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The world’s most interesting three micro countries

Friday, March 27th, 2009

You had in mind the rule of National? At lot of people around the world has since designated territory, self-proclaimed Emperor. In some countries the size of an area of only a house, and even citizens, only the king himself … … of these micro-country has a war, a successful, independent and immune to such historical, but are unbelievable. Some countries have been destroyed, some countries have survived down there. Surviving micro-country have created their own currency, printed up their own signs, have created their own globally recognized passports. They were announced to legalize and become relatively free of individual kingdom. Now introduce the three most typical example of strange.

1.Sealand (Sjælland)

In 1960, an Englishman and his family at Sealand set up their own country, when they use up a lot of property, become the Hou Sealand. 1970, Sealand was outside a Sjaelland support forces citizens to take over, which allow them to re-establish the armed forces, knocked over a foreign prisoners of war. Until now, Sealand is still the focus of attention of international news, with regard to the identity of the country there are still controversial.

2.Molossia (Milos Empire)

Molossia located in the territory of the United States, Nevada, a small island on the countryside, it was established in 1970, a population of only four, but were also surrounded by the United States as an independent country. In theory, this country has its own constitution and outline. In practice, a political turmoil triggered panic King, thus promulgated martial law. At the territory of Molossia, incandescent, cat fish and tobacco are legal things. Or micro-Molossia first Olympic host country persons.


Redonda are advocated in 1493 in Columbus set up, and then on the uninhabited rock will have a king. Here, apart from the cliff, leaving only one square mile of land, Redonda except wild goats, all empty, but here is the biggest natural resources of bird droppings. Each year around the 20th century can extracted 7,000 tons. A recent attempt to the United Kingdom hotels Redonda sent ambassadors to remove their anti-smoking act, but they rejected.

Unlike other countries on the three micro-country has been so lucky.

Such as Ross Island Republic, because there is no tax was to wipe out the Italian navy. Another Leicester Hemingway (Ernest’s brother Writer) attempt at a new island on the Atlantic to establish their own colony, has not yet begun on the Mexican side of the fishermen. Republic of Minerva did not exist for a long time been invaded neighboring countries. Have strange Atlanteum Empire, located in Sydney, Australia, has also been spared exist, but their country’s political and legal are very suspicious.

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“Paris” of the Southern Hemisphere – Melbourne

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Like Paris, New York, London and Milan, fashion capital of the northern hemisphere, as with many international brands and talented designers Melbourne, not only in the southern hemisphere are the Fashion Center, is the world’s major fashion event of the preferred host. March 2009, Melbourne in 2009 will rely on L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week once again the world’s fashion stage high-profile debut to lead the trend of habits.

Shopping, show, models, brands can be called a … … Melbourne is everywhere full of modern, cosmopolitan city of fashion elements, while the special-of-season Northern Hemisphere climate and cultural style of fashion here is more to cast a layer of mystery. Or walk through shopping malls in between brands, people experience the trend of fashion feast Tatsu; might hang around in the characteristics of Hong Mei purdah store, feel unique fashion style, all will bring you a fresh sense of fashion surfing.

Fashion Festival & Event

L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival:

Held annually each March, L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival is a large scale fashion event of extraordinary richness and diversity. LMFF launches Australia’s autumn / winter collections to the public, the fashion industry and the media. LMFF provides a rare opportunity for the public to experience the excitement and theatre of a major fashion event.

LMFF drives the trend across Australia and New Zealand for consumer based fashion events which encapsulate all aspects across the fashion and retail arena. It provides the platform to launch the autumn / winter collections of Australia’s leading designers and brands, which are available in store, to the public.

15th March 2009, Melbourne will steal the spotlight of the world again because of the new season LMFF (the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival). Lasting 8 days, from March 15 until 22, this year’s festival will be held at Central Pier, Docklands. It will once again prove to the world that Melbourne is synonymous with style and fashion.

The L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) traditionally attracts more than 300,000 people to its 100 fashion events, workshops and parties. The Festival program includes runway shows, business forums, performances, art exhibitions, film screenings, retail events and, of course, plenty of glamorous parties.

Under the influence of the Global Financial Storm 2009, a big consumer fashion event seems extremely important to the national economy. So, as the most outstanding consumer fashion event, this year’s LMFF may have a double role, not only showing the world the fantastic style of Melbourne, but also giving economic supports to the whole nation. With the outstanding cultural and fashion experience from the 2008 event, LMFF 2009 may end up with the biggest and best event ever. To achieve it, there are 100 fashion events, workshops and parties.

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