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established recently

Friday, August 26th, 2011

The Chinese tour view area association established recently

The Chinese tour view area association establishes general assembly and the first-time general meeting interborough E Er much Si City convene in Inner Mongolia.The nation travels vice- president of association Du of vice- bureau chief in the bureau, Chinese tour association river, nation tour party in the bureau constitute a member and program a finance department department chief, China tour association vice- president of association literature Wu, and more than 400s from the whole whole country tour view area and parties concerned represent attendance meeting.

Du river says in the middle of addressing, Chinese tour view area association is adjust our country each kind of tour view area development of inevitable outcome, is also our country deepen system reform, enhance an association working talent, make the industry greatly developed of inevitable request.Hope China travel view area the association can well develop working talents, such as service, coordination and direct, self-discipline…etc. and function, for tour industry of the development make to lately and largerly contribute.

According to know, the Chinese tour view area association mainly constitutes to°from the member of 5 A classes in the whole country and the 4 A class view area.The meeting discussion passed 《Chinese tour view area association stand rule 》, 《Chinese tour view area association membership dues standard and manage way 》, the election produced association first batch council, the election produced president of association, vice- president of association and Secretary-general.Overseas Chinese’s city controls a group chief executive officer, Liu Ping Chun, win an election for the Chinese tour view area association president of association.

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declare a resignation

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

First Chinese descent’s congressman on suspicion of in the United States invades to declare a resignation
The United States first Chinese descent congressman Wu Zhen Wei declare on the 26th, he will at beautiful debt upper limit the crisis solve after formal resign.This has already served another term seven democracy party affiliations the congressman is controled sex to invade more than a year recently the old friend and election contribute money the person’s 18-year-old daughter.

Wu Zhen Wei means in his pronouncement, the opportune moment of resignation has been already arrived, because he can not give attention to both work and care good family of congress, in the meantime still need to deal with these is called that it is “very serious accusation” by him.

However, Wu Zhen Wei says, his resignation intends will the resolution(pass in the congress) young man in the beautiful debt upper limit effect.”This to my family, is all right decision to Lower House and my colleague.”Wu adds to say:”This is also the most important work that Washington is handling to don’t need to encounter abstracted only right decision.”

Wu Zhen Wei of this decides to make him leave office to really slice date to be full of indetermination, in Washington, concerning beautiful debt upper limit of the negotiation is still placed in logjam, two party the parliamentarian is contending for to divide Duo second ground consultation and tries in the August 2 beautiful debt to break contract the upper limit of the big limit approach premise high national obligation.

Wu Zhen Wei also means in the pronouncement, can become an U.S. Congress councilman, especially is the emigrant’s kid to become political American person, is “the biggest honor” in his whole life.

May, this year a girl declares Wu Zhen Wei to force to have sexual behavior with it during the period of last year Thanksgiving Day to Wu Zhen Wei’s office hair speech mail, Wu Zhen’s Wei scandal consequently matter hair.According to the report way, the girl who hasn’t disclosed name is 18 years old this year, just in 2010 graduation in the senior high school, its father is the classmate of Wu Zhen Wei senior high school, are also good several years friend and campaign fund to donate a person.

Wu Zhen Wei’s denial he has illegal behavior, but admitted this”sex matter”, and declare categorically to mutually agree.

After matter delivers, American political arena appeals the noise of shouting day Gao of Wu Zhen Wei’s resignation, the associate inside his party also “incise”s with him in succession.The minority leader of Lower House who is the same as a democracy party affiliation wears Luo the west address a letter to Lower House morals committee to request to formally investigate this matter on the 25th.

This front, Wu Zhen Wei once experienced a two crisis as well to nearly ruin future prospects.BE made public by the opponent while running for congressman in 2004 at up once forced an ex- girl friend to have sexual behavior but encountered a punishment during the days in the university;Elected an eve last year middle he was suddenly become peculiar by Pu behavior and temperament and also made use of the son’s and wildly delivered an E-mail harassment staff, especially that tiger clothing shone on to become laughing stock more.However Wu Zhen Wei finally dissolved this two crisis and successfully served another term congressman, until the integrity in old age doesn’t protect this time.

56 years old get Wu Zhen Wei the ancestral home Suzhou, Jiangsu, China was born in Hsinchu, Taiwan, 6 years old move to the United States with the family, win an election for the federal congressman of the first Chinese descent in the United States in 1998, serve another term seven times after.After the resignation of Wu Zhen Wei, the U.S. Congress only leaves the congressman of being the same as the democracy party one Zhao Mei Xin, Chinese descent’s voice will be weakened

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England studies abroad

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

England studies abroad:The Chinese people’s community difference is much interactive little

In recent years, the student abroad number in England, including Chinese student abroad, there is continuously augmentative trend.More than 100,000 student of EUs get into each university of England and since then reach to 163000 people on the average annually from the student abroad number out of the EU annually.The Chinese student abroad also has become in a part of English Chinese descent’s population.However, although study in the English, life, of Chinese student abroad this community and local Chinese people’s community, always exist to seem to be hard to draw near of distance.Their relation, seem formality of mostly.

However along with the booming development of Chinese people’s association, the condition of this kind of community isolation gradually has “break ice” the hope.Not a few student abroads in England all in fact still have British society to be full of enthusiasm to Chinese people’s group, however community stand alone of reality but make them hard put to integrate.The teachers and the students who come from a promise D man hope to lend the righteousness in”promise China nations” the work organization and change into a passionate student new association motive, study comprehension community of in the meantime, serve to requite and integrate into this great society in England.

The Chinese people’s community difference is much interactive little
Many student abroads that come to English soon haven’t acquainted with the high deviations of British Chinese people’s community.The general name for of “Chinese people” and”Chinese descent”, be come from this kind of deviation:The first Chinese emigrant who starts in 19th century comes from southern Chinese each province;(Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fukien etc.)1950′s since of the second Chinese emigrant comes from Hong Kong;(many is New Territory)Chinese descent emigrant in Vietnam who starts in 1970′s;The Chinese descent who starts in 1980′s Malaysia emigrant;1990′s since of come from Fukien, northeast everywhere of Chinese emigrant.Their cultural background and languages all have rather great difference.This difference deepens because of occupation alignment and rank background of each community at England.For example, 1950-1970′s Hong Kong of the English immigrate and become dining employer more, but 1990′s since of the new emigrant from China, many then is employee.Each agencies inside the Chinese people community, as a result from become 1, they are also rare to interact.

For Chinese people association to say, although exist the difference of the local customs everyone’s noodles, association each other the distance of still can cross over.British Chinese people association consociation president of association Mr. Li Wen Xing of head quarter said, association each other interacts pretty many.He embraces the attitude of “the blood is thicker than water” and believes “everyone is united”.He says that”our deviations don’t represent a rift, after all all of us are Chinese.” For Chinese student abroad’s role in Chinese people’s community, he thinks:”Our relations are good.Celebrate an activity in Chinese New Year up, learn allied always help us to organize, embrace to have interest to our communities;We[consociation head quarter]also concern Chinese student abroad very much, although they are mobility Gao, I to them understand not much, we welcome student abroad to much participate in China agency business more.”

However, to the far way since then of the student abroads to speak, Chinese people the association and their distances seem and then have a little far.Media student, Guo Yong Xue, of the University of London once participated in Chinese people association consociation the head quarter hold of activity, but all pass to learn allied turn to reach, directly contact of the circumstance hardly appear.She says:”The activity of Chinese people’s community that we participate in, mostly cultural activity, for example the song and dance perform an etc., the social activity in the real community, I have never participated in.To British Chinese people’s community we in fact don’t understand.”

The whole Englisheses learn an allied organization person and active the student grind son the male also think, this circumstance very universal, Chinese people’s community to student still very unfamiliar.”This kind of lacks understanding, mainly because the both sideses(Chinese people’s community and student abroad) all lack a terrace.I come to there are 11 years in England, but just started participating in the activity of Chinese people’s community in the past from 23 year agos, that was to learn to unite through one of our piping.”

Because Chinese and English two state languages turns with the difference of the social system, some Chinese student abroad communities haven’t canned explore interest and care that participation community develops, two ears don’t smell a matter outside the window, and one attends to a sage and virtuous man book.The whole Englisheses learn to alliedly grind son a male to mean:”The student abroad participates in an activity, usually only proceeds from a self interest and considers a work opportunity.”

Come out ivory tower to integrate into a big society
Student abroad this kind of circumstance that isolated caused promise D man the university contemporary China learn the college teachers and the students’ attention, they start planning item and take out student the ivory tower of university, let them be in line with community.

This plan is named “promise China nations”(Nowe Community International), takes idea combining of”Now”(now) and”We”(we) and means the urgency of class action.It is the first time inshore England”establishment university and the bridge Liang of social” tries.Get a person martial Bin Doctor to position”promise China nations” as an organization of”promote to immigrate community development and integration”, and”the terrace of public participation and wishes activity”.

The martial Bin Doctor said that many Chinese student abroads because the domestic more teaches environmental influence and still widespreadly embraces an elitism, the school educates to become disjointed with society, to Chinese society understanding is very few.”To change oversea Chinese people’s community our student abroads have to get away from their his/her own unpopular traditional idea first, feudalism consciousness, build up global citizen’s consciousness.”

He wants to develop global citizen’s consciousness of student abroad community, the desire of the help British Chinese people’s community, also come from several years experience accumulation in English.”We hope to contribute personal dint, let Chinese people community at multicultural and many race of Be in British society come opening more, have the community of coagulating the dint more, also promote more understanding of Chinese people’s community and main current social in the meantime.”

“I hope to are many we to be vibrant, come from each enthusiasm that the Chinese student abroad of profession gathers and make use of them in the aspects of volunteering work and community to communicate and let them understand their culture of their own culture and each community of England more.” Under support match of promise D square each section in the man university school, ‘promise China nations’will hold 1- years’wishes student’s training, participation Chinese people society’plan, this includes various seminars and practice experience.

Student abroad:In the future the righteousness work of China agency troops
‘Promise China is international’one of the freshest clear long-term targets, want to make the Chinese student abroad become a to pay emollient righteousness work a troops, serve Chinese people’s community, give something back to a society.The martial Bin Doctor hopes through an establishment that studies a network, deepen student abroad to the globalization, lately immigrate understanding of community and integration problem.

His hoping student abroad community can provide a social support for the minority community of British Chinese people community inside in the days to come.He hopes student ability real want to go deep into community, link community grass root strength and college resources, provide various support kimono for the Chinese emigrant labor duty.Student abroad ability through’promise China nations’this terrace, aim at a community demand, volunteer a design to erupt to exhibit their own project kimono duty item, and provide to lately immigrate various information network and development opportunity through the interaction.

At promise D man university continuing education the student of the international relations mean in response to the flower bud, she approves very much’promise China nations’of aim.She says:”My place is most attracted to the promise China nations, not only are that its cross-cultural exchanges and segment do our own opportunity and for example organize technical study, more have service disadvantaged minority’s opportunity.I once did righteousness work in the refugee center(Refugee Forum) and contributed efforts to the refugee from everyplace.I also very the opportunity to hope ability contribute efforts to Chinese people’s community and the emigrant from China.”

The whole Englisheses learn to unite an arrival of meaning to welcome this new terrace.’Promise China is international’of the cooperation net included the promise D rare university of’approbation, citizen and emigrant’research center, the promise D Chinese university graduate school, the promise D rare Chinese people’s association, etc..Its close cooperation Huo the companion also included the emigrant of London the right network(Migrant Rights Network) is this non- government organ, its aim at with raise the emigrant’s voice in the dialogue of the civil society and the government authorities.Immigrate director’s east of right network rich Mr. Lin(Don Flynn) said, “is simultaneous with emigrant’s trend of China, is the Jue of China since with few decade-old development.This also brought the educated person’s fluxion-It provided the international annotation to Asian experience, and will influence the development of world politics and economics in the future.Immigrate labor, business enterprise, and the minority rank is all several generations the point of Chinese story.”

Personal strength is probably limited, the strength of the community but is matchless strong.The common saying says:”Public with one mind, its dint breaks a gold.”Citizen’s consciousness that the student abroad wakes up gradually makes them step to integrate into social square one on his/her own initiative, this not only can bring China agency strength of delightfully fresh youth and have dynasty when they return to a motherland to keep in mind to embrace on the first they will also naturally take this consciousness to requite a society and requite an effect motherland.

Haven’t stepped into a social student to embrace to have pure enthusiasm to the world friendly strange, because the global view hasn’t completely molded completion, they are a lot of to handle affairs usually don’t take a strong utility property, if this enthusiasm can use in serving the community righteousness work, not only contribute to molding personal perfect global view, but also can make the society betterly heard the Chinese people’s voice in the meantime.

Kenya: day trip of Obama’s hometown

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Obama’s hometown to a day trip? Obama’s success was elected the company clearly wants the middle of tourism will bring at least a year in Kenya 80 million U.S. dollars of tourism income.

Obama back in touch to the President of the United States before the throne, his hometown – Kisumu, Kenya (Kisumu) near the small village, it suddenly became hot from the inaccessible. Kenya Investment Group and the Tourism Bureau has been near the village of built three hotels, and in Kisumu, near the hotel now has been almost fully booked, travelers will have to begin a period of growth for Obama and their relatives to pilgrimage. Kenya also has to have an in-depth study of tourism professionals, said his hometown of Obama’s day tours are more interested in the project. In accordance with the expectations of the local government, the success of Obama is elected, will give Kenya a year at least 80 million U.S. dollars of tourism income. The Kenya Tourism Board has sought to “Obama to your loved ones when the tour guide” services, hope to meet the tourists to see the curiosity and greed.

Loyal students redistribute courseworks at and by doing so turn sated.

Village locals revenue comes mainly from farming to the cultivation of maize, mainly dairy cattle feeding. Many families the cost of living in a week only a dollar a day. Declining rainfall and fertilizer makes the local economy remained sluggish.

Obama’s father, who was born and raised in the village of, read the books at Harvard to return to Kenya after the effectiveness of a car accident in 1982 after the death was buried here. Before Obama’s 86-year-old grandmother Sarah Hussein Onyango Obama and his uncle, Said Obama on living there, but unfortunately, the old grandmother in a few days before Obama’s success has passed away.

Obama roots the first time in their hometowns in 1987, mainly to find out her grandmother’s old time, as well as his father grew up in the years to come here. He was 26 years old. He and his half-sister AUMA to speed along the dilapidated 60-step road before. The quiet villages, old with a wet hen chicks in front of them pacing up and down.

Obama returned to his hometown last in the presidential campaign he started after the Village is a big celebrity. His arrival has become a sensation of local news, in each station, there will be hundreds of people waiting to greet him, and reporters followed the spotlight while the crowd screaming his name, enthusiastically waving the banner of his portrait, it was singing songs, singing and dancing children. All pray he wins the election, this piece can be beneficial to barren land. U.S. presidential election results the same day, Obama’s relatives and other villagers to wait for the results of the elections Toru night, and then elated, excited. On the same day, Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki declared a national holiday to celebrate the success of Obama was elected President of the United States.

Obama’s political ring to the local economy an enormous impact not only selling the local head of Obama trinkets, T-shirts, even street-side hotels, barber shops, boutiques and hair salon have replaced and Obama related to the new name to attract guests. Famous local beer “Senator” has officially changed its name to “Obama.” Now people go to the bar will say “to a glass of Obama.” The local government will also be keen to update the configuration of the airport so that when the identity of Obama to President of the United States to return to this piece of land can be a perfect landing.


Kisumu: Kenya’s third largest city, the western economic and transportation center, city and lakes in southwestern Kenya to Hong Kong, the capital of Nyanza Province. Lake Victoria kawi the north shore of Rondeau Bay. Population 400,000. Coffee, corn, peanut distribution center market and fisheries. Fish processing, cotton, sugar, wine and other industries.

Day tours Content: the main attractions, including Obama’s father was the village life, his pro-life people to the current status, Kenya Tourism Board has recruited more than Obama in the local relatives, served as tour guides and service staff.

Obama family tree: a melting pot

It seems that has never been a President of the United States as such have the topic of Obama. Earlier, there are genealogy experts “genealogy” a carpet of plunder, Obama was concluded with the United States at least six in the history of the relationship between the president has a distant relative, they are President George W. Bush and his father Bush, former President Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry S. Truman and James Madison. Obama other relatives also frequently during the election campaign he used to open brush Vice President Dick Cheney, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the U.S. Civil War General Robert Lee. In addition to the political arena all over the nation, the Hollywood star Brad Pitt may also exist with the origin, it is really ridiculous. Even Obama can accurately trace the most recent generations of the family tree is also full of legendary.