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The world’s most interesting three micro countries

Friday, March 27th, 2009

You had in mind the rule of National? At lot of people around the world has since designated territory, self-proclaimed Emperor. In some countries the size of an area of only a house, and even citizens, only the king himself … … of these micro-country has a war, a successful, independent and immune to such historical, but are unbelievable. Some countries have been destroyed, some countries have survived down there. Surviving micro-country have created their own currency, printed up their own signs, have created their own globally recognized passports. They were announced to legalize and become relatively free of individual kingdom. Now introduce the three most typical example of strange.

1.Sealand (Sjælland)

In 1960, an Englishman and his family at Sealand set up their own country, when they use up a lot of property, become the Hou Sealand. 1970, Sealand was outside a Sjaelland support forces citizens to take over, which allow them to re-establish the armed forces, knocked over a foreign prisoners of war. Until now, Sealand is still the focus of attention of international news, with regard to the identity of the country there are still controversial.

2.Molossia (Milos Empire)

Molossia located in the territory of the United States, Nevada, a small island on the countryside, it was established in 1970, a population of only four, but were also surrounded by the United States as an independent country. In theory, this country has its own constitution and outline. In practice, a political turmoil triggered panic King, thus promulgated martial law. At the territory of Molossia, incandescent, cat fish and tobacco are legal things. Or micro-Molossia first Olympic host country persons.


Redonda are advocated in 1493 in Columbus set up, and then on the uninhabited rock will have a king. Here, apart from the cliff, leaving only one square mile of land, Redonda except wild goats, all empty, but here is the biggest natural resources of bird droppings. Each year around the 20th century can extracted 7,000 tons. A recent attempt to the United Kingdom hotels Redonda sent ambassadors to remove their anti-smoking act, but they rejected.

Unlike other countries on the three micro-country has been so lucky.

Such as Ross Island Republic, because there is no tax was to wipe out the Italian navy. Another Leicester Hemingway (Ernest’s brother Writer) attempt at a new island on the Atlantic to establish their own colony, has not yet begun on the Mexican side of the fishermen. Republic of Minerva did not exist for a long time been invaded neighboring countries. Have strange Atlanteum Empire, located in Sydney, Australia, has also been spared exist, but their country’s political and legal are very suspicious.

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Prague-declaration of love

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Nietzsche said: “When I think of another word to express the music, I just found a Vienna; and when I think of another word to express the mystery, I only thought of Prague.” Prague lonely people of the United States also scrambling are you with the necessary Empathy another person at that time the local share. Put such a wonderful place for lovers of programs that could not have been better.
Romantic LIST

Look for Kafka

More than 100 years ago, Kafka unbearable noise of the old city, moved into the No. 22 Golden Lane, a house of blue water on this stealth writing became his place. And today, has become reclusive as a small bookstore,Couples can take a look at his footprints. Golden Lane in Prague Castle’s St. George’s Cathedral and toys between museums, because of the Roman Empire during the 16th century, many people living in this alchemy, it got its name.

And beloved people walk through the Old City

Prague old town some remote quiet street so far remained a medieval appearance, the streets paved with stones, street lights are old gas lamp-style, many houses with religious murals. The ancient clock tower every hour, bells on the door will automatically open the window, the bell Qiming, 12 such as lantern-like icon in the window appears, bowing to people. Why not take the right right table, put your love happy time Forever to remain in the bottom of my heart.

Vltava River in the West Bank as draw Zhang

Vltava River in the West Bank is home to a lot of small city famous Czech artists, a walk along the street there, look at the artist’s finest creations, if we do not enjoy can also ask them to draw, like Zhang, the sweet moment you put them down. Prague is a city of respect for the arts is entirely not have to worry about the level of these street artists.

Cafe Slavia in love

Have been to a lot of people say that Cafe Slavia Prague can love more sweet. Cafe Slavia have a century of history, the most valuable is its rapid development in modern society still cling to tradition, can enjoy here a hundred years ago the Czech Taste. Vltava River overlooks scenic best seats, but we must go back Oh!

Ten of the world’s classic cities

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

1, the ancient city of Croatia

The brink of the ancient city of the Adriatic Sea and is the jewel in the Balkans on a pearl. Although the ancient city has suffered the ravages of the conflict in the Balkans, but in the help of UNESCO,restored elegance of the past. City is divided into two parts of the Old City and the Metro, the old city in the Middle Ages granite structure of the ancient castle, built on a piece of the sea highlights the enormous rock. There are many walls of the castle and the gun turret. Well-preserved city of the 14th century pharmacy, churches, monasteries, Grand Palace and the Clock Tower. Even the streets and street lighting, is the medieval style. Walking in the Middle Ages in the ancient city, will let you absolutely impressive.

2, Dublin, Ireland

No city as the capital of Dublin, Ireland, as have so many bars, is full of such a strong literary atmosphere. Literature have come to Dublin, we will certainly go to Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett Beahan and big writers have a place to live and work a walk. Of course, some “Literary Pub” is also worth a visit. There, many literary enthusiasts to poetry, drama and songs form allows you to feast for the eyes. Literary Pub Walks in general from all grams grams of Bar Street have started performing in bars upstairs grams are staged, in order to get a good seat, but also gain an advantage.

3, the Treasury River Island Seychelles

Treasury Courier lush plants on the island, surrounded by sparkling clear waters, only seven residents on the island. From the coast starting mangroves along a tip to the water prominent headland, there is a paved boardwalk with wooden planks. When you walk, when, like the tortoise in coastal patrolling,Armstrong’s legs hold up its own body, just like in regards to pay tribute to the tourists. Here not only as a very friendly turtles, there are palm-sized spiders, and parrots and transparent ghost crabs. When you go gangway at the end of time, before the Indian Ocean is the most beautiful beaches.

4, the ancient city of Fez Mexico

The ancient city of Fez are renowned for their exquisite Islamic architecture known in the world. The ancient city was built in 808 BC, the narrow winding streets, on both sides of stores, workshops adjacent to lace, some commodities directly outside the shop before, only to walk blocks, sometimes have to give way into the shop, motor vehicle is inaccessible . Some people joke that people here can only help, “Thousand and One Nights” in manned space flight in order to travel the magic carpet. City’s architectural style, customs and ways of life of residents still showed the character of the Middle Ages, and well-preserved.

5, Sydney, Australia beach

Everyone heard about Bondi Beach, this piece of crescent-shaped beaches in Australia’s premier. When you go swimming wearing a swimsuit, along Sydney‘s eastern coastline, starting from the Bondi Beach, you will find a beach more beautiful than the other beaches. The first is the beach, here used to be called gramadal beaches, there are rich and famous performing activities; followed by the picturesque Bronte beach, eat a good place for brunch; and Clough Lane beach is Tatsu the best place to go swimming.

6, Siena, Italy

If it is said that Italy is a book, is located in central Italy Siena is the book can jump three-dimensional picture. Around the city in an ivory tower and medieval alleyways. When you walk in Siena, you will find every block has its own totem: dragon, unicorn, giraffe, black panther, and even caterpillars. Each block has its own fountain, flags, badges, and decorated with the sacred symbol knocker

7, Portmeirion Village, North Wales UK

Portmeirion Village was built in the last century, the Second, the thirties, architects rich in exotic gardens are designed and built an Italian-style village. Villages based on the abandoned building of monuments and sculptures. The “Italian village” is located in the rivers and estuaries, you can through the tunnel, came to this is located in the cliffs on the Garden Village, to find ready-made materials using a patchwork of churches and a lighthouse, you can view the vast Black Rock Beach .

8, Paris, France

To Paris, the latest surprising place than the sewer walk. Sewer has been a cultural and historical part of Paris. Writers from Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables” to the later film “Rhapsody in black”, both related to the description and characterization sewer. Located near the Eiffel Tower in the sewer museum, you can understand the sewers of Paris a few hundred years of history. In the crumbling sewer in through the entire journey is an adventure, you have to be careful to avoid falling into the sewage.

9, Castle chaumont France

Chaumont picturesque castle is located in western France, like the 798 in France, is an author and artist’s colony. Here organized an international garden festival. You can use a full day of time, your eyes to see from all over the world, “landscape artists” by the various attractions decoration. Then can also walk from the castle along the Loire, where the vineyards to taste wine in the famous wine Dulan.

10, Costa Rica National Park corcovado

Corcovado National Park is known as biological diversity on Earth where the most prominent. There are more than 500 kinds of trees, 220 kinds of butterflies and bird species throughout North America more than the sum of all the birds. When you walk on the beach, you can see the scarlet macaw fly in the head, pelicans in the rolling waves, proboscidean raccoon in, monkeys in the tropical rainforest. Jaguar dangerous animals like a rare occurrence, but not the effect, it is best employed a guided walk with you.


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The world’s TOP6 “sexiest” Beach

Monday, January 19th, 2009

The world’s most “sexy” in which the beach? Some people say that Hawaii, the beaches here is almost “romantic” and “honeymoon” synonymous with, it was said that in Italy, Where? Take a look at.


HI beach almost “romantic” and “honeymoon” synonymous. Here, you can feel the characteristics of the island with the charm of the world, all kinds of color, the people gathered in various languages 1, perhaps you will see Kim Hee Seon turned or Nicolas Cage.

Landscape Quality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (location of choice for countless movies, the beautiful do not discount)

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Congestion: ★ ★ ★ (if there are “a light bulb,” Who here does honeymoon?)

Exposed Index: ★ ★ ★ ★ (I saw several tall excellent fit girls lying on the beach without the sun).

Italy nude beach beach

Italy Beach Poly many from all over the world filled with men and women sunbathing. Due to the beach very few people wear here is to take advantage of a number of erotic haunt the place.

Canada “Wreck Beach”

Canada’s most famous beach in Vancouver, celestial bodies “Wreck Beach” (shipwreck Beach), located at UBC (University of British Columbia) southwest not far from campus. Wreck Beach woods do have barriers, very secretive, the beginning of the people is not easy to find. Even find the entrance, but also through a long stone steps, in one sense of isolation.

Wreck Beach landscape quality: ★ ★ ★ (known here really is not “beach”, but “objects”, one of my Chinese friends have been specially brought his 10-year-old son to come here for the enlightenment of adolescent sex education)

Congestion: ★ ★ ★ ★ (If you ever been to a few other celestial bodies beach, you will be here soon, “silly” and lively like a bath here son, but also crowded like a bathhouse a)

Exposed Index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (here, even the cleaning and selling things are true naked)

Australia “Lady Bay Beach”

Lady Bay Beach (Miss Bay Beach) is the 70′s by the Prime Minister announced that one of the legitimate objects beaches, it hiding in the busy tourist attractions Watsons Bay (Watson Bay) Secret Service, backed by rock,full of yellow wildflowers , white sandy beaches small slender.

Lady Bay Beach landscape quality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (covered with wild flowers is the rock of the cliff below and long sandy beaches, from the blue sea water, goes the distance of the Sydney Tower scenery, such a screen can be no Sydney King)

Congestion: ★ ★ (Australia’s small population, limited natural swimmers, but the small beach, there are activities, hundreds of its people can be packed here)

Exposed Index: ★ ★ ★ ★ (to the customer objects are authentic, not to be conservative in Australia as a tourist attraction here, so no tourists to patronize)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There is no doubt that this is the world’s most famous beach, it is in Rio de Janeiro in front of residential areas across 4.5 kilometers. Road gray, white sandy beaches, blue water is the edge of the city’s three primary colors.

Landscape Quality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (here known as the beautiful coastline of the world’s first)

Congestion: ★ ★ ★ ★ (the tourist season, you will experience what is called “legs, such as forest,” even when I am afraid you plug umbrella can not find a place)

Exposed Index: ★ ★ (after all, from the urban areas too, too much exposure to it was not appropriate)

Jamaica Negril

Negril has the world’s weather, but year-round. October each year is the region’s hurricane season, but there will not be affected in any way.

Negril Beach has 17 miles of fine white sand and tranquil paradise-like atmosphere. Shopping here is not suitable, not suitable for revelry, but if you want to stay away from the noise, in a place where taste loneliness and years to your life precipitation, here is the best place.

Landscape Quality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (can enjoy the evening has been called the world’s most spectacular sunset of the Caribbean)

Congestion: ★ ★ (fewer summer visitors, hotel occupancy rates lower than 30% in winter)

Exposed Index: ★ ★ ★ (blue sea, white sands and meticulous, though not clear celestial beach, but swimmers on celestial bodies, there is too tempting a)