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Mars and more distant goal the door . As to establish a base there to save costs

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Establishment of a permanent space station near the moon is described by many science fiction scenarios, now this idea is likely to become a reality . According to U.S. media reported on February 14 , the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has announced they are considering the establishment of a permanent space station on the side of the moon orbit , as the outpost in deep space exploration .
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NASA scientists suggested that the space station will be built in the earth-moon fixed point -2 (EML -2 ) near here is the Earth and Moon’s gravity as a

At present, the human deep space exploration from Earth detectors, while the Rockets to get rid of gravity need to consume large amounts of fuel, if we can base set up in space , it will greatly reduce the cost of deep space exploration .

NASA hopes the outpost in this preparation can play the role of a transit station , similar to the moon as the Earth out to explore the asteroid belt , Mars and more distant goal the door . As to establish a base there to save costs , NASA’s base upon completion, will greatly promote the development of manned spacecraft and space science research .

NASA still demonstrate the feasibility of the project , once finalized , the design of heavy NASA plans first advancing space -launch rocket system (SLS) and


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Matthew Quashie

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Ghana News Agency reported on February 21, Ghana President John Evans Atta Mills has commissioned the country’s Defense Department and Food and the Ministry of Agriculture (of MOFA) ordered four fast patrol boats from China, in order to effectively enhance the monitoring of its the ability of the waters, the protection of coastal resources such as oil and natural gas. In addition, Ghana will from the beginning of this year, the use of Chinese loans to build 14 landing beaches in the country’s coast. the
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said, These four patrol boats were President Mills said, the current Department of Transportation, the Ghana Maritime Authority and the Department of Defense is the construction of the vessel traffic monitoring and information system (VTMIS) along the entire coast of the country. He said the system will include a coastal radar stations and command and control center, which will enhance the ability of the country to monitor the coastal waters. He said: two aircraft now in Germany to accept modification. will be completed and put into use. He said that these projects will be the Ghana Navy to carry out daily stops periodically carried out in the local modification, thus saving the hands of foreign companies to perform the required millions of foreign exchange. President Mills pointed out, the same way, these devices will be used to support the local fishing boats and other vessels involved in oil and gas industry operations. He said: Smith (Joseph Henry Smith) will be said that the Ghana Food and the Ministry of Agriculture purchased two fast patrol boats will be devoted to the implementation of fisheries regulations and laws at sea. He also commended the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, to carry out extensive cooperation with the Ministry of Defence to ensure law and order at sea. According to the Major General of the Ghana Navy Chief of Staff Matthew boast hope (Matthew Quashie) revealed that in the past 32 years, the Ghana Navy is not listed install the new ship. He said the country from China ordered four fast patrol boats is a plus – Adangebei family (Ga-Adangbe), the Dage Bang family (Dagbon), Arkansas family (Ahanta) and Ye Wei family ( ewe) poisonous snakes in the dialect named after the Ghana Navy to better posture to protect their marine resources, including oil and gas facilities. Ghana Food and Agriculture Minister Kwesi Ahwoi Kwesi Ahwoi pointed out that Ghana will from the beginning of this year, the use of loans in different regions of Ghana to build 14 landing beaches. Zhang Gao, general manager of the China Poly Group, said he hoped that these patrol boats can significantly enhance the Ghana Navy’s maritime patrol capability, and to contribute to the protection of Ghana’s territorial waters

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support for terrorist organizations

Friday, December 9th, 2011

People December 9 hearing, according to official Iraqi News Agency reported Iran , Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman梅赫曼帕拉Manchester United set for the virtual embassy in Iran to respond , he said , suggesting that the U.S. government recognize the interrupt with Iran diplomatic relations was a mistake.

The spokesman said the U.S. government did in fact acknowledge the interrupt relations with Iran was a mistake , and this move is not set up a virtual embassy from the United States the right to pass any information to the Iranian people .

He pointed out that the Iranian people over the past 30 years have seen time with the U.S. sanctions , support for terrorist organizations , full stop Iran’s scientific progress , and rumors groundless slander and other means to deal with the Iranian people .

梅赫曼帕拉Lancaster said , in fact, all problems are rooted in the United States government, from the Islamic revolution, a coup against the people before the government launched the current U.S. government to assassinate Iranian scientists are at work , they also ignore the choice of the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic to achieve happiness and prosperity for their efforts.


the missile in terms of strategy implementation with good mobility and reliability.

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

present, the Chinese Air Force has at least two squadrons of F-11B fighter aircraft is in use. The initial F-11 fighter is put into use in 1998, but production was very limited, only produced 100.

present, PL-10 is already in use has not been determined. However, the issue of PL-10 has been described and discussed at least three years.

Chinese officials on the performance of Russia’s outdated electronic equipment is very disappointed, so China has put forward its own production. Since then, at least they produced a 100 which weighs 33 tons of F-11A fighter.

data show that China is about 200 J-11 series aircraft in service; In fact, about 40% Series F-11B fighter.

this model J-11 uses a

According to the U.S.,

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