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defense spending will grow

Friday, February 17th, 2012

News the U.S., February 15, Jane’s Information Group report is expected, all major Asian countries, defense spending will be growth, while the annual growth rate of China’s military budget up to 18.75% by 2015 will reach $ 238.2 billion . This figure will exceed the area of ​​State spending, but still lower than the $ 525.4 billion in the United States 2013. In Asia, Japan and India’s military budget will grow, but also in the order of Singapore announced on the 14th, there are a lot of military equipment transactions.
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February 14, the region’s largest aviation and weapons exhibition in Asia – Singapore Airshow, the Asian countries to buy the aircraft and military equipment. At the same time, Jane’s Information Group released a report, within the next three years, China’s defense spending may exceed the area of ​​all the main national defense expenditure.

2012 Singapore Air Show, held in the country near the Changi Airport, aircraft and weapons manufacturers, military officials, the arms trade side and aviation management personnel participated in the airshow. The transaction value of approximately $ 10 billion announced in the 2010 Singapore Air Show, this year’s national defense spending in Asia is growing, and expected turnover will be higher.

In the transaction announced on the 14th, the Boeing Company and Raytheon Company signed a contract to its Order of 8 P-81 anti-submarine reconnaissance and anti-surface required for advanced radar systems, these aircraft will be delivered to the Indian Navy. Media reports, 2009, India and Boeing signed a contract worth $ 2.1 billion purchase of eight P-81 aircraft. Which the first delivery to India this year.

In the civil context, Boeing and Indonesia’s largest airlines – Lion Air (Lion, Air) signed the largest ever order, worth $ 22.4 billion, a total order of 230 aircraft, including 201 737 MAX and 29 Next-Generation 737-900 of Er . Boeing, Lion Air also has the right to buy 150 aircraft.

Jane’s Information Group report is expected in all major Asian countries, defense spending will grow, China’s military budget growth up to 18.75 percent, will reach $ 238.2 billion in 2015. This figure will exceed the area of ​​State spending, but still lower than the $ 525.4 billion in the United States 2013.

Analysts said that the military spending in Asia, Japan and India after living in China, but the two countries the next few years may be limited, in support of strong economic growth, military spending may be substantial growth. HIS Global Insight Asia Pacific chief economist Rajiv – Biswas said: Japan’s 2015 defense budget will grow to $ 60.3 billion from last year’s $ 66.6 billion. India’s military expenditure in 2011 was $ 35.4 billion in 2015 may increase to $ 44.9 billion.

China has also participated in the Singapore Air Show. China’s largest aerospace and defense trading companies – China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation has demonstrated China’s unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, as well as the JF-17 fighter built jointly with Pakistan.

Carbon projects in Europe, the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 The EU quota of greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme has aroused protests from airlines around the world, China has banned its own aircraft to participate in this mechanism. European project on the aircraft’s carbon emission charges, which may lead to a comprehensive trade war, an adverse impact on aircraft transactions and the European sovereign debt crisis. The same time, the hairline cracks in a few weeks ago, the Airbus A380 wing to Airbus problems. European safety authorities last week announced inspection of the entire formation is similar to crack


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some Chinese officials temporarily missing.

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Q: It is reported that a Chinese company in Sudan was attacked us on the situation.

A: The Beijing on Jan. 28 at the苏丹南科尔one more state -owned company where the project department attacks by local militants , some Chinese officials temporarily missing.

After the incident , Chinese Foreign Ministry and Embassy in Sudan immediately launched the emergency mechanism . Ministry of Foreign Secretary, 29, an emergency meeting with the Sudanese Embassy charge d’affaires , urged the Soviet side to ensure the safety of Chinese personnel in the premise of active search and rescue . Currently, the Government of Sudan is China’s search for and rescue missing persons , and to strengthen the Chinese personnel in Sudan , and project security.


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southern north-central

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Most of the South continued to rain snow weather

A significant weather

1 Southern most continuous rain snow weather

4 to 5 days Qinling Mountains, most areas south of the Huaihe River from west to east with a rain and snow (sleet) weather, freezing rain in parts of central and western Guizhou.

5 days, most of the South continued to rain (snow) weather. 8 to 13, with rainfall mainly south of the Yangtze River.

Two specific predictions
the next three days

4 08 to 5, 08, northeastern Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, eastern, eastern Shandong Peninsula, eastern Tibetan Plateau, north-central South, Guizhou, a small to moderate snow or sleet, which, northeastern Tibet, Guizhou, central , central Hunan, Jiangxi Central Bureau to have snow (5-6 mm), central and western parts of Guizhou have freezing rain; south eastern and south, southern Jiangnan, South China and other places there are small to moderate rain or showers; Inner Mongolia, Northeast have 4 to 5 wind; the Taiwan Strait, South China Sea in the northeast and east of 7 ~ 8, the northeasterly wind gust 9, the southern East China Sea, the North Bay, northwestern South China Sea and the western waters will have 6 7, 8 to 9 gust of northeasterly winds.

5, 6, 08 am to 08 pm, Heilongjiang, northeast, southwest and eastern Tibet, Qinghai, southeastern, southern Hubei, southern north-central, central and northern Guizhou and other places have snow or sleet in some areas, of which the central Guizhou , central Hunan, Jiangxi and central to the heavy snow in the local area (3-5 mm), western Guizhou Bureau to have freezing rain; south eastern, southern Jiangnan, most South China, Taiwan, light to moderate rain or showers; Inner Mongolia in the east, northeast wind 4 to 5; the Taiwan Strait, South China Sea in the northeast and east of 6 ~ 7, northeasterly wind gust 8.

6, 7, 08 am to 08 pm, mountainous western region of Xinjiang, North China, Northwest Southeast, Southwest and eastern Tibet, Qinghai, eastern, northern Guizhou, Hubei, southern, JAC south, southern parts of the north have snow or rain clip snow; Southwest east, central and southern Jiangnan, most South China, Taiwan, light to moderate rain or showers; eastern Inner Mongolia, Northeast, North China and other places there are 4 to 5 winds; the Taiwan Strait, South China Sea, 6 ~ 7, northeasterly wind gust 8.


Luo Boge more than 30 million kilograms of sweet potato by the blitz

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Misfortune blessing of the Forest. Free radish people loot, incidentally the kilograms of sweet potato chili spinach, etc., resulting in irreparable economic losses. But God is fair, good man after all, have a good report. Ten days later, Luo Boge more than 30 million kilograms of sweet potato by the blitz, and the scene unusual hot. Just ten days, between

but this tragicomedy enough to make relevant food for thought, what is causing the farmers to go through such a short time and then tragicomedy; is what has led to the Luo Boge complimentary radish move; what is to become the best-selling sweet potato products?

this year, heard the news of poor sales of agricultural products, vegetables direct from the summer, to Hainan banana glut of potatoes unmarketable and then to Mongolia, etc., of agricultural products this year seem to have spent in slow-moving. This tragicomedy is an upgraded version of unmarketable agricultural products. But not every farmer is Since the hero at the why? Luo Boge range of tragicomedy not say that this is the tragedy of China’s agricultural market.

for their own reasons for poor sales radish, Han Honggang boils down to: blindly follow the trend of expansion of cultivated area, uninformed, faulty operation. But this does not only have the problem only Han Honggang, but all Chinese farmers. But this is the farmers’ cause it? Farmers of course, some of them, but the biggest reason is the relevant government departments. Farmers can not timely access to market information, but the relevant government departments, but failed to timely notify the farmers, resulting in such a tragedy from occurring again and the three.

Therefore, the government needs based on the market and local realities, to consider the macro-industrial layout and structure of the upgrade; need to build a smooth information network to provide early warning and to guide the market, and even farmers who can create databases of information. At the operational level, according to local agricultural conditions, anticipate and supermarkets, wholesale and international market, docking, can organize seasonal agricultural products market, both production and marketing structures for the refinement of trading platforms and other means; also can guide and encourage enterprises establishment of warehousing platform, improve the agricultural processing industry and so on.

government guidelines for farmers to do the work, rather than let it run its course. The god of farmers in our country, there is no cultivation of farmers hard, how can our rich food on the table it? Only to protect the fundamental interests of farmers, in order to protect national interests. Year’s hard-earned money on the farmers in these agricultural products, the production is not only the tragedy of the year incomes of farmers.


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the United States ‘ occupation of Wall Street

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Xinhua News Agency Reuters shows a survey on the 22nd , the United States ‘ occupation of Wall Street

survey conducted by the Associated Press , the occurrence data from the U.S.

According to the survey , is responsible for monitoring the protests , to maintain order and law enforcement agencies spent most of the costs , including New York City and Oakland, California police spent the most .

15 am New York police launched raids on the Oakland police and protesters clashed several times .

Because this activity is not over yet , the cost will continue to increase.

leaving a minority government bailout of financial institutions in trouble most people . The event quickly spread to many cities.


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Korea storage

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

The October foreign exchange in Korea storage wreath ratio increases 2.5%
The data that new China net Seoul gives or gets an electric shock(reporter class Wei) central bank in Korea to announce on the 2nd on November 2 suggests that up to 10 the end of the months, Korean foreign exchange storage is USD 310,980,000,000, the wreath ratio increases 2.5%, for April, this year the biggest single month increase.

The data suggests that the Korean foreign exchange storage wreath ratio increased USD 7,600,000,000 in October.Korea the central bank explain be month foreign exchange storage growth of main reason BE, the currencies, such as euro and pound…etc. walks strong, fold to calculate by the property of these currency marked prices the scale of USD has increment.In addition, the foreign exchange property investment income also has increment.

The data suggests that up to 10 the end of the months, the Korean foreign exchange storage constitutes in, the negotiable security is USD 280,120,000,000, the wreath ratio increases 1.9% and has all 90.1%s that the foreign exchanges store.Save gold USD 23,690,000,000 moreover, increase 10%;International Monetary Fund specially withdraws money power USD 3,580,000,000 and increases 1.7%;Store ready cash USD 2,270,000,000, increase 2.3%;The gold is USD 1,320,000,000.

Korea central bank means that up to 10 the end of the months, the Korean foreign exchange stores scale after China, Japan, Russia, China Taiwan, Switzerland, Brazil and India and ranks the eighth in the world.

personage’s luncheon meeting

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Li Ke Qiang attends economic Korean boundary personage’s luncheon meeting
Li Ke Qiang points out that medium is a dress to take aqueous neighboring country, two country association the source far flow to grow.Both parties have diplomatic relation about 20 in the last yearses, the political mutual trust continuously deepens, the high association keeps close and trades a contacts result to show Zhao, the mutual investment keeps on increment, humanities communicates to extend day by day, win practicality the cooperation have already had good foundation.Both parties want to adapt to new situation and hold tight opportunity and greet a challenge and innovate mechanism, scoop out potential, make two country economic trade the cooperation leaps onto new step and exceeds a new step in the middle of trading liberalism, economic globalization progress and promotes two people people’s welfares, in the meantime for push northeast second is going to the world to prosper a development to make one aggressive contribute.

Li Ke Qiang strengthens medium economic trade and humanities cooperation to put forward six suggestions:The first, quickly push forward medium constuct progress from the Mao area and start two countries on schedule the negotiation is from the Mao area.The second, adopts to set up “environmental industry strategy cooperation mechanism” etc. measure, strengthen an environmental industry to wait a newly arisen realm cooperation, actively promote circulation economy and low carbon development.The third expands to invest a cooperative new way.The Mainland encourages Korean business enterprise extension to the China high level manufacturing industry etc. investment and participate in the west of China greatly the development, the northeast old industrial base develop with central part rising, also encouragement have the Mainland business enterprise of real strenght to Korea to invest.The fourth pushes forward financial cooperation and innovation.Are bilateral two countries this currency with each other change scale is extended to 360,000,000,000 dollars renminbi by 180,000,000,000 dollars, the enlargement pushes financial market stability in the district and development together to financial support that two country small and medium enterprises cooperate.The fifth, closely bilateral and multilateral cooperation.Full exertion already establishment of government and folks communicate the function of mechanism, carefully solve an economic trade cooperation in may take place of problem.Manage to strengthen position and policy coordination in the structure reform in global economy. Hope Han Fang conduct in the business enterprise, personnel contacts etc. provide more conveniences for the Mainland business enterprise.Two state-owners enterprise industries can expand at the Three Kingdoms infrastructure construction, market expand the cooperation of etc. realm.The sixth extends humanities exchanges and cooperation.The Mainland has invited 300 Korean youths annually since next year the increment visits China, will send 1400 Chinese language teachers to Korea at 2015 year agos.Medium strengthen the exchanges of cultural realm further and create a cooperation lately a little bit bright, provide to hold out for long time motive for two country cooperations.

Li Ke Qiang said that China is carrying out “25″ to program, will push science development, speed change economy development way, insist carrying out to need strategy inside the extension, deepen reform to open, guarantee and improve people’s livelihood, keep over a long period of time Chinese economy Be steady to develop a little bit quickly.We insist that the benefit totally win with each other of open strategy, make China and the common benefits of trading partner’s country expanded and deepen.

Li Ke Qiang emphasizes that China constantly walks peaceful development road, insist and border on to do good and take bordering on as a companion, concentrate on development together the periphery friendly cooperative relation of the nation.The Chinese assertion pushes forward peninsula non-nuclear turn progress, support heavy the Qi six-party talks, wish and relevant everyone’s joint effort, for carry out peninsula and northeast second of peace stability make should have contribution.

The whole Korea economic person’s uniting will wait four big economic groups, big business enterprises and medium property organization representative and attendance luncheon meeting of about 300 members of the Mainland delegation.

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heels of afterward

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

The report calls global net soon the quickest Hong Kong Japan, Korea closes on the heels of afterward
The dawn of October 26 Peking time news, global biggest network discharge management company Akamai today announce 2011 second quarter degree global network current conditions report suggests, get to the Internet on the average in city in the whole world the speed Be quickest to is the big Chiu and big farmland of Korea, getting to the Internet the speed quickest nation is also Korea, in the meantime world suffer the most serious region in network attack then in Asia.

The Akamai the report totally and totally investigated more than 604,000,000 independent IP addresses nets soon and investigated scope to spread over 238 nations and region.

Get to the Internet quickest city

The Akamai report takes city as unit first and get to the Internet to each city the speed launched a survey and reside a hat by 15.8 Mbpses towards carrying on evaluation as a result, among them big Chiu in Korea and big farmland.What to close on the heels of afterward BE(15.2 Mbpses), the absolute being Nai grounds, such as Chuan(15 Mbpses) and East China Sea(14.2 Mbpses)…etc..

At global net 100 soon quickest cities in, the Asian city predominates.Japan occupies 59 cities, there are 10 cities in Korea.Moreover there are still China Hong Kong, and Sydney, Australia… etc. entering the final contest.In Europe, the net soon quickest city is a Czech cloth Er promise.But in the United States, the net soon quickest city is San Jose in California.

Global all countries get to the Internet on the average the speed promote

Akamai is taking nation as unit to suggest towards getting to the Internet the survey that the speed carries on, the whole world gets to the Internet on the average speed at second quarter degree exaltation 21%, come to a 2.6 Mbpses.In addition Akamai still discovers in the middle of accepting 80 inquisitional nations and region, in the last quarter degree in, speed in on the average getting to the Internet of everyplace deeply raised above 10%.

In the middle of taking nation as unit to evaluate, Korea still keep being the first in the world, it gets to the Internet speed is 13.8 Mbpses.Close on the heels of afterward of is Hong Kong(10.3 Mbpses) and Japan(8.9 Mbpses)

In Europe, the net of Holland is the soon quick and link the speed as 8.5 Mbpses on the average and rank the fourth in the world.Its Feng is worth speed to 25.3 Mbpses.Holland breadth takes a customer in the middle 95%ly get to the Internet the speed there was another 68% customers to connect to go into extremely high over the 2 Mbpses soon network.

The network attackstones Asia according to the head

In addition Akamai report way also suggests, world of in the network attack, the Pacific Asia area had of 47%, Europe shared 30%, the United States shared 20%, rather than continent then only 3%.

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many sins to annoy Korea

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Halt American solider’s forcible rape to rob to absorb poison to sell illegal drugs many sins to annoy Korea
Summary:According to Korean medium report way, near segment time, halt American solider soldier to commit several criminal acts in Korea, they not only sex invade a local female and rob citizen and even still absorb a poisonous illegal drug selling.This strong disaffection that caused Korean government and citizen, requests a modification 《Han Mei stations soldiers a position pact(SOFA) 》of the noise of shouting is severely gradual.

Round-the-world net report way of reporter, Zhang Zhe, , according to Korean medium report way, near segment time, halt American solider soldier to commit several criminal acts in Korea, they not only sex invade a local female and rob citizen and even still absorb a poisonous illegal drug selling.This strong disaffection that caused Korean government and citizen, requests a modification 《Han Mei stations soldiers a position pact(SOFA) 》of the noise of shouting is severely gradual.

According to Korea 《Korean newspaper 》October is 11, Long Shan’s police station in Seoul means on the 9th, halt American solider sons and daughters A some wait the citizen whom 4 people are suspected of once beating up road, and rend away 1,000,000 dollar(match about renminbi 5440 dollars) product.Although the Korean police carries on registering for the record a survey to them, travels circuithave to hand over them to an American solider according to the SOFA rules.

Allowed at 4:00 A.M. the 24th of last month, halted American solider 2 teacher private the K was some to drink dead drunkly and intruded into east bean a single apartment inside the Chuan City was threatenned 18-year-old A with the weapon involved in murder some, strong line had sexual behavior with it, and rend away 5000 dollar.On the 6th of this month, the K is some to be arrested by the police.

But previously of allowed at 5:45 A.M. the 17th of last month, halting American solider the private R was some to intrude into numb river bank of Seoul of raped a 18-year-old gold inside area an examination hospital some, and rent away to be worth of 1,000,000 the notebook of the dollar, the R is some to be arrested by the police after.Equally, the police gives the American solider the R some handover according to the SOFA rules.

Moreover, the N of American solider’s troops belonged to is some to be caught because of absorbing poison at a club of the pear Tai hospital hole of mountain area dragon on the night of the 6th of this month.But ex- the July here, the club detection’s 3 American solider’s soldiers sell a drug.

The report way said that according to 《halt the crime present condition of American solider 》suggest, up to now in 2007 June, year, reach to 1455 people at American solider’s soldier of halting of crime in Korea, commit crime 323 annually on the average.

Another according to Korea 《newspaper in East Asia 》report way, along with recently halt American solider’s crime to continue continuously, the Korean government decides to re- discuss the rules concerning criminal case and the case in SOFA investigate usual practice.

Trades according to the Korean diplomacy a related personage reveals, recently Korean government with halt American solider’s sex crime case for chance, survey authorities in life Korea starts completely commit crime to the American solider of meet in survey and indictment process of problem and SOFA the rules and luck camp launch a research work.

But another someone the private’s possibility to modification SOFA means:”The related rules of the American solider who will influence to station in other nations, so halting American solider is more difficult.”He says:”Han Mei signs in 1966 of SOFA have been modified twice up to now. The second-time modification in 2001 is also experience for 7, 8 years of the negotiation just can carry out behind.”

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Central bank in Korea

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Central bank in Korea maintains policy interest rate constantly
Central bank(Bank of Korea) in Korea in a row the second month maintains basis interest rate constant, because in consideration of the global market significantly flaps to concuss and pluses around the misgiving of main export market healthy condition in Korea to turn worse, central bank in Korea chooses to carefully push a policy to turn as usual.

Korean month in Thursday of central bank degree interest rate meeting up as expected maintain policy interest rate constant in 3.25%.

By several days, owing to the American reputation rating encounters under adjust in the market to cause controversy, in the meantime surround global economy may again sink into a decadent misgiving to turn worse, many analysts changed central bank in Korea to add the expectation of interest.

Consumer from July in Korea price index number(CPI) the rise rises to 4.7% from 4.4% in June, in a row the seventh month outran central bank 2% in Korea-4% target zones.

The this week accepts 15 analysts of the Dow-Jones Si correspondent(Dow Jones Newswires) survey to win in early time, 11 people’s anticipating central bank in Korea will maintain basis interest rate constant in this month, other 4 people then anticipate a central bank to add an interest 25 radicles order.

Central bank in Korea soon will release a policy pronouncement, the central bank goes a long show of gold Zhong(Kim Choong-soo) later on will in Greenwich Mean Time 0220 hold a news conference.

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