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safety and environmental .

Monday, March 12th, 2012

On behalf of former deputy commander of the East China Sea Fleet , Zhang Huachen found in the research , the construction of naval aviation airport in recent years has made ​​a number of achievements , but a lot of the airport from the town of nearly surrounding the airport , aviation readiness training , and urban construction , economic development, mutual constraints increasingly evident intensive residents around the airport to put a higher demand for flight training, safety and environmental .
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Must ensure coordination between local economic and social development of naval aviation airport construction , push forward the construction of combat effectiveness of troops . scientific planning the layout of Hainan Airlines , Air Force and civil aviation airport . National People’s Congress as soon as possible large – scale military land exchange regulations and policies, to provide legal protection for the military airport relocation . At the same time , combined with the naval forces to the mission of the development of airport construction scale features to ensure that the new airport to meet the multi – model joint protection, offshore deep-sea training , combat readiness and training needs . The airport is located at the Government to exercise the important duty of the good protection of military facilities in accordance with the Protection of Military Installations Act .


research and production organization and management

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

China news agency, Beijing, January 17 (Reporter Sun Zifa) – Correspondent 17 from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation was informed that the task space , the year 2012, the group scheduling 21 arrows 30 stars launch.

Chinese the group company, is an extremely heavy task for one year , high-density high launch and flight test , a significant task effects.

Space mission , the annual scheduling 21 arrows 30 stars launch. Shenzhou 九号space rendezvous and docking missions will be implemented ; Beidou II satellite will launch six satellites , complete the construction of area navigation systems ; ‘s first civilian satellite mapping Venezuela will achieve China’s first remote sensing satellite remote sensing satellite exports.

Missile weapons , weapon models for a number of annual flight test .

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation raised will go all out to ensure that aerospace research and production test task is satisfactorily completed : first, to ensure that Shenzhou 九号space rendezvous and docking space for the launch on behalf of the 21 successful missions to ensure that strategic and tactical missile flight experiments a success.

Second, a comprehensive national science and technology to carry out major projects and key technologies developed to ensure that all types of satellite , the mission to develop a new generation of carrier rockets successfully completed projects .

The third is to actively promote Nigeria 2, 3 telecommunications satellite and other export items and Bolivia signed communications satellites , communication satellites and other project implementation in Belarus .

Fourth, innovation, research and production organization and management , depth aerospace research and production management maturity assessment and continuous improvement , and comprehensively promote the key products shaping aerospace , construction certification and production line integrated security system weapon models .


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To improve survival

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

ITAR December 30 reported that the Russian army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel谢尔盖弗拉索夫Friday announced that the Russian army in 2011, equipped with more than 30 new -style the system . Prior to the Russian military has claimed that this new weapon will replace the old with the

According to the Russian CLC, will be used to replace the It is reported that ,

Compared with old-fashioned In addition, the In the

To improve survival , Russian CLC said,

Russian Army missile forces and artillery director said in an interview , the next longer range

In addition to


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According to Hong Kong the restaurant tea

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Bin Laden was buried at sea in the implementation of tasks of the U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson , 27, is the second visit this year , will stay in Hong Kong three days, along with a cruiser and two destroyers, a total of 5,000 officers and men , ashore in batches holiday yesterday , Wan Chai bar suddenly milling around .

Carl Vinson commander , said the visit happened to be Christmas and New Year holidays , the officers and men on board are said to enjoy the fun.

According to Hong Kong the restaurant tea

U.S. Navy nuclear aircraft carrier sightseeing and shopping. With the U.S. military hopes to experience life in Hong Kong , while 21 -year-old Chinese crew Yu Ziying served just 10 months , intends to take advantage of Hong Kong to visit my aunt and two restaurants on the tea , and when the Vietnamese Chinese American engineer decade Lu Hui also said the city , each times to Mong Kok in Hong Kong will eat snakes Lang .

This is already the fourth year, the U.S. aircraft carrier to visit Hong Kong , how often attracted outside attention. Commander ThomasShannon clarify a few months earlier than planned this visit .

Visit as early as four days in May this year , a displacement of 90,000 tons, the deck can be placed up to 90 fighters , and this visit will put more than 60 military aircraft , along with two destroyers , one cruiser .


pro-US military support

Friday, December 30th, 2011

December 28, 2011 CCTV

- Japan’s

Moderator Shui Junyi:

Welcome back to

Yesterday, the Japanese government threw out a heavy political bomb, blow up the country to adhere to for decades, Relax arms export ban, the move to open its new defense contractor market, but also caused the Japanese have a complex history of relations between the Asian neighbors wary. Lifting arms embargo, the Japanese government’s strategic intent in the end where? The occurrence of such a major defense policy why a change? What kind of consequences it will bring? Studio we have invited two commentators, one is Mr. Yin Zhuo, there is a Mr. Song Xiaojun.

First, ask Mr. Soong, a

Are reviewing: a major turning point in national defense policy?

Opinion: From a legal point of view on the future export of all weapons can be

Song Xiaojun Commentator: Simply put, what is the future of Japan weapons can be sold, legally speaking, because today he is the chief way to say this conversation then, and this passage has been widely reproduced. Can be seen, this passage from the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs co-authored a passage, from a legal perspective it does not have any limit, it can be exported to any country any kind of weapons, including the main equipment, it only take future public and moral responsibility, that is, all the legal binding release of all.

Shui Junyi: From the details, or specific events behind in terms of what kind you look at it the other side of the background here?

Song Xiaojun: I think the main reaction is faster today is that you immediately to the Yomiuri Shimbun editorial said, patrol boats and sell body armor, of course, it is important that all of his military enterprises are very supportive of this matter. We know Noda turned out to be the children of the SDF, the United States in fact, Bush has been up to them to break through the exit.

Shui Junyi: the Japanese?

Expert opinion: the U.S. military on the principle of breakthrough

Song Xiaojun: Yes. Because the U.S. military over the past decade the manufacturing sector collapsed badly, went on to play the financial, hoping to give it the Japanese patch. For example, the F35 software testing problems, such as missile cooperation, cooperation is the anti-missile system, that is Hillary Clinton left to a basic disk, military enterprises, these things would like to work in Japan to back him, from this , only to Noda government relaxed this one was, of course, Japan’s military enterprises are indeed unable to feed, for ten years, the Japanese military’s subscription fee is in decline.

Shui Junyi: Mr. Yin to see how Japan such a move?

Expert opinion: This day: pro-US military support

Yin Zhuote about Commentator: You can say it two purposes, one is pro-American, another one is to support the military, these two. Of course, keep the military defense industry with a complete system, which is its main concern. Why Yueqin the United States? Because now, all of Japan’s military cooperation is essentially only for a country like the United States, it provides a lot of other U.S. high-tech, including high-tech components, especially electronic products, then each of these high-tech components weapons inside, past the three principles of Japan’s domestic constraints, it is engaged in cooperation with other countries, in addition to the United States to other countries, sales of these controversial weapons in the country to the Japanese government has been criticized, and now it is fully liberalized, indicating that the US-Japan can cooperate, a large number of other countries to the world of high-tech weapons, without any limits, this is a. Why support the military? Because Japan itself is its own small-scale military action, so his example, F-2, he made the grade equivalent to F16 aircraft, it is F16 procurement costs twice to three times, so such a point of purchasing its own aircraft, It is simply too poor to feed the military industrial enterprises, the annual government subsidies to give it a lot, so that it can make it out sales greatly reduced procurement costs, reduce after purchase, of course, Japan has a complete defense system, military power for it to laid a good material base, which is the long-term goal.


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Han Guohai Police Department said that so far

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

According to People on the 12th, 12th in the event of a

Han Guohai Police Department said that so far , Han Guohai Police in law enforcement in the main weapon is the first to use rubber bullets transmitters , and other non-lethal electronic shock gun type of weapon . Only in the event of violent resistance led police to personal safety is threatened , will the use of firearms . Currently Han Guohai Police are investigating if the recurrence of events last-ditch weapon carrying Chinese crew , marine police will be approaching the stage from the use of guns ,

It is reported that Chinese fishing boats Han Guohai Police is currently focused on operations in the West and the South China Sea has sent a patrol boat day 6 .


chief executive officer company

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Bo park in Kunming

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

A life time Bo park in Kunming gets stripe Yunnan to travel or faces a chance
“Does Yunnan travels(002059, )?We all before don’t pay attention to.”A analyst tells like this 《everyday economic news 》reporter.

Travels in the A tectonic plate in, tour(002059, closing price 11.34 dollars) in Yunnan is easily an object that is neglected.However have the medium report the way, the national hair changes Wei formally approval of 《Yunnan province tour the industry reform a development to program outline 》, probably can bring Yunnan tour an opportunity.

The national hair changes Wei to formally grant of 《Yunnan province tour the industry reform development to program outline 》, travel a life time Bo in Kunming experiment the area is four tour in Yunnan industry development and reform comprehensive experiment one of the areas, create a Kang body recreation in city to spend a holiday tour experiment model area.

A life time Bo tour experiment the area have already formally started 7000 acres of construction engineerings of core areas by October 27.This means a life time Bo park in Kunming successfully the transformation gets stripe, and core area development the construction has already exceeded to go into a materiality stage.

A life time Bo tour experiments the core area of area the scope is mainly canned develop to constitute with the ground, a life time Bo peripheral district and forest inside the area by a life time Bo park, a life time Bo ecosystem city and follow-up and always cover about 7000 acres.Item will with a life time Bo park for core, becomes on trial area development gather tour sightseeing, recreation spend a holiday, ecosystem experience, business amusement, cultural creativity and Kang body health etc. function is integral whole of new”tour name card” in Kunming.

Gorgeous turn round or Be worth expecting

“If the nation so big action ground carries on a reformation to a life time Bo park, if succeed, very beneficial to related business enterprise.”The square positive stock certificate(601901, ) researcher tells 《everyday economic news 》reporter.

A life time Bo luck camp of the park cost the periodical report of tour in Yunnan suggests that a life time Bo park in Kunming’s conducting gross earnings have already fallen to°from or so 120,000,000 dollars in 2004 2010 not to 40,000,000 dollars, but can see from the grinding of a mountain west stock certificate(002500, ) the report, the last few years the basic maintenance is in 70,000,000 dollars~of 80,000,000 dollars.

Yunnan travels annual report also point out for 2010 years, a life time Bo park product is aging, innovation the shortage and attraction Shuai reduce, market development not dint, receive a kimono duty the quality descend etc. reason and make visitor’s amount in the park and the admission ticket income significantly fallen and set to open a park fall range it most.

Does a life time Bo reform of the park get stripe an ability to infuse into new vitality for tour in Yunnan this time?

The above-mentioned square positive stock certificate researcher says to reporter, a life time Bo park is one of the main management items of tour in Yunnan, if conduct the circumstance can get an improvement, that undoubtedly will become Yunnan to travel the new profits growth order.

Yunnan travels the staff member of the company also means while accepting a medium interview, “this time carry on a repair transformation to Chinese buildings, is single business model that wants to break to be original near the admission ticket income existence, ease the management pressure of company.”

To this, the above-mentioned researcher thinks, after all a life time Bo park before says that the reform wasn’t the first-time either, can really the reform get stripe success and also need horary check

travel six attentions

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Report regiment to travel six attentions
1.Recognize pure natural intelligence

The travel agency separates 1, 2, 3 types of.This kind of classification, is a nation to travel the bureau receives the division of labour but assurance of traveller’s category(include a foreign visitor, HongKong-Macau set afterbirth and local visitor etc.) and tour circuit business according to the travel agency.Therefore, visitor while choosing travel agency, should press it to conduct scope, see whether it has a tour bureau the examination and approval of tour management certificate, whether have already paid tour quality control gold, whether have Company’s seal invoice, whether match a profession management norm.

2.Carefully label contract

The tour hands over money first and consumes behind and travel contract naturally become travel of amulet.Therefore, goes a front to sign contract with travel agency.If the travel agency doesn’t press the contract to handle affairs and is like the change accommodation cabaret star class and lowers to have a meal standard etc. and records the result reality that it breaks contract fact and results in down, in order to will tell to the department concerned hurl from now on.The visitor after getting hold of the contract don’t is eager to signing, must cautiously read various items and discover to oneself’s disadvantage or amphibology language sentence, must carry on a modification.

3.Purchase tour insurance

Stipulates according to the national law, though setting out the ex- travel agency has already insured travel agency responsibility insurance,this doesn’t represent going on a tour of visitor to get all guarantees of levels, because the accidental injury insurance out of the travel agency responsibility need to be purchased by the another line of visitor to be not within the scope of travel agency liability insurance.

4.Careful consume

The visitor will not be blindly purchased tour trophy suddenly and leisurely by some guides while traveling.In the shopping must carefully discriminate, the Bian is clear true false, prevent°from falling into trap to cheat.

5.Keep intact proof

If meet travel agency infringement or default, should raise a report and keep intact proof in time.To win lawsuit have to know how to collect and keep proof.Can adopt recording and record image, take photo etc. method at and at that time minute down damage fact, the application authenticates organization to carry on consultation to the damaged circumstance when it’s necessary.

6.Rational Wei power

Visitor on the way to travel discover service that the travel agency provides out of accordance with contract engagement, can request travel agency to continue to implement contract according to the circumstance as well as request to relieve contract, make up for loss.On the way of doing, should adopt reasonable succour measure according to the actual circumstance.Such as be the travel agency provides of service existence small minor faults, don’t neglect an objective condition easily unilateral stop halfway contract, in order to prevent in the Wei power fall into a passive position.

composition good

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011