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Less and less the status of the Spratly Islands fishing vessels

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Cruise fishing protection gap, the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture, South China Sea Fisheries Bureau on board understanding of fishermen production. Ministry of Agriculture, South China Sea Fisheries Board for Figure
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Just past 2011, Taishan, Guangdong Nansha skipper Chen Songhan not much pleased. He said the foreign gunboats harassed, higher costs of production, fishery resources decline, decreased effectiveness. Guangxi North Sea fishermen Lee hi the fishing boats in May last year, the 9th in the Spratly Islands southwest of fisheries to be foreign gunboats caught buckle, the economic loss of 1.23 million yuan, to the end of last year in the North Sea to accept the Yangcheng Evening News interview, Lee Hei said also is far from recovery strength.

This caused a lot of pressure to the other fishermen. From the second half of last year, dozens of ships in Guangxi fishing boat basically withdraw from the the Nansha southwest fisheries. Nansha fishing vessels are fewer and fewer, Nansha traditional fishing grounds facing the challenges of shrinking, the fishermen hope that the Government increase the fishing protection efforts.

/ Yangcheng Evening News reporter Mr Chan

Zhanjiang Ocean University Professor Lu partner wins:

Countries should intensify its efforts to support the fishermen, in particular the high proportion of grants was caught by fishermen in the Nansha deduction of losses. As soon as possible to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the South China Sea resources, development of new fishing grounds, of great significance to attract fishing vessels to the Spratly Islands.

The Nansha ship dilute

21 500 licensing of fishing vessels operating

Chinese fishing boats operating in the Spratly Islands in the end? On December 20 last year, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter in the interview of the General Duty of the South China Sea Fisheries Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Beidou satellite monitoring system, Chinese fishing vessels operating in the Nansha 21, southwest fisheries only two of Guangxi, fishing boats, Guangdong fishing boats .

The entire South China Sea fishing vessels operating in and how much? Ministry of Agriculture, South China Sea Fisheries Bureau, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan Provinces existing fleet of over 90,000 vessels, mainly concentrated in the inshore fishing. This is in stark contrast with the Nansha wide boat dilute.

Nansha is within the range of latitude 12 degrees to 3 degrees 25 minutes south latitude between the South China Sea, intermittent line waters and reefs with a total area of ​​about 800,000 square kilometers. The Nansha fisheries peak in 2005, more than 900 fishing boats year-round job. 2011, to receive the Nansha fishing license fishing boat about 500, the end of only 21 operating in the Nansha people anxious.

Fisheries atrophy

The fishermen are most worried about the foreign gunboats snatch

Through the monitoring system, the reporter to two operations in Nansha, the most southern Guangxi fishing boats sent to cover SMS. Main problem: the job well for you? Foreign fishing vessels? Whether the foreign gunboats interference? Most worried about what? The Government have any expectations.

They are soon back to the message. The reply said: smooth operations, production, seen foreign gunboats, foreign fishing vessels are most worried about the foreign gunboats snatch, I hope that government will increase fishing protection efforts.

Fear of foreign gunboats snatch Nansha fishing vessels to reduce the main reason. Snatch, often nothing. Guangxi, the fishery sector, since 2008 Guangxi has 16 fishing boats were foreign snatch yet to give back, give back, useless, all the basic scrap metal, these boat owners have long had nothing.

Lee Hi fishing boats snatch, through diplomatic negotiations, to give back to the hulls, fishing gear, diesel fuel, parts, navigation equipment have all been looted. Lee said hi, does not include loss of production, economic losses of more than 120 million. The sea re-, re-purchase of hundreds of million. Also been took away due to fishing vessels all kinds of proof, re-submit link takes a long time, without these documents, banks and private lending difficulties. Was arrested deduction not only economic losses, it is mental torture.

Lee joy encounter deepened the fear of the fishermen. The cost generally five to six million yuan trawlers have to borrow loans construction snatch fishermen dream scared from. So, the the Nansha job Chinese fishing boats reduced.

Serious consequences

Spratly Islands sovereignty without strong declaration

Nansha fishing jobs picture is this: Beihai, Guangxi trawling fishermen in the Nansha South southwest fisheries; fishermen of Hainan and Taishan in Guangdong fishermen in Southeast reefs of the Nansha gill fishing and reefs pick snails operating; a small amount of light falling net fishing vessels in waters deeper than 1000 m deep-sea squid.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, South China Sea Fisheries Bureau, since 1989, neighboring countries in the Nansha Sea assault, robbery, snatch shot my fishing boat fishermen event of more than 360 cases, 25 fishermen were killed or missing, thousands of fishermen have been illegally detention. Chinese people can not accept.

The consequences of the violent behavior of the neighboring countries: to curb China’s coastal fishing capacity is transferred to the Spratly Islands, and even the original fishing vessels is also reduced, and in turn increases the pressure on offshore fishing. More serious is the lack of a strong declaration of the sovereignty of Nansha.

Nansha fishing shrinking, the most dissatisfied with the Nansha fishermen.

The fishermen can not be separated from the Spratly Islands, where the history of their predecessors to create the foundation and living space. The Nansha more inseparable from the fishermen. Lee Hi, is gathering strength, he will return to the Spratly Islands, we do not, neighboring countries are most pleased their boats more to more. This is very detrimental to us to maintain the sovereignty of Nansha. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region people’s deputies, the North Sea fishermen Zhang Guofu repeatedly expressed the hope that the state has increased efforts to support.

Special fighting

Chinese fishermen and accounted for the reef by a battle of wits

North Sea fishermen, told reporters in Nansha, southern-most jobs under pressure, a retreat against the state. About 5 degrees north latitude from the North Sea to the Spratly Islands operations, one-way over 1000 sea miles (1 nautical miles 1.852 kilometers), about 60 days in a job voyage back and forth to go 14 days at sea, fishing boats, a 500 horsepower single round-trip fuel consumption on the road more than $ 100,000. The government does not increase the support it is difficult to adhere to, not to mention foreign snatch.

Proud to say that our fishermen are the most sovereignty conscious groups. fishing vessels flying the national flag in the Spratly Islands, declaring sovereignty. In this sense no person Bi Nansha fishermen experience more profound. Tanzi Xian said that the neighboring countries in the Spratly Islands occupied buildings on the islands and reefs, the past few years to step up expansion, beautiful as the sea villas, some built into six seven-storey, and are equipped with wind power at night was ablaze with lights, and even neighboring countries in the construction of an airport on the reefs, to carry out the reefs tourism. The reefs of our control, after 2005 did not change the heart of the fishermen who are very anxious.

Of Taishan fishermen on the Nansha reef plate familiar. Captain Chen Songhan said that whenever there is a foreigner on the reefs measurement, report immediately to the relevant authorities. Anda reef in June 2003, Tanzi Xian more lead Taishanese fishermen are erected wooden markers in a group of foreigners sent packing, markers cast into the sea. Anda reef is exposed at low tide, only a few dozen square meters of the reefs of the reefs, up to now is not which state-controlled. North Sea fishermen, told reporters that in recent years neighboring countries in the Spratly Islands, large-scale offshore oil exploration and exploitation, whenever a new drilling platform erected, always the first time fishing boat radar measurement position, reporting to the state. Fishermen vulnerable groups to take up the important task of safeguarding national sovereignty.

Experts suggest

The state has increased investment in support of the Nansha fisheries

Less and less the status of the Spratly Islands fishing vessels, should and must change.

Lu, professor of Zhanjiang Ocean University partnership wins bear the Spratly Islands fisheries research projects. He believes that to restore the vitality of the Nansha fisheries, the state should increase investment, increase efforts to support the fishermen, in particular the high proportion of grants fishermen in the Nansha snatch loss. He also believes that the Nansha regardless of trawl or barbed fishing operations, there is the recession of fishery resources, countries should conduct a full investigation as soon as possible, the South China Sea resources, looking to develop new fishing grounds, which attract fishing vessels to the Spratly Islands is of great significance.

Lu partner wins the group’s survey results show that the Nansha tuna fishing prospects are very bright, deep-sea squid is a very, very, North Sea, a fishing boat up to a staggering 34 tons harvested last year, a night light grille. He said the Nansha deep-sea squid catches in a year is a conservative estimate of up to several hundred tons, a few times now. And deep-sea fishing is basically from neighboring countries harassment. Professor Lu said, many fishermen are gearing up this year, Nansha deep-sea squid boat will have a significant increase in effectiveness appear. The Taishan Captain Chen Songhan be encouraged, he said the Nansha barbed fishing has been difficult to do an inspection tour to the North Sea, and think something to do deep-sea squid. This year, he was ready to dismantling the barbed fishing ship was converted into the deep-sea squid, but require significant investment to change the practices, he hoped that the policy support.

Department in charge of

This year’s fishing protection force marched to the Nansha

Fisheries authorities are always watching the Spratly Islands. Wu Zhuang, director of the South China Sea Fisheries Bureau of Ministry of Agriculture, the Yangcheng Evening News interview, said the strong request of the fishermen, from 2012 onwards will be adjusted to strengthen fishing protection force, marched to the Spratly Islands, to carry out the spring fishing protection to carry out normal fishing protection to ensure the safety of fishermen production. For fishermen reflected in Nansha production away from the mainland, and strongly urge the Nansha construction of fishing piers and fishing boats supply base, he said that government departments have a program to Xisha Yongxing Island fisheries bases are comprehensively promote. Wu Zhuang said efforts to support countries on the Spratly Islands fisheries will continue to strengthen.

The Nansha fishermen hold live!


Nansha fishing history

Nansha fishing activities in China has a long history. According to historical research, Tang and Song dynasties has a certain scale, the formation of each winter by the northeast monsoon sailing south of Nansha, the following summer by the southwest monsoon to return to the practices of the sale of fish.

Taiwan the KMT Morijima troops shot and killed the late 1950s, mainland fishermen, Nansha fishing activities were suspended.

1985, Nansha fishing to resume production to peak in 2005 more than 900 ships in the South China Sea.

In 1994, the fishery sector in the Nansha carry out HuYu cruise. In recent years, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan provinces to receive Ministry of Agriculture, South China Sea Fisheries Bureau, Nanhai District, there are more than 30,000 fishing boats with Nansha operating hardware requirements.

Nansha has two different ecological environment of the deep seas and reefs shallow, wide variety of fish. The Nansha job overall effective than offshore fisheries and broad prospects


1 said Tuesday that the U.S. Embassy in the use of any UAV reconnaissance missions

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

International Online Zhuangao: Iranian PRESSTV TV website reported on 31 January , U.S. President Barack Obama recently admitted that it had launched a large number of unmanned air strikes in Pakistan , and drones deployed in Iraq to protect embassy security. Iraq no entry to the United States expressed dissatisfaction , saying the use of unmanned aircraft in the territory of the United States must be approved by the Iraqi government .

Iraqi government spokesman Ali Darboux Bagh He (Ali al-Dabbagh) 1 said Tuesday that the U.S. Embassy in the use of any UAV reconnaissance missions , they must apply for approval to the Iraqi government .

Prior to U.S. President Barack Obama said: use of unmanned aerial vehicles in Iraq .达布巴格赫said that the U.S. has no problem using the UAV to the Iraqi government to apply


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another thief associates came and pulled out a dagger stabbed to Lie

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Has more than 130 million people (Jiangxi) Feng city, not only rapid economic development of the hundred counties nationwide, the city is well-known heroes. 2012 New Year’s Day in the day, the city took place in an age of 21 veterans Chao, pickpockets were arrested criminals chopped selfless heroic sacrifice of moving events. 3, the reporter learned that the whole incident.

Pocketing the occasion of the knife to sacrifice his body a few

3, according to city Public Security Bureau Political Bureau of the abundance of relevant personnel, at 10:40 on the 1st or so, Lie by 2 bus to go downtown to drink a hotel wedding. Shortly after the car he found a man stealing an old man’s wallet. The thieves see things brought to light, they stop committing crimes.

When the bus continued to travel to the next station, the TV drama Lie keep men out of the car theft. Subsequently, in the bus stop bench, Li Chao started fighting with the man, then, another thief associates came and pulled out a dagger stabbed to Lie, Lie the body in several knives, a knife the middle of the chest. Upon seeing the two criminals fled the scene. When 110 police arrived, they found covered in blood lying on the ground Lie, after He died on the same day 11:30 stopped breathing, only 21 years old.

Rapid detection of two criminals were arrested the next day

Yichun city levels and abundance of the case the public security organs attach great importance to, and immediately start the murder detection mechanism. Meanwhile, Yichun City deputy mayor, police chief Wan Qi is not only personally attended to show, also sent expert investigators solve the case went to Vivo City to participate.

After investigation, access and retrieval of video data, 2, police have locked the suspect committing the crime. 2, 16 am, in the abundance of the city build a new community culture parametrial Bureau of Mines, the police will suspect Chen, Cai successfully captured.

According to Cai, Chen confessed the incident that day, they each carry a knife on the 2 bus, waiting to pick-pocketing money from the passengers. When pickpocketing a wallet elderly restrained when Li Chao, the two Pianyu off. When a road vehicle to the people of this station, pulled tightly Chao Chen want to get off, pick-pocketing to be ordered to hand over the money and goods, Chen immediately denied the chops money, followed by Cai and Chen Li super attack, during a dagger stabbing took Cai Chao. Lie still and seriously wounded in fighting with Chen, the final result of the number of knife and stabbed down, the two have fled the scene. Currently, Chen and Cai has been under criminal detention.

Easy to learn as excellent soldiers

Lie Yongdoudaitu glorious deeds of sacrifice spread his lifetime where the armed forces, they are only touched on the behavior of Li Chao and sad.

3, the reporter from the People’s Armed Police Corps of the relevant departments of Jiangxi learned, Lie in December 2008, the Armed Police Corps Ganzhou, Jiangxi squadron detachment rather have the army, retired in November 2010. The guy after 90, served two years in the armed forces outstanding performance, was awarded the title of excellent soldier, Lance Corporal was awarded the military rank.

Recalls his comrades, the biggest feature is the Lie easy to learn, but he is also very humble, and his comrades get along in harmony. At the same time, he also Vice warm-hearted, who has difficulty in his comrades, as long as he will be happy to go and help.

Chao’s character is also very forthright, before retiring to sign in to join a reserve agreement, means that at any time to obey the national call. In some people hesitate, he did not hesitate to sign the agreement, saying it was the bounden duty of a soldier.

Much enthusiastic praise neighbor man

Reporters, through visits, also learned the process of growth Lie. City streets in the abundance Jianguang Lane West community of a general population of any building, 57-year-old son’s father, Mr Li made the photos looked heartbroken mother Ye Renying her son’s sacrifice and many fainted. In the near poor home, but to a lot of friends that day, they are all heard about the Lie sacrifice comfort came after two elders.

According to a neighbor introduced Lee Father in Qinghai Geological team to work outside year round, he retired after 55 years of age until the return home Hojo. Lee is no formal job mother, by Dengsanlun living. Niu Li Chao’s brother after graduating from high school to Guangxi to work, get the news of his brother’s sacrifice, is back in time.

Lee said the neighbors out, are full of praise. One grandmother said she grew up watching Lie, he was either in primary or secondary school, have the students said he was good. enthusiastic about helping people. A neighbor Wan Shueisiou family does not light, Chao know, once in the past helped to fix the lights. When Chao heard about sacrifice to fight criminals, Wan Shui Sau and the surrounding neighbors are crying, some spontaneously to the crematorium for the Chao off.

Hi love the record straight

It is understood that Chao’s courageous act was not accidental, he has always dared to say bad things on bad management, the people around know he has a happy warm-hearted meddling and love the record straight.

In September, Lie in a computer shop during working hours, and once to the countryside to the town of Merlin to understand computer aftermarket, in the car saw a pickpocket is committing the crime, he is also to come forward, so pickpockets did not succeed. After returning home, he will go through to tell his mother, the mother worried about her son, advised him to Mo meddling. And Li Chao said, bad nobody, the more furious.

Last year during the Spring Festival, Li Chao and students walking in the urban road construction, but also saw a pickpocket pickpocketing a young woman is preparing the package, Chao quickly in the past to remind young women. Classmates and colleagues, his meddling and the character we all know the record straight.

Party Secretary instructed punish the murderers

In recent days, fighting criminals Lie to spread the news of the glorious sacrifice of their home, we are losing such a good young and regret. Leaders at all levels and relevant units who also made a special trip to their parents and family members came for sympathy. His Jianguang streets and West community is also very concerned about the Chao family, on many occasions to visit his family and condolences, and said that their family problems to help.

3, Harvest Party Secretary Li Chao Yang Yuping dedicated to home, in addition comfort Lie parents, but also immediately give directions, be sure to punish the murderers, promote righteousness. It is reported that the recognition of such matters Lie also being stepped up


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934 people. By investigating the case for the state economic losses 8.44 billion yuan .

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Beijing BEIJING, Jan. 6 (Reporter Zhang Ran ) Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary-General spokesman said in Beijing Cui Shaopeng 6 , 2011, discipline inspection and supervision organs of the country received a total of 1,345,814 letters and visits ( times) , disposition 142 893 people, including given disciplinary punishment 118,006 people , 35,934 were given administrative disciplinary measures , sanctions cadres above the county level 4843 people.

6 Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission was held in Beijing discipline inspection organs work investigating cases press briefing . Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary-General , informed spokesman Cui Shaopeng discipline inspection and supervision organs of the country in 2011 the work of investigating and handling cases . He disclosed that in 2011 the country received a total of discipline inspection and supervision organs of 1,345,814 letters and visits ( times ), in which prosecution against class 960 461 ( times) . Initial verification of discipline leads 155,008 , filing 137 859 , closed 136 679 , action 142 893 people. Among them, 118,006 were given disciplinary punishment given administrative disciplinary 35,934 people. By investigating the case for the state economic losses 8.44 billion yuan .

Cuishao Peng said that in 2011 the discipline inspection organs prominent focus of investigating cases , seriously investigated in the leading organs and leading cadres in disciplinary cases. 4843 action cadres above the county level who transferred to judicial organs of 777 cadres above the county level . Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission investigation of Zhang Union , Song Chenguang , Liu & Ideal and other major cases have been transferred to judicial organs according to law ; currently under investigation along with Liu Zhijun , Tianxue Ren , Huang Sheng and other law and discipline violations


due to Michael Dell

Monday, January 9th, 2012

January 5 , according to foreign media reports, the British network to track and report recently released by research firm Netcraft said , due to Michael Dell , chairman of Dell (Michael Dell) , and other venture capitalists of all ages , the emerging open source web server ‘s Nginx has more than Microsoft (microblogging ) IIS ( Internet information Server Internet Information Server), became the active site in all the world ‘s second-largest supplier of network servers .

According to Netcraft, the decline.

It is reported that since July last year Nginx founder Andrew Alai Kexieyefu (Andrew Alexeev) and Igor Theo Joseph (Igor Syosev) to create the company has already brought a certain impact on the market . The platform was launched in 2004 , focuses on the world ‘s busiest 1000 sites in the top 25 % of the company that provides high-capacity network traffic , including Facebook, Zappos, Groupon, Hulu, Dropbox , and WordPress , etc. Nginx last October received from Dell CEO Michael Dell ‘s private venture capital firm MSD Capital, BV Capital and Runa Capital investment of $ 3.0 million .

According to Netcraft , currently has 12.18% of the active sites running on Nginx web server , which has unique content , not the monotony of a total of 22.2 million websites . In short, the report Netcraft statistics of 582 million Chinese Web site , which is a total of 18 million active websites.


the defense lawyers who have drug house Xin Gang Road

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

China News Network on 23 December, then a reflection of a person’s heart, a national popular discourse in this country but also to some extent reflects the status or mood. By China and Baidu News Financial Network launch in 2011 Top Ten News Quotations, price increases because of the people too much money suffered subversion, questioned the credibility of the government, public servants of the people questioned speech, questioned the times of their own … … end of the year, look back in 2011, full of undying emotion and vicissitudes.

No1 Believe it or not, anyway, I believed

7 月 23 日 20 时 38 points, from Beijing to Fuzhou D301 times to run EMU trains near Wenzhou in eastern China, bound for Hangzhou and Fuzhou in front of the D3115 times EMU train rear-end accident, after four cars derailed cars fall under the bridge, where a car left vacant; the vehicle in front four carriages derailed. Accident has killed 35 people were killed and 192 injured.

in the When the Ministry of Railways spokesman Wang Yongping asked, Because at the scene and rescue the situation, the environment is very complex, here is a quagmire, Shi started to very easily, so that the front buried below the soil cover, mainly to facilitate the rescue. Currently he explain why this is, as you believe it or not, I believed anyway.

No2 Liantong 8 knife is playing the piano repetitive motions

Xin drug house, Xi’an Conservatory of Music junior students. October 20, 2010 night, then gave the driver to drive the injured spines caused the death of eight knives, then drive to Guo Du escape again hit the pedestrian crossing, near the mass escape when captured. May 20, Shaanxi Provincial Higher People’s Court of second instance for the maintenance of family medicine Xin first instance death penalty cases. June 7, 2011 morning, Xin drug house was executed.

period, the defense lawyers who have drug house Xin Gang Road, defended and said: to vent my anger or emotion of a heart. Therefore, when he again encountered such an unpleasant stimulus, he saw a person is injured, but also in mind his number, his behavior is actually similar to the knife hit the behavior of the piano. Because do not buy this year, next year will be more expensive. Ma Weihua, also suggested to develop financial products, with different degrees of financial risk products will be in the hands of the people to absorb excess liquidity to prevent its re-enter the property market and other fields.

No4 I gave up everything, and XX eloped

5 月 16 日 23:21 minutes, right from the bottom of King Gong (CDH Venture Partners and co-founder ) microblogging: Thank you for years of care and help, I wish you all happiness! Can not face everyone’s expectations and trust, and we also can not explain, but also embarrassed, it is gone and. Call-in, please forgive! Power right bow.

power after the king the right to find micro-Bo, the object point to elope Investment Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Zhongfu founder Wang Qin. The search function right and Qin Wang Wang Bo in more than a micro-interactive, Wang Qin issued a picture amazed. Wang Gong Rights:

modern society, and eventually a person want to do it, seems to have become scarce, so the king the right to run away to such a successful concern.

No5 My dad is the law of the land

2011 In June, Vice Mayor Feng Shuanggui’s mother died in a car accident, residents in accordance with local customs and Liu Wen in the incident set off firecrackers to show evil, giving rise to Feng Shuanggui family dissatisfaction. Funeral of the deceased late the next day, Kang Yan Feng Shuanggui wife, son, Feng Yuan, brother in law Liu Kang Dragon Man broke into home, Liu Wen random knife stabbed and severely wounded. Feng Feng Shuanggui second son in a violent assault victim in the course of the source, the victim asked for constantly declared: law of the land

In fact, from This is kind of a context, as Further, if he does not control such a heart, how could Yechuang Liu Wen home, fight, Liu Wen random knife stabbed into the injured?

you can contact me with any questions phone 15863149753.

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Change the sub-charge price tag

According to the National Judicial Examination Center of the Ministry of Justice announcement, November 18, 2011, participated in this year’s judicial examination of the candidates through the website and voice telephone queries the score. May publish the scores after three days, a User in End of the World Forum published an article entitled The content is claimed to participate in this year’s judicial examination network called

Gaosuibuyou Thailand The dialogue shows, November 9, 2011, to the

I, we have acquired through internal relations to help you search results for free and told you, that time you will reconsider whether to change the points, do not change it does not matter, not a virtue in the sale.

In addition, the ; 200 to 249 points, change points twenty thousand.

November 11, It is noteworthy that the subsequent conversation, .

According to the disclosure of the post show chat, >

Possible to highlight how tricky it, 101, 300 points or less is 81, and another six candidates finding out personal information is incorrect.

However, according to the National Judicial Examination Office of the Ministry of Justice Nov. 16 announcement said: National Judicial Examination 2011 results on November 18 announced that the national passing score of 360 points. Candidates can at 8:00 on November 18, the S & P China by French Ministry of Justice website ( and voice call my results.

At least half of the real thing, so people who want to be able to this concern, the Ministry of Justice to make us an account of the candidates hard pro forma.

Chat show, vice in the ticket master card blank card or write: agree to change points, Joe Smith, after the payment through check points. Joe Smith, that is to write the candidates name, phone number candidates. 12 and 13 are ready to send to my QQ mail, 13-14 change points.

, ticket number, ID number on it.

Net posts to display sub Information does change with a candidate this year, the same Si Kao

The quote in the posted picture shows that in a points! Sun Cheng,

December 18, reporters repeatedly call the phone, but that number is always turned off.

But correspondents General French login Chinese query, exam scores 360 points.

In addition, the post has also posted copies of the same sign a , and scores more than the bar exam scores.

Reporters found through the search function QQ friends, could not find the But the reporter noted, the By querying the account, the reporter found that the account of the network called Well, you can contact me with any questions phone 15863149753.

December 18, reporters repeatedly call

Candidates are more than reflected pressure points

Many candidates in his post about a similar situation around.

But there are also candidates to change the points that similar information is not credible. A candidate message said: The database allows you to change the points so easy ah? a discerning eye to see that this is a liar.

In addition, according to the candidates, and they had test scores in the query and found a strange phenomenon, all three volumes in the first 270 points or more candidates, volume IV are very low (sub-four judicial examination papers examination, a total score of four a score of papers and correspondents note), so there is a lot of 358 points, 359 points. The first three volumes in a number of 240 points, 250 points of volume IV scores of the candidates have emerged more than 100 points, with candidates basis that

Friends volumes are 275 +, and to the Bureau of Justice asked the Bureau of Justice who saw my review of the results said results are not any sense, said this year had been placed on more than 358,359 candidates in particular.

Judicial examination results this year after the publication of judicial examination counselors Zou Chapter posting said: it!

Department of Justice has not released the findings of Si Kao allegedly declared yesterday

It is worth noting that this year’s judicial examination in September to open exam declared yesterday after a large area of ​​doubt, a widespread post screenshot of SMS revealed that the screenshots show time is 9 May at 12:10 on the 18th, message content related to judicial examination of the questions related to some of the content, which means that in the judicial exam 14:00 to open a two-hour exam, it was informed by SMS exam questions.

Legal Publicity Secretary in the Ministry of Justice interview responses that from friends microblogging content provided to see, not very conclusive evidence that the incident was declared yesterday event. Publicity Legal Secretary at the Ministry of Justice said: However, according to inquiries from reporters, no findings are published today.


Especially tip-top company investigate the company honored amidst international listeners.

tell the truth

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Latest issue of In the article, entitled .

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