hill .

For the above report , the White House , Department of Defense, the National Intelligence Agency , the Israeli Embassy declined to comment


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the scale of thousands rally

Monday, February 20th, 2012

BEIJING , Feb. 16 , according to Russian media reported on the 15th , Putin supporters are scheduled to be held this Saturday ( 18 ) the scale of thousands rally , Putin had sung the English song ( Blueberry Hill) or become a rally flag . On the other hand , the Moscow government has approved Putin supporters river banks along the Frunze street procession on February 23 and in luzhniki assembly .
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It is reported that the assembly will be driving in the center of Moscow gathered, they will line up the team . Assembly initiator , said supporters will go to the scene issued Putin to participate in charitable activities , he sang the song Reported that this song will be the sign of the

Putin supporters groups said in a statement on the 15th assembly 18 or 1500 people attended . It is reported that Putin supporters on the 15th to submit to the Moscow city government to initiate assembly of the application , the mayor’s office said should be approved on the 18th assembly .

In addition, Moscow Deputy Mayor Alexander Gore side of Section 15 , told reporters , the base bridge district) where to luzhniki route of the procession . 11:30 Moscow time , the number of 40,000 .

He also said , has approved 10 million less than the assembly was held at 13 o’clock on the 23rd to 14:30 at luzhniki Stadium .

Putin ‘s campaign and the Russian People’s Front has been submitted to the 200,000 processions and assemblies held in the center of Moscow on February 23 to apply . The organizers plan along Tverskaya Street procession to Manie Shen Square rally around a half an hour , and then held there . However , the Moscow city government request to change the activities held in other square , and halve the number of participants .

Not long ago , Putin has said he considers necessary to agree with the recommendations made by the Moscow city government , select the appropriate program to an acceptable , held on February 23 rallies .


in a peaceful way to solve the problem .

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 19 , according to foreign reports, the U.S. Defense Panetta said Thursday the United States has with Iran on the Strait of Hormuz confrontation on the issue of doing a settlement of disputes .

Panetta said on that day , ready .

Late last year, Iran has threatened that if subjected to Western countries or further sanctions against force , will block the Strait of Hormuz . The U.S. has stepped up its navy outside the Persian Gulf military presence .

Panetta said,

Panetta reiterated the United States is very aware of their goals , will work to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and blockade the Strait of Hormuz . But he also stressed that the U.S. hopes that with the international laws and regulations , in a peaceful way to solve the problem .

Previously reported for the United States sent a letter to the Strait of Hormuz issues regarding Iran , Panetta refused to comment , but pointed out that the United States have channels of communication with Iran , and will continue to keep these channels open.

Recently, relations between Iran and Western countries increasingly tense , some analysts said the Persian Gulf war may be imminent


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the medieval castle ruins

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Arrived at a delicate time in Syria, Arab unrest in the new eye of the storm.

When we receive directly or indirectly, to the Syrian Ministry of Tourism issued the invitation, the eastern Mediterranean Arab countries are facing tremendous pressure. Since March 2011 some parts of the anti-government demonstrations calling for democracy and freedom, and government forces forcibly suppressed, people read from the media, most of the news of bloody violence, and the United States and Russia and other powers around it and started the wrestling game.

First, the European Union, the United States and the Arab League have announced sanctions against Syria, the Arab League and then in November very rare in Syria’s membership freeze, followed by the United Nations released a report, through the 223 victims and witnesses, police and disclosure of Syria security forces of murder, rape and other human rights violations, including rape in front of his family face a boy. According to UN estimates, Syria, the number of people died in the conflicts over 5,000 people.

United States and other leaders of some countries have already asked Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down. Military defections came the news frequently. Outside the hot start is that Syria will become the next Libya, Bashar al-Assad regime will collapse. Some analysts even warned that the country has come to the brink of civil war.

It is in this situation, early December, we received a tour of the country’s Embassy at the invitation of bypassing the Foreign Ministry to private access way to Syria.

When my visa at the Embassy, ​​First Secretary, who reviewed my side information, she asked me: >

Since much of the office seems to start between Syria this storm in the eyes of West Asian countries, has been eager to show us the other side. After the trip, we were told more than once:

Our police delegation 16 people, some of the news media reporters, some of the tourist class media reporter, a television, a Web site, as well as two international scholar, the afternoon of December 18, local time, reached the Syrian capital of Damascus.

This visit was a mix of travel. Many times, travel arrangements were really like a leisure travel, we were led to visit the Old City of Damascus, to visit the largest mosque, the medieval castle ruins, the ancient monastery, those twists and turns through the streets, to from the old house converted into a restaurant for dinner, tourists usually prefer to go shopping bazaar.

These times, I just trance: Is this a civil war that is said may be the country? Life seem all normal. Street shops are open, all kinds of commodities, fruit and vegetable food filled with shelves. Great Mosque, the people to pray devoutly, mosques, the young parents led their children to a group of pigeons feeding. What a relaxing afternoon.

Along the way, curious to see ordinary Syrians looked to you, since almost all filled with a smile to his face, no shy, warm hellos with you, children, young people, the elderly, you may be stopped, with simple English or gesture than painted, to give them your camera. They are so enthusiastic that the contents of peer association, Bo Yu, director Nguyen Hong lamented that,

Other times, we met with the country’s senior officials from the tourism minister, deputy foreign minister, the mayor’s second largest city of Aleppo to the presidential adviser, as well as Grand Mufti and other religious leaders, to talk about the moment of grim situation. Religious leaders tell us that in Syria the country, all religions, sects living together in harmony how. Government officials are almost without exception, made a speech the same meaning: now taking place in these turbulent Syria, the US-led Western countries-led conspiracy, is fighting with government troops, is The Government is promoting a variety of reforms, which will no doubt be to undermine reform. These are precisely the Syrian state television and domestic news agency and other media to tell people over and over again.

Such a voice, and the outside world heard of before, almost completely separated. As ABC Barbara Walter, senior female reporter after the interview with President Bashar, in the program using one word to describe her feelings:

Public opinion on the split, but also hard to find. Online video in a variety of anti-government demonstrations mighty momentum, and the reality, we have repeatedly seen on the streets holding a presidential head groups of young men, waving small flags to go to support the Government’s parade. Many Syrians lost no time in expressing the government and the president’s For example, in a bazaar, we were suddenly surrounded by a group of students, they first let us give them scrambling to take pictures, then pranced in, rhythmically shouted slogans in support of the President, and – because China and Russia in the UN Security Council draft resolution on the Syrian issue a veto, the way we hear a lot of classification instead of themselves shouting

Of course, you can suspect that these are organized, but I flew to Damascus from Aleppo on the plane, accidentally sitting beside 30-year-old housewife Lina, her support for the Government appears to be sincere. These Fluent in English, too, was flushed with excitement.

17-year-old Aleppo city high school Simon will probably not agree with her. The boy also told me, blushing, that he never see the Syrian television, . Not long ago, the city of Aleppo had the students’ strike for dignity Previously he has since published inappropriate remarks, and was looking to security, but not beaten.

He thought,

A dramatic change occurred in the ancient castle ruins Citadel. A group of girls in primary schools come to visit is said, in a vacant lot on the music lively singing patriotic songs, the crowd suddenly I do not know who opened the banner of opposition groups, accompanied by security personnel will soon be taken away.

Classification of the territory in our interview in the past few days, news that the foreign media from time to time, other cities such as Holmes, etc., there are some people in the government troops and rebels were killed in the conflict. The international media news release and the number of casualties, mostly quoted from opposition groups, activists and a British-based NGO organizations, report on new developments, statistics casualties figures. But the authority of the media such as BBC, Reuters and other typically account, because of the difficulties immigrants interviewed, the data can not be independently verified, and had to rely on these more accessible source.

What happened in Syria? Perhaps the mission sent by the Arab League, the third-party investigation, at this point in time becomes extremely important, they come to the findings, the next will affect the international community of Syrian decision-making.


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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012


travel date

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Zhongguang Wang News reporter learned from the Beijing Railway Bureau , from January 1, 2012 , the train started all the real-name ticket system .2011 December 22, telephone booking , December 23, 2011 from the Internet, consignment at , the passenger station ticket window you ready ( to carry ) valid ID card .

Shanghai next year, the real name system for all train

Shanghai Railway Bureau news , since January 1, 2012 ( travel date) , the council implemented tickets for all real-name system of passenger trains , passengers must present valid ID to purchase tickets , and tickets and ticket holders when use of occupant original valid ID card ( a free ride for children and hold a ticket for children except for children ) stop, ride . The station will be popular , focusing train all passengers real name verification, testing is not popular .

New Year’s Day next year all the real names of Nanjing Railway Station ticket

Reporters learned from the Nanjing Railway Station , from January 1, 2012 ( travel date), all passenger trains on the station to implement real-name ticket system , valid ID card are required for passengers to buy tickets , and tickets and ticket holders used when the occupant original valid ID card ( a free ride for children and support child a ticket except children ) stop, ride .


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9982 primary and secondary schools have a school bus 302 .

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Gansu Provincial People’s Congress Law Committee, deputy director of the 6 Li at Lanzhou, the USGA , said from January 1 next year , Gansu special shuttle schoolchildren, preschool children ‘s school bus , shall be approved by the local education department and public security traffic management department confirmed to receive school bus signs . At the same time , the vehicle traveling data recorder shall be installed with satellite positioning function .

day , Gansu Provincial People’s Congress held a Lee High Society said that in addition to the standard school uniform body spray car exterior car is a unit of identity and name , the school bus should be kept in good safety , school bus driver should have the appropriate for driving more than three years safe driving experience.

driving time traveling the state , information to be checked.

It is understood that the or in the case of school bus driving schools, kindergarten students should be allowed to line up and down the school bus ,

According to latest statistics from the traffic police department in Gansu , Gansu 2402 now has a school bus 571 kindergartens , 9982 primary and secondary schools have a school bus 302 .

deputy director of Legislative Affairs Office of Gansu Provincial Government has Stirling , the significant increase in mileage and other changes in the situation , just to provide for a fine standard has obviously can not meet current road traffic safety management needs.

which would mean they would have been greatly developed.

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

According to the Japanese specific areas of conflict.

The article said that the pillars of the strategy is anti-ship missiles. The missile from the road, sea and air-launched, surface ships of the enemy poses a great threat.

However, it is not using any new technology; only this weapon’s effective range, accuracy, speed and availability of flights have been greatly enhanced.

Therefore, how to resist such weapons as top military headache. While the U.S. troops are in the Asia Pacific facelift advanced weapons, against the challenges of China; but they still face some of the problems caused by these weapons:

Other countries may have noticed that anti-access / area denial strategy, the U.S. advantage, but also to take such a strategy.

The article said that this week, some experts in the The experts believe that this strategy will include submarines, special forces and anti-ship missiles.

According to legend, Korea’s anti-ship missile technology weapons from the former Soviet Union, it is difficult for the United States or South Korea currently has a threat of offshore platforms.

However, in last month’s missile test, North Korea from an old Soviet-made bombers on the first launch of an anti-ship missiles. Such missiles can the small patrol boats during the war, or to provide supplies for the South Korean military threat to merchant ships.

The article said that while Iran has actively pursued the development of anti-ship missiles. In July, Iran test-fired a 186-mile range anti-ship missile, its warhead weight is 1433 pounds. Allegedly, the missile has a maximum speed of Mach 3.

If the missile flying at this speed, the vessel is difficult to have time to deploy defensive measures. Once Iran’s Strait of Hormuz to deploy such a small area of ​​the missile, it can control all the oil tankers through the Persian Gulf, but also delay the enemy surface fleet activities.

Although Syria current domestic chaos, it has recently purchased a new anti-ship missiles. The military procurement contracts before signing on domestic problems, worth $ 300 million.

However, many analysts believe that Russia at this time to deliver weapons to the West has been reluctant to build anti-missile system to change the position of punishment. Israel has already expressed concern about the arms sales, as this would pose a threat to its surface fleet.

The missile range of Iran’s anti-ship missile with almost the same, about 190 miles. Worth noting that Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006 with a shore-ship missile hit an Israeli warship, killing four members killed in the attack.

The article said that people on this that the withdrawal of surface ships can easily range anti-ship missiles, so that their combat ability would be impaired. However, this view is also problematic.

First, China’s current anti-ship missiles with a range of about 1500-2700 km. If the U.S. Navy in other countries within the range anti-ship missiles, the country with short-range anti-ship missiles can pose a threat to them.

A few years ago, China’s surprise appearance of a submarine aircraft carrier in the United States near the U.S. aircraft carrier was completely within its combat.

In addition, in 2005 the deduction in a war, a loan from the Swedish Navy diesel-electric submarines to sink the United States With diesel-electric submarine technology continues to evolve, even the most advanced technology in the United States is difficult to detect them, so the surface fleet should be vigilant.

In fact, even without the advanced submarine countries, only in a small patrol boat loaded missile, able to carry out surprise attack.

The article said that in view of this, senior military officers have been aware of the anti-intervention / area denial strategy to billions of dollars worth of damage caused by surface ships.

The anti-intervention / strategy for the region refused to stop weapons are relatively cheap needed, which would mean they would have been greatly developed. (Sri Lanka years)

Xinyi’s publicity and approval. October 28

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Xinyi town, village Guaixiang jiulongzhen miles: 8 applicants Jie br> Xinyi newspaper (Reporter Kwan Yu photo coverage) the hardship of rural low-income housing subsidies for housing reconstruction, in the eyes of some village officials became Xinyi town, village jiulongzhen ten list of applications submitted eight relatives were village officials, the net posts were uncovered during the publicity, the local public outcry. Yesterday, authorities confirmed to reporters Xinyi this situation, and said authorities in the investigation, and the elimination of the village reported to the application list.

According to the town of Long Guang jiulongzhen Commission for Discipline Inspection, said the town this year, a total of 170 subsidized housing reconstruction target, which was eight miles village indicators, subsidies for the household $ 10,000, an applicant’s condition There are two: First, the rural low-income families, and second housing hardship. Approval of an application program is divided into farmers, village council publicity, township approval, Xinyi’s publicity and approval. October 28, Xinyi city, local media reported on the 2039 single user name for publicity. November 8, the letter should Yu are posted on the News forum post, said the village eight miles wide application list for the Village relatives, and have better housing properties, dangerous living in mud-poor households in the real did not receive support. And attached with the post for households and destitute families house photo, contrast, local public outcry. November 9, Xinyi City Civil Affairs Bureau, Bureau of Agriculture Office of Poverty Alleviation and sent into the village, town jiulongzhen survey found that household net posts to reflect the application is true kinship with the Village to apply for family housing property is partly true.

village officials called authorities immediately clear, the village submitted a single user name does not meet the 8 subsidy requirements. Asked the village in two days to re-convene village team, person read the subsidy eligibility criteria, application re-submitted eligible single username.

close a

Village public places

families taking 8 reports based on the net posts, miles of eight villages of the original application submitted to the list, respectively, party secretary of the brother, brother , nephew; village head’s brother, son; village women’s director husband, uncle. Towns in them or to buy residential land in the vicinity of buildings have been built for many years, or already built buildings in the village.

see close-up two

skylight roof to turn the door panels

destitute families Leung Shu Wing of the mud-brick house in the early years of natural disasters have all been destroyed, collapsed walls, tile face cloth full of Leung Shu Wing is the most famous village, destitute families, the elderly wife, leaving his wife suffering from mental illness early years, he was one of these years by both farmers Dangdie when the mother pulled the two school-age children.

close three

ten flat wall tile home only three villagers Qiu Li

small mud-brick house right, front of the house behind the house two walls are lacking, stand surrounded by wall collapse also leaving only three sides, the remnants of less than ten square meters under roof, also arrayed bed nets. The original house is behind the house Highland 2006 was washed away in the rain tumble. 4 years, they put up a shack to live. The right to declare Qiu Li Village subsidies but was stuck.


Ji to treat to try a line

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

The departure moves tour electronic commerce Ji to treat to try a line
According to anticipate, till 2015, the global ambulation pays a market to attain USD 670,000,000,000, the year all passes to increase 35.83%.Pay the foundation of basic maturity in the inshore tour electronics up, will should concentrate energy to open a Zha departure to move a tour from now on the electronics pay and especially and HongKong-Macau spend a holiday a market, should the head open to try a line.

In 2011, it is that China is offshore to spend a holiday to develop for not of the common run year.Each traditional travel agency, on-line tour website and airline in succession the strong dint makes moves, in addition to international ticket, offshore cabaret, offshore tour product, moving the tour electronic commerce will become one of the main battlefield of business model innovation.The intelligence cellular phone customer passes the usage blackberry App World and iTunes App Store, or Android Market search and download, search and comparison travel information, reserve a ticket cabaret to wait tour product, non- intelligence cellular phone the customer use GPRS or 3 Gs to get to the Internet and get into an on-line tour website to reserve a product, moving to travel electronic commerce not only overaly the people of inshore spend a holiday, also include offshore spend a holiday.

In recent years, moving the tour electronic commerce has already become power, hold a distance, skill dragon, go to where etc.’s on-line tour website release his/her own wireless customer to carry in succession, the country sail releases ambulation customer to carry, and the south sail releases message boarding service, but the current basic characteristics has two:One is limit at local ticket and cabaret product, holding the wireless customer of distance and skill dragon to carry can not reserve an offshore tour product.Two is move a tour search, search function strong, on-line reserve to pay function with electronics weak.For example, the wireless customer who uses a local airline carries, the traveller can not reserve its international service and not mention to more to carry out an electronics to pay.Whole up popularly say to is “civil war expert, outside war amateur”.But outside the sail obviously walks ahead noodles, for example, Malaysia Asian airline(Air Asia) will this year September 21 since the overall implementation self-help get on board service, the international traveller can use a cellular phone the customer carry procedure and automatically carry out the boarding procedure of international service.

According to tour ministrant stage divide the line, is divided into “tour front”, “tour in” and”tour empress”.Searches and reserves tour product towards lying to say in the on-line tour, the tour”tour front”, mainly pass an Internet currently, travel wireless ministrant convenience, transparence and instant, make the tour able to anywhere carry on a tour search, comparison and change at any time.

BE spending a holiday on the travel, spend a holiday demand in a row search tour information, need the vivid adjustment spend a holiday an arrangement and need to face the sudden affairs of on the travel and arrange at the time, for example, the weather is bad to make the service delay, check-in luggage been on business wrong, traffic accident, surprised dispute affairs, spend a holiday change a route of travel to change a label ticket etc. on one’s own initiative, also for example, spend a holiday is on vacation to still need to handle various worthy information, the safety rescues service, transportation to navigate service, move guide’s service, geography position search etc..At this stage, the tradition travels the convenience, fast of electronic commerce greatly give discount, especially offshore spend a holiday of”trip in” stage, move tour of the advantage rear entirely.

After spending a holiday to end, travel to move service still keep being a convenient tool, travel for example the usage’s cellular phone carried on the most instant evaluation to the cabaret that just checked out.

Spend a holiday but talk to the departure, the core moving to travel electronic commerce moves an electronics to pay.The electronics that the local tour acquaints with currently pays a way to contain three major types, the first is cyber cash, for example electronic cash(e-cash), E-Wallet;The second is the electronics credit card and for example include intelligence card and borrow to record card etc.;The third is the electronics check.The visitor uses a tour ambulation the electronics pay and be limited by domestic more to swim currently.Mr. Wang of Peking holds a wife to spend a holiday to Hong Kong and wants to reserve the returning of country sail city ticket in Hong Kong, because of canning not carry out to move a wireless to pay, Mr. Wang has to make service telephone call first to reserve, then, in certain time inside, go to counter of country sail at Hong Kong to pay.

In addition, tour ambulation the video frequency will become new of main force hot point.According to the survey, the customer the opponent machine video frequency advertisement accepts a degree better, the “can accept an interested in cellular phone advertisement”s customer has to compare 42.0%.Customer opponent machine the video frequency is dissatisfied with of aspect, “video frequency property fee Gao” has compare 66.4%, in fact, and generally make sight-seeing trip the tour compares and spend a holiday the need contains special, stability and high level, the information consideration first, the price consideration resides a time, so, support a fee to the video frequency the sensitive is not and pretty much.Tour advertisement, scene publicity short subject etc. move video frequency tour advertisement of the market space is very extensive.

Second half year of this year, China is offshore to spend a holiday into a rapid development of period, the airline distinctly increases to establish offshore flight path and would is one of the outstanding signals.This year September 17, international airline(TG) instauration morning class in”Peking-Bangkok” in Thailand flies directly to flight path;On September 25, the sea sail increases to open “seaport-Singapore” flight path, through Singapore, the traveller can easily win to turn to Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Po Si etc.46 Southeast Asias and Australia city.On November 8, the south sail lately opens Si flight path in Peking-Guangzhou-Po.Take south sail as an example, in the winter of 2011 spring sail quarter, fly to the luck dint in Australia to increase to every week 35 class, fly to New Zealand carry dint to reach every week 7 classes, fly to the luck dint in Oceania to increase to every week 42 class.From here, the departure spends a holiday tour market immediately warmly to like, departure ambulation electronic commerce’s trying the market demands in the line has been already modeled.

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