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Hong disaster especially

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Korea connects to decline for three days, the rain-storm suffers for 104 years a meet a big Hong disaster especially
Korea Seoul, city Ji and river original, Pusan with celebrate south etc. the region have declined since the afternoon of July 26 next a hundred years a see of strong rainfall, result in several mudslide, traffic jam, the power is off, street and living quarter inundation.
According to the Korean newspaper news, central disaster safe counterplan in Korea this said, Seoul, city Ji way and river the genuine area started connecting to decline for three days from the 26th at first, rain-storm, have already resulted in 60 people’s deaths in the whole Korea and 10 people up to the 11:00 on the night of the 28th rain-storm disappearance.

The report way said that the main trouble that the rain-storm causes has:On the 27th, the cow sleep hole, square of Rui grass area in Seoul carry hole, south on the cow sleep hole, square of Rui grass area in Seoul’s back too Ling etc. the region successively the mountain body slippery ascent happen and capture 16 life lifes;River original way a few hostels of the spring Chuan new north is pressed by the mudslide to ruin, result in Ren and university 13 student death;A factory of Ji way ascent state in city also encounters mudslide raid and leaves 3 people dead.In addition, Ji Tao Kuang state in the city and embrace the Chuan, fruit Chuan and east bean Chuan, Long Ren and Lian Chuan, Li state and equal region someone also member death and disappearance.

Because parts of regions still probably appear flood and mountain body slippery ascent etc., number in seeking refuge of Seoul for 1048 door 1638 people and the city Ji way for 4071 door 8962 people’s etc.s totally appear 519310776 victim of disasters.

The report way of Han Lian She said that from 5:00 A.M. the 26-29th of total amount rainfall, the east bean Chuan is the most and reach to 679.5 millimeters(the declining water unit all is a millimeter as follows), is afterward and one by one in order a Seoul(591) and Wen mountain(494), spring Chuan(543) and iron at first(356.1), Lin hoof(368.0), Pusan.(246.0)

declare a resignation

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

First Chinese descent’s congressman on suspicion of in the United States invades to declare a resignation
The United States first Chinese descent congressman Wu Zhen Wei declare on the 26th, he will at beautiful debt upper limit the crisis solve after formal resign.This has already served another term seven democracy party affiliations the congressman is controled sex to invade more than a year recently the old friend and election contribute money the person’s 18-year-old daughter.

Wu Zhen Wei means in his pronouncement, the opportune moment of resignation has been already arrived, because he can not give attention to both work and care good family of congress, in the meantime still need to deal with these is called that it is “very serious accusation” by him.

However, Wu Zhen Wei says, his resignation intends will the resolution(pass in the congress) young man in the beautiful debt upper limit effect.”This to my family, is all right decision to Lower House and my colleague.”Wu adds to say:”This is also the most important work that Washington is handling to don’t need to encounter abstracted only right decision.”

Wu Zhen Wei of this decides to make him leave office to really slice date to be full of indetermination, in Washington, concerning beautiful debt upper limit of the negotiation is still placed in logjam, two party the parliamentarian is contending for to divide Duo second ground consultation and tries in the August 2 beautiful debt to break contract the upper limit of the big limit approach premise high national obligation.

Wu Zhen Wei also means in the pronouncement, can become an U.S. Congress councilman, especially is the emigrant’s kid to become political American person, is “the biggest honor” in his whole life.

May, this year a girl declares Wu Zhen Wei to force to have sexual behavior with it during the period of last year Thanksgiving Day to Wu Zhen Wei’s office hair speech mail, Wu Zhen’s Wei scandal consequently matter hair.According to the report way, the girl who hasn’t disclosed name is 18 years old this year, just in 2010 graduation in the senior high school, its father is the classmate of Wu Zhen Wei senior high school, are also good several years friend and campaign fund to donate a person.

Wu Zhen Wei’s denial he has illegal behavior, but admitted this”sex matter”, and declare categorically to mutually agree.

After matter delivers, American political arena appeals the noise of shouting day Gao of Wu Zhen Wei’s resignation, the associate inside his party also “incise”s with him in succession.The minority leader of Lower House who is the same as a democracy party affiliation wears Luo the west address a letter to Lower House morals committee to request to formally investigate this matter on the 25th.

This front, Wu Zhen Wei once experienced a two crisis as well to nearly ruin future prospects.BE made public by the opponent while running for congressman in 2004 at up once forced an ex- girl friend to have sexual behavior but encountered a punishment during the days in the university;Elected an eve last year middle he was suddenly become peculiar by Pu behavior and temperament and also made use of the son’s and wildly delivered an E-mail harassment staff, especially that tiger clothing shone on to become laughing stock more.However Wu Zhen Wei finally dissolved this two crisis and successfully served another term congressman, until the integrity in old age doesn’t protect this time.

56 years old get Wu Zhen Wei the ancestral home Suzhou, Jiangsu, China was born in Hsinchu, Taiwan, 6 years old move to the United States with the family, win an election for the federal congressman of the first Chinese descent in the United States in 1998, serve another term seven times after.After the resignation of Wu Zhen Wei, the U.S. Congress only leaves the congressman of being the same as the democracy party one Zhao Mei Xin, Chinese descent’s voice will be weakened

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Japanese medium started taunting

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

The Japanese medium started taunting:It’s too weak to avoid thunders to all make a not good technique

Taiwanese consociation news net report way, the mainland moves car occurrence to seriously fall to bridge murder case, the Japanese medium start greatly doing an article.The Japanese news net thinks that the affairs makes mainland high speed railway driven into Washington’s dream to fall through this time, head for in the world, is postponed for 5-10 years at least, even longer time.

The analysis also points out that this Chinese mainland moves a car to collide with each other to fall to bridge tragic incident, should has already moved a car technique problem and there is also the system problem to operate to manage.High-speed railroad train in the Chinese mainland doesn’t have good device and technique for avoiding thunder, this isn’t apprehensible.Meet thunder-storm the weather to cut the power to be forced to park the car, show the flimsiness of Chinese mainland high speed railway technique.

Moreover, the front railroad train stops driving, the follow-up railroad train should also immediately stop driving, and this is the most basic railroad operation management technique.The trouble of night before last suggests that although Chinese mainland Mass Rapid Transit railroad train has already opened 350 kilometer soon, system’s managing basically don’t keep up with.
Medium day high speed railway past several years continuously explosion copy, infringement, who excellent who inferior dispute, the mainland continuously emphasizes independence innovation, but Japan repeatedly accuses mountain Zhai of plagiarizing.The Kawasaki, Japan heavy work company leaders last year accepted a Wall Steet Journal interview keep speech, “oneself and other high-speed railroad train manufacturers, not approved Chinese mainland high speed railway enounce create from have technical parlance.”

The traveller railroad Inc. president Ge west of Japan East China Sea also said while respecting it, accepting financial Times in England to visit in the past, the Chinese mainland continuously developed of the Mass Rapid Transit profession “steal”s a foreign technique, and greatly gave discount on the safety.

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I love hurt me deeply

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Your home is not because I don’t have a stable job didn’t agree with us? I said when I was working stability will find you, leave this for more than two months, I really miss you, I work hard to support relation to in the unit ‘s work, now found, would have in your June 11th birthday to give you a surprise. All my efforts for a sentence: we have not be together. Why? Why do to hurt me? You did not say you home because I do not have a fixed work without consent? Now I have a stable job, why are you doing this to me, what is all this why? I go through untold hardships for relations that we found in the work, you left me just one sentence: I wish you happiness, good luck! When you are not in your home in your ancestors, dead dad in front of the tomb that regard me as your family通過按揭的貸款方式選擇 | 本港目前所有樓宇按揭服務 | 按揭服務的管理機制?
Why then say to take an oath devoutly, now all changed. Why so cruel to me? I can’t understand, can’t accept. The unit I didn’t go to work, for your sake I look for the job, because I don’t want the government to do, I can ‘t stand in front of those people behind a set of a set of faces. Now this job for me has no meaning, nor do I want to do what he does not enjoy doing. Let me be the one to go.
I really love you, no matter how hard I try to accept another feeling, my mind still think of you, I hate myself why I can not forget, do you have any good, you have I lost. Friends have been telling me, over his past, to cherish the present, but the person in front of me better for me the more I feel guilty, I love him to the bone marrow to go, I will never forget him, only to forget who I am.
I love hurt me deeply, to the end my whole body is full of scars, why let me hurt so deep, live up to my so serious, too much doubt too much sad, how can I face those questions?
I don’t believe in love按揭購房的多重選擇 | 新置住房按揭要留心 | 為你介紹一些住房按揭貸款產品 … … ..

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Hu Zhiming city travels

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

The plane flew in Hu Zhiming city shortly after sunset. When the plane drops ceaselessly, break through thick clouds, suddenly, urban scene unfolds in front of me. Saw the boundless earth, little lights.
City Lighting no domestic city light, it seems that most white cold light, looked down from the air, like the stars in the sky. The airport is much bigger than Hanoi, is also busy multiple, continuous aircraft taking off and landing. Modern degree is quite high. City building in Hanoi more than the much, much higher. Comparison of commercial development. Evening, main commercial areas in the city centre, cafes, bars, restaurants, snack shop business Xinglong.
Shop signs used on US dollars, the main consumer target seems to foreign tourists. The clerk stood in the doorway, with halfcooked English hard to attract customers, we often see from his mouth” come in” jump out of” taste” and the like. In Hu Zhiming city we visited two sites: a Mekong River to the sea on one of the islands, the other is the Independence Palace, is the original South Vietnamese presidential palace. The Mekong River to the sea, the water is very gentle, river is also very wide, but the river is muddy, taupe. Than to Yellow River water is worse.
Take the ferry to the Mekong island. The residents on the island is not much, there are a number of poor housing, they rely on the reception of tourists to maintain bread. Main business is selling souvenirs, snacks and sell Jiang Tang and the like, by singing for tips. We on the island, they took us into the scaffolds under the table, or end of three two dish Jiang Tang invited us to taste like snacks, and then sell their products; or up to three two girls open throat to sing one or two song, and then from the basket to get a tip. The general claim too much, also per capita RMB three five yuan. Food prices are expensive, also three five yuan a bag, of course, things are not much, a pouch, a dozen or so. Often at this time, without thinking, loosen one’s purse strings generously. Not because the girl’s voice, not because the island’s Jiang Tang good, but right when fundraising. The island has one of the only two or three meters wide stream. The stream running in a slender hands boating. The ship can only sit three or four, rowing for carers, the squat bow stern man, holding short wood pulp water, boat flew. We sat in the boat, in a stream through. Stream cross is dense tropical rain forest, long branches covering the whole sky, boat like plants green tunnel in walking, but also quite interesting.
When the vessel has been paid tickets, but also to routinely pay rowing old man a $three five tip. Independence Palace is a historical relic, the internal furnishings remain intact: conference room tables and chairs are complete, like meeting just ended; the war room curtains open military maps, it seems that master left; kitchen complete set kitchenware maintain one’s original pure character, should be the next cooking must begin immediately; the tarmac of helicopter quiet park, may at any time can be lifted off the ground. But it’s all time freezing, is a historical review. Browser a Hu Zhiming city street scenes. In my opinion, the most beautiful, the most poetic architecture was the French left the old building. The Catholic Church pyramidal spire, vertical, doors and windows, stained glass, is a typical example of Gothic architecture. Post office building is a richly ornamented building, the Baroque style. City Hall and opera house, are very classical modern architecture. Vietnam traffic lag.
From the north to the south only for a period of approximately 70 km of expressways. The railway is worse, still use the French left meter gauge railway. In the north, our car was along the railway opened three or four hours, did not see a train by. When the car crosses the Railway mouth, saw someone on duty rails crossing, no rust, this is one is the use of the line. In the Mekong River near the bridge on, finally saw a column through freight trains. I really want to do not understand, they railway usage why so low.
Traffic tool and North, private jet. Only traffic more huge, was even more amazing. Wagon flow billow, topple the mountains and overturn the seas, the motor sound, deafen the ear with its roar. No red and green barrier, pedestrians can not cross the road. Out of Hu Zhiming city the day before the evening, we walked along the street, want to enjoy the beautiful night view of Eastern Paris. In the traffic signal is how-to below, I was crossing the road. When waiting for a traffic light motorcycle heap out of a motorcycle. I was surprised: this guy did go through a red light? Quicker than words can tell, motorcycle was coming toward me. I instinctively recoiled two step. While walking to a motorized hand, reaches out to snatch my bag. Fortunately, avoidance of timely, runaway thief did not succeed. The thief left hand side, side of thigh, be annoyed. The guide is to remind us, beware the thief out robbers, but did not want to do so rampant in the downtown area, so arrogant.

Travel into residents

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Travel into residents according to the survey the consumption head choose

On July 4, the Chinese people the bank business management Dept. releases of 2011 second quarter degree 1400 towns keep a questionnaire result to suggest, 41.3% residents choose future 3 month”preparation tour”, compare a last quarter to rise 11.9 percentage points, and set 2009 the four seasons degree of new high that has ever had.

The survey suggests that two quarter, degree residents commodity price satisfaction index number is 18.1, compare last quarter and respectively last year same period lower at 2.8:00 with 1.1:00.Among them, the 60% above residents think, current”commodity price level Gao, and is hard to accept”.Positive because the commodity price level leads Gao, this quarter degree the residents consume will to have to weaken.

Travel the industry insider analysis mean and revalue in renminbi and exit from country tour and shopping to be just seen by many people under the local inflation pressure bigger background as real benefit of consume a choice.

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city appreciates ground

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

The dress grass suburb romantic lavender in season city appreciates ground
Cloud Feng mountain lavender blood relationship pure and unadulterated page 2:the Prague farm look for the dream vanilla paradise page 3: the flower river manor water and flower form a pleasant contrast page 4: shocking of the Blues manor dreamlike purple color

See the lavender not necessary going faraway general prosperous Si?Near in very short distance suburb, July in the city, the lavender positive fragrance of flower four overflow.The lavender is this ocean trick, with lend orientation ability of oneself to environment, stubbornly the existence is in each big vanilla manor of city suburb.The lavender that don’t take care of these gardens first have whether the specific weight is very big, but at least, we need not Peking and need not faraway country, the movie television what inside appears that puts on purple color nearby at very short distance, the car distance in previous 12 hour of romantic flower of that foreign country wit and humour can immediately feel.

Flower of there are 100,000 stubs high-blooded British lavenders in the species garden and fill the air south Europe romantic feeling in thick France, in some corners will some sages, verbena, Persia the chrysanthemum, and mint…etc. is to embellish.

Enjoy flower a seasonal changes the beginning of July is the best and end by the end of July

The price individual tourist’s admission ticket is 35 dollars|person;The lavender fix menu in restaurant is 58 dollars|person, the Taiwanese special feature delicacies has the Hakka alkali the glutinous rice dumpling, 23 dollars per;Thou early the monosodium glutamate meat dry rice, 23 dollar per;The black and white slices, 17 dollars per;Positive harbor fried rice noodles, 28 dollars each;Perfume lotus tea, 42 dollars each.The east Chan meeting building, the ancient building guest room having style of Song romantic feeling is 10 and stop for the night a mark in normal times 338 dollars|night, the weekend is 398 dollars|night.The high speed goes back and forth about 60 dollars, about two roads of hours.

Cloud Feng mountain box office arrives an of view area to still have the steep slope road of 700 meters, can take the view area connection car(5 people rise, 6 dollars|person, dissatisfied 5 people, then 30 dollars|car) or walk view area entrance.There is one very dreamlike name in the lavender here park-”dream farmland”.Along the designation card steps on right handy knoll road, no longer than two minutes, can immediately see one crumb lavender farmland, some very small disappointment, can’t order so lavender?The staff member seems to see my worry in uncertainty and tells valley to still have the one a little bit larger lavender farmland.The set overlooks downward from the wood system view view, indeed as expected!Although it is said not imagine medium general prosperous Si that sort is big slice of big slice of of lavender, and the beautiful scenery of in the interval can also satisfy to photograph and be photographed each kind of request of .Much less, here absolutely is all the lavenders of the quality goods at reasonable prices, comes from the same species with general prosperous Si in France of, vegetable have British Xia leaf’s lavender of”quite perfume plant”"fragrance after” praise.At that moment the many peoples all mistake verbena and sage for lavender, the representative director here tells me, want to classify whether is that the lavender isn’t in fact difficult, as long as two hands hold up lavender, from descend but last of one Le, looked like weak blossoms all strongly built, after can’t fallen off in succession, and releasing, stayed remaining joss-stick that non- lavender was beyond doubt.The species flavor like this is very heavy, no wonder that feel the air of top of hill in all cloudy fragrance of flower!Spend a farmland the flank is a traditional British garden, white of cabin, blue of window, white of the car of Peng Peng and woody gazebo, the full park clips to grow each kind of be the flower in quarter, Fan Er in England is hundred percent.Sit on the wood quality gazebo in the hospital, curl up in the fragrance of flower in drink a tea chitchat, that calls 1 to lightly be born.Walk into white cabin, originally the inside is a vanilla is small to spread and sell various lavender- related product, even can still just in the DIY the lavender small joss-stick wrap, the type of small pillow.

Return from the flower farmland, continue to in walk, will discover to own good original ecosystem scenery here environment, the everywhere can see is with meticulous care polished up of view facilities, afterwards find out, originally one of the representative director of country villa is the half-hardy teacher of a Taiwan.The place of the country villa useful meal is a fine courtyard that calls “Ming park”.The lotus tea, lavender coffee, lavender milk tea and lavender tea and Taiwanese light repast are that main dozens are this year.The whole country villa contains a lot of righteousness works, their benignity is friendly and have other view areas different service attitude.

Go out tour regulation

Monday, July 11th, 2011

1, ride an airplane, should notice to fly a safety, button up safety belt, don’t take a dangerous or easy Ran article, don’t ascend and descend a period in the airplane

The usage hand lifts to move a telephone to wait related electronics thing.

2, the valuables please place cabaret safe-deposit box, if along with take, the attention maintains and absolutely not to leave a hand.

3, discrepancy cabaret the room please with close the door, don’t  cover with a clothes on the light or smoke on the bed, hear the fire bell ring and please from

Urgent the exit quickly leave and absolutely not to take elevator.

4, take speed boat, drift a wood raft, take part in an aquatic activity, please by rule be dressed in life jacket, and act according to the staff member’s instruction.

5, the seaside drama water, please don’t outstrip safe warnning line, don’t acquaint with water, absolutely not to and alone enter water.

6, route of travel in or free activity if see stimulating movable item, the body condition poor please don’t take part in.Get a heart attack,

The tuberculosis, asthma disease and high blood pressure slices to hate to be engaged in aquatic and high empty activity.

7, please don’t arbitrarily and more change seat while taking bus , the head, hand didn’t  stretch out a window outside, top and bottom car please watch for to a car direction in order to prevent occurrence dangerous

8, take cable car, please one after another and up and down, listen to the conductor of staff member.

9, run about snow ground, steep hill path, please careful.

10, the group could not take off a brigade without authorization while traveking and left a brigade alone, please advertise for all to accompany the guide to agree, and along with take a local accommodation rice

Store address, telephone, in order to prevent occurrence accident.

11, arrive view area tour front, tightly record a guide to give an account of concentrated location, time and the tour bus car number multiplied by.In case of take off regiment, please

In concentrated the location wait for a guide to return to look for.

12, go out a trip, notice a healthy body, fruit absolutely not to eat to living a food, living seafood and have been already peeled, patronize wayside have no license stand file

Eat and drink too much at one meal, drink boiled water more, eat vegetable and fruit more, little smoke, little drink.

13, nighttime or free activity time go out by oneself, please tell to all keep the guide or regiment friend company, should special attention safety.

14, absolutely not to expose a wealth in the public place, shopping also not in public pure few bill.

15, before checking out each time, please check the baggage product that you take, specially notice your certificate and valuable wealth and properties.
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China(silver Chuan)

Friday, July 8th, 2011

2011 Islamic delicacies tour cultural in China(silver Chuan) stanza grand opening
2011 Islamic delicacies tour cultural in China(silver Chuan) stanzas, this morning the Mosslem people in Ningxia interborough silver Chuan in the capital is international meeting the exhibition center is grand to open.More than 200 business enterprises from the United States, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwanese etc. nation and region and hinterland several city areas, more than 5000 businessmans attendant the opening ceremony also plays(tea art race culture demonstration), studies and discusses exhibition demonstration, the technical ability big match and technique exchanges, Mosslem people cultural exhibition taking part in a current festival to forum and economic cooperation to recommend six greatest versions piece and eight sub- activities.The current grand occasion is united by Chinese cooking association and the city hall of silver Chuan to hold.

This is the silver Chuan with lend the niche advantage and humanities advantage of country unique interborough capital city to Mosslem people to take”expand race culture, promote race united, develop Islamic industry, promote to travel construction in the destination city” as topic to remit to gather domestic and international numerous brand business enterpriseses on the Islamic industries, such as food and Muslem thing…etc. to display traditional cooking technical skill in China among them and completely, make food culture to the utmost shown its science, culture and art content, in the meantime the grand occasion of all-directions Islamic dining in demonstration Ningxia and Muslem’s culture special magic power.

This is the silver Chuan to hold delicacies cultural stanza after 2008 of another grand occasions is also a silver Chuan to have the honor of acquiring “Chinese Islamic delicacies culture it all” title of honor one anniversary moment in the meantime, again to whole all new images that social display silver Chuan Islamic delicacies culture travels, recommending of”let everyone remember silver Chuan and let the visitor stay in the silver Chuan, make the silver Chuan headed for world” grand occasion.

The attendant current Islamic delicacies travels cultural stanza more than 200 business enterprises in, current 100 win the group as the representative’s Chinese dining 100 strong business enterprise, and then have with all gather virtuous, east to follow, is representative of the China grand old dining business enterprise, there is also the local brand Islamic dining business enterprise of the virtuous silver Chuans, such as Long building and stork building…etc., connect McDonald’s, Kentucky in the United States should also invite to an exhibition will join the exhibition.

With go toward different BE, the current Islamic delicacies travels cultural stanza is previous the cooking robot”love can” developed by heavy cheerful science and technology limited company in Shenzhen for the very first time be unveiled, the citizen can taste robot to use around a minute time boil the aroma of stir-frying accompany good”Gongbau Jiding” wait 1200 various Chinese foods;The east comes to fluently and all gathers virtuous, the group, the Nanking happy park and Xian old Sun Jia, the Su of Xinjiang and Chen2 Yang Ma’s house of China sky burns wheat etc. more than 40 in homes China grand old brand dining business enterprise established a special feature exhibition set, the local business enterprise also joined in succession and also have the fourth national Chinese food technical ability creative big match northwest match area finals produce of 200 contestants carry on of the sherbet dish, hot vegetables and noodles order, carvings etc. contents of the China cooking ratio put together to contend for, the exhibition sells 160 remaining to grow Islamic taste a light repast.Exhibition will of the tour recommend a demonstration and enlarged local travel in winter of special feature publicity, will for work out a half year of tour of silver Chuan’s carefree problem to do one beneficial try.Contents of enriching, make current Islamic delicacies tour cultural stanza it may be said to actually return.

Speak of silver Chuan to for successive years hold the cultural background of the Islamic delicacies tour cultural stanza, Chinese cooking association vice chairman and incumbent silver Wei in the Chuan City often Wei and vice- mayoral〃 willow say, in 2010, the silver Chuan whole city Islamic dining industry carries out operating revenue 1,980,000,000 dollars and takes up above 90% of the whole city dining profession income.The first quarter of 2011 degree, Islamic food and Muslem thing industry the income together compare to increase more than 20% and develop power the head is good.But need not Hui speech, the Islamic food of the silver Chuan City industry and international go to a lot of cities to still have bigger margin, the scale of native Islamic food business enterprise is small, product structure one, pack ability not strong, the publicity still needs a further exaltation.

The willow introduces further, there are 57 nations of Muslem in the whole world, among them, Middle East nation has more than 20s, these nation import annually of Islamic food the quantity is all very big, we want to work well a hallal(admire pull) attestation and turn our conformity assessment procedures, practice mechanization of big production, formation scale, native business enterprise after doing greatly”walk out” is viable.Native business enterprise’s”walk out” should has the taste of international market first and be like the large activities, such as meeting and Asian Games…etc. of the Olympic Games, World Exposition, great luck and all need a great deal of Islamic food.Should enlarge standardizing of product production construction, do enough article on the food safety, enlarge strength for publicity, work well the packing link works, such as design and sale…etc., do the whole industry.

The willow for instance says that all say matrimony vine in Ningxia good, matrimony vine in Ningxia exactly good where?How outward publicizee matrimony vine in Ningxia good?A Japanese friend finishes buying matrimony vine to take to return to an examination from Ningxia and made a phone call to tell that matrimony vine in Ningxia contains 14 kinds of mineral qualities and still has to be abundant than winter-worm, summer-herb and have clear eyes and protect liver to protect liver etc. multiple effects.He says that we should develop a more matrimony vine products by ourselves and sell to 500 dollars 1 catty, not current of 3410 the dollars are 1 catty.These are the idea, thinking and visual field to decide idea.Also need to pay attention to a talented person to usher in in addition, not the ability list depend on oneself of strength.

The embodiment “walk out” the silver Chuan Islamic delicacies tour cultural stanza of thoughting the state grand open.5- days stanza meeting will on July 12 act, we expect and wish to wish the current Islamic delicacies travels cultural stanza is satisfactory succeed.

England studies abroad

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

England studies abroad:The Chinese people’s community difference is much interactive little

In recent years, the student abroad number in England, including Chinese student abroad, there is continuously augmentative trend.More than 100,000 student of EUs get into each university of England and since then reach to 163000 people on the average annually from the student abroad number out of the EU annually.The Chinese student abroad also has become in a part of English Chinese descent’s population.However, although study in the English, life, of Chinese student abroad this community and local Chinese people’s community, always exist to seem to be hard to draw near of distance.Their relation, seem formality of mostly.

However along with the booming development of Chinese people’s association, the condition of this kind of community isolation gradually has “break ice” the hope.Not a few student abroads in England all in fact still have British society to be full of enthusiasm to Chinese people’s group, however community stand alone of reality but make them hard put to integrate.The teachers and the students who come from a promise D man hope to lend the righteousness in”promise China nations” the work organization and change into a passionate student new association motive, study comprehension community of in the meantime, serve to requite and integrate into this great society in England.

The Chinese people’s community difference is much interactive little
Many student abroads that come to English soon haven’t acquainted with the high deviations of British Chinese people’s community.The general name for of “Chinese people” and”Chinese descent”, be come from this kind of deviation:The first Chinese emigrant who starts in 19th century comes from southern Chinese each province;(Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fukien etc.)1950′s since of the second Chinese emigrant comes from Hong Kong;(many is New Territory)Chinese descent emigrant in Vietnam who starts in 1970′s;The Chinese descent who starts in 1980′s Malaysia emigrant;1990′s since of come from Fukien, northeast everywhere of Chinese emigrant.Their cultural background and languages all have rather great difference.This difference deepens because of occupation alignment and rank background of each community at England.For example, 1950-1970′s Hong Kong of the English immigrate and become dining employer more, but 1990′s since of the new emigrant from China, many then is employee.Each agencies inside the Chinese people community, as a result from become 1, they are also rare to interact.

For Chinese people association to say, although exist the difference of the local customs everyone’s noodles, association each other the distance of still can cross over.British Chinese people association consociation president of association Mr. Li Wen Xing of head quarter said, association each other interacts pretty many.He embraces the attitude of “the blood is thicker than water” and believes “everyone is united”.He says that”our deviations don’t represent a rift, after all all of us are Chinese.” For Chinese student abroad’s role in Chinese people’s community, he thinks:”Our relations are good.Celebrate an activity in Chinese New Year up, learn allied always help us to organize, embrace to have interest to our communities;We[consociation head quarter]also concern Chinese student abroad very much, although they are mobility Gao, I to them understand not much, we welcome student abroad to much participate in China agency business more.”

However, to the far way since then of the student abroads to speak, Chinese people the association and their distances seem and then have a little far.Media student, Guo Yong Xue, of the University of London once participated in Chinese people association consociation the head quarter hold of activity, but all pass to learn allied turn to reach, directly contact of the circumstance hardly appear.She says:”The activity of Chinese people’s community that we participate in, mostly cultural activity, for example the song and dance perform an etc., the social activity in the real community, I have never participated in.To British Chinese people’s community we in fact don’t understand.”

The whole Englisheses learn an allied organization person and active the student grind son the male also think, this circumstance very universal, Chinese people’s community to student still very unfamiliar.”This kind of lacks understanding, mainly because the both sideses(Chinese people’s community and student abroad) all lack a terrace.I come to there are 11 years in England, but just started participating in the activity of Chinese people’s community in the past from 23 year agos, that was to learn to unite through one of our piping.”

Because Chinese and English two state languages turns with the difference of the social system, some Chinese student abroad communities haven’t canned explore interest and care that participation community develops, two ears don’t smell a matter outside the window, and one attends to a sage and virtuous man book.The whole Englisheses learn to alliedly grind son a male to mean:”The student abroad participates in an activity, usually only proceeds from a self interest and considers a work opportunity.”

Come out ivory tower to integrate into a big society
Student abroad this kind of circumstance that isolated caused promise D man the university contemporary China learn the college teachers and the students’ attention, they start planning item and take out student the ivory tower of university, let them be in line with community.

This plan is named “promise China nations”(Nowe Community International), takes idea combining of”Now”(now) and”We”(we) and means the urgency of class action.It is the first time inshore England”establishment university and the bridge Liang of social” tries.Get a person martial Bin Doctor to position”promise China nations” as an organization of”promote to immigrate community development and integration”, and”the terrace of public participation and wishes activity”.

The martial Bin Doctor said that many Chinese student abroads because the domestic more teaches environmental influence and still widespreadly embraces an elitism, the school educates to become disjointed with society, to Chinese society understanding is very few.”To change oversea Chinese people’s community our student abroads have to get away from their his/her own unpopular traditional idea first, feudalism consciousness, build up global citizen’s consciousness.”

He wants to develop global citizen’s consciousness of student abroad community, the desire of the help British Chinese people’s community, also come from several years experience accumulation in English.”We hope to contribute personal dint, let Chinese people community at multicultural and many race of Be in British society come opening more, have the community of coagulating the dint more, also promote more understanding of Chinese people’s community and main current social in the meantime.”

“I hope to are many we to be vibrant, come from each enthusiasm that the Chinese student abroad of profession gathers and make use of them in the aspects of volunteering work and community to communicate and let them understand their culture of their own culture and each community of England more.” Under support match of promise D square each section in the man university school, ‘promise China nations’will hold 1- years’wishes student’s training, participation Chinese people society’plan, this includes various seminars and practice experience.

Student abroad:In the future the righteousness work of China agency troops
‘Promise China is international’one of the freshest clear long-term targets, want to make the Chinese student abroad become a to pay emollient righteousness work a troops, serve Chinese people’s community, give something back to a society.The martial Bin Doctor hopes through an establishment that studies a network, deepen student abroad to the globalization, lately immigrate understanding of community and integration problem.

His hoping student abroad community can provide a social support for the minority community of British Chinese people community inside in the days to come.He hopes student ability real want to go deep into community, link community grass root strength and college resources, provide various support kimono for the Chinese emigrant labor duty.Student abroad ability through’promise China nations’this terrace, aim at a community demand, volunteer a design to erupt to exhibit their own project kimono duty item, and provide to lately immigrate various information network and development opportunity through the interaction.

At promise D man university continuing education the student of the international relations mean in response to the flower bud, she approves very much’promise China nations’of aim.She says:”My place is most attracted to the promise China nations, not only are that its cross-cultural exchanges and segment do our own opportunity and for example organize technical study, more have service disadvantaged minority’s opportunity.I once did righteousness work in the refugee center(Refugee Forum) and contributed efforts to the refugee from everyplace.I also very the opportunity to hope ability contribute efforts to Chinese people’s community and the emigrant from China.”

The whole Englisheses learn to unite an arrival of meaning to welcome this new terrace.’Promise China is international’of the cooperation net included the promise D rare university of’approbation, citizen and emigrant’research center, the promise D Chinese university graduate school, the promise D rare Chinese people’s association, etc..Its close cooperation Huo the companion also included the emigrant of London the right network(Migrant Rights Network) is this non- government organ, its aim at with raise the emigrant’s voice in the dialogue of the civil society and the government authorities.Immigrate director’s east of right network rich Mr. Lin(Don Flynn) said, “is simultaneous with emigrant’s trend of China, is the Jue of China since with few decade-old development.This also brought the educated person’s fluxion-It provided the international annotation to Asian experience, and will influence the development of world politics and economics in the future.Immigrate labor, business enterprise, and the minority rank is all several generations the point of Chinese story.”

Personal strength is probably limited, the strength of the community but is matchless strong.The common saying says:”Public with one mind, its dint breaks a gold.”Citizen’s consciousness that the student abroad wakes up gradually makes them step to integrate into social square one on his/her own initiative, this not only can bring China agency strength of delightfully fresh youth and have dynasty when they return to a motherland to keep in mind to embrace on the first they will also naturally take this consciousness to requite a society and requite an effect motherland.

Haven’t stepped into a social student to embrace to have pure enthusiasm to the world friendly strange, because the global view hasn’t completely molded completion, they are a lot of to handle affairs usually don’t take a strong utility property, if this enthusiasm can use in serving the community righteousness work, not only contribute to molding personal perfect global view, but also can make the society betterly heard the Chinese people’s voice in the meantime.