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Ji to treat to try a line

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

The departure moves tour electronic commerce Ji to treat to try a line
According to anticipate, till 2015, the global ambulation pays a market to attain USD 670,000,000,000, the year all passes to increase 35.83%.Pay the foundation of basic maturity in the inshore tour electronics up, will should concentrate energy to open a Zha departure to move a tour from now on the electronics pay and especially and HongKong-Macau spend a holiday a market, should the head open to try a line.

In 2011, it is that China is offshore to spend a holiday to develop for not of the common run year.Each traditional travel agency, on-line tour website and airline in succession the strong dint makes moves, in addition to international ticket, offshore cabaret, offshore tour product, moving the tour electronic commerce will become one of the main battlefield of business model innovation.The intelligence cellular phone customer passes the usage blackberry App World and iTunes App Store, or Android Market search and download, search and comparison travel information, reserve a ticket cabaret to wait tour product, non- intelligence cellular phone the customer use GPRS or 3 Gs to get to the Internet and get into an on-line tour website to reserve a product, moving to travel electronic commerce not only overaly the people of inshore spend a holiday, also include offshore spend a holiday.

In recent years, moving the tour electronic commerce has already become power, hold a distance, skill dragon, go to where etc.’s on-line tour website release his/her own wireless customer to carry in succession, the country sail releases ambulation customer to carry, and the south sail releases message boarding service, but the current basic characteristics has two:One is limit at local ticket and cabaret product, holding the wireless customer of distance and skill dragon to carry can not reserve an offshore tour product.Two is move a tour search, search function strong, on-line reserve to pay function with electronics weak.For example, the wireless customer who uses a local airline carries, the traveller can not reserve its international service and not mention to more to carry out an electronics to pay.Whole up popularly say to is “civil war expert, outside war amateur”.But outside the sail obviously walks ahead noodles, for example, Malaysia Asian airline(Air Asia) will this year September 21 since the overall implementation self-help get on board service, the international traveller can use a cellular phone the customer carry procedure and automatically carry out the boarding procedure of international service.

According to tour ministrant stage divide the line, is divided into “tour front”, “tour in” and”tour empress”.Searches and reserves tour product towards lying to say in the on-line tour, the tour”tour front”, mainly pass an Internet currently, travel wireless ministrant convenience, transparence and instant, make the tour able to anywhere carry on a tour search, comparison and change at any time.

BE spending a holiday on the travel, spend a holiday demand in a row search tour information, need the vivid adjustment spend a holiday an arrangement and need to face the sudden affairs of on the travel and arrange at the time, for example, the weather is bad to make the service delay, check-in luggage been on business wrong, traffic accident, surprised dispute affairs, spend a holiday change a route of travel to change a label ticket etc. on one’s own initiative, also for example, spend a holiday is on vacation to still need to handle various worthy information, the safety rescues service, transportation to navigate service, move guide’s service, geography position search etc..At this stage, the tradition travels the convenience, fast of electronic commerce greatly give discount, especially offshore spend a holiday of”trip in” stage, move tour of the advantage rear entirely.

After spending a holiday to end, travel to move service still keep being a convenient tool, travel for example the usage’s cellular phone carried on the most instant evaluation to the cabaret that just checked out.

Spend a holiday but talk to the departure, the core moving to travel electronic commerce moves an electronics to pay.The electronics that the local tour acquaints with currently pays a way to contain three major types, the first is cyber cash, for example electronic cash(e-cash), E-Wallet;The second is the electronics credit card and for example include intelligence card and borrow to record card etc.;The third is the electronics check.The visitor uses a tour ambulation the electronics pay and be limited by domestic more to swim currently.Mr. Wang of Peking holds a wife to spend a holiday to Hong Kong and wants to reserve the returning of country sail city ticket in Hong Kong, because of canning not carry out to move a wireless to pay, Mr. Wang has to make service telephone call first to reserve, then, in certain time inside, go to counter of country sail at Hong Kong to pay.

In addition, tour ambulation the video frequency will become new of main force hot point.According to the survey, the customer the opponent machine video frequency advertisement accepts a degree better, the “can accept an interested in cellular phone advertisement”s customer has to compare 42.0%.Customer opponent machine the video frequency is dissatisfied with of aspect, “video frequency property fee Gao” has compare 66.4%, in fact, and generally make sight-seeing trip the tour compares and spend a holiday the need contains special, stability and high level, the information consideration first, the price consideration resides a time, so, support a fee to the video frequency the sensitive is not and pretty much.Tour advertisement, scene publicity short subject etc. move video frequency tour advertisement of the market space is very extensive.

Second half year of this year, China is offshore to spend a holiday into a rapid development of period, the airline distinctly increases to establish offshore flight path and would is one of the outstanding signals.This year September 17, international airline(TG) instauration morning class in”Peking-Bangkok” in Thailand flies directly to flight path;On September 25, the sea sail increases to open “seaport-Singapore” flight path, through Singapore, the traveller can easily win to turn to Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Po Si etc.46 Southeast Asias and Australia city.On November 8, the south sail lately opens Si flight path in Peking-Guangzhou-Po.Take south sail as an example, in the winter of 2011 spring sail quarter, fly to the luck dint in Australia to increase to every week 35 class, fly to New Zealand carry dint to reach every week 7 classes, fly to the luck dint in Oceania to increase to every week 42 class.From here, the departure spends a holiday tour market immediately warmly to like, departure ambulation electronic commerce’s trying the market demands in the line has been already modeled.

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economy energy

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Tour, economy energy the environmental protection topic offend to guard and have
Near the index number appear instauration to up on the 5th, but topic investment of the rate of return appear obviously active evidence.District topic in Xinjiang soars 7.04% to explain under the background that the big dish rises, the structure opportunity significantly outstrips big dish.Sparse soil the Ci topic always soars 6.08% and exceeds rate of return to gradually present, the incitement that points a futures tectonic plate to also appear to obviously soar, mainly is subjected to RQFII and turns a congenial mechanism.The above data explains that the topic opportunity to invest still keeps hasing the possibility that outstrip the big dish.Topic portfolio the tallest rate of return of rate of return was 9.80% last week and expected to accept behind narrow to-1.88%.

Market environment:the tour peak season arrive, State Department economizes on energy an environmental protection policy to release

The data suggests that 2011 middle, the income of view area sub- profession together compares to increase 20%, the rights net profit is smooth to together compare to increase 49%;Middle ROE(can compare) is 4.51% and together compare to significantly promote 1.2 percentage points.The main industry gross profit rate greatly increases, finance expenses the rate descends, is an origin to expect the reason that the profits increases soon far high income to increase soon.The three quarters degree will get into to estimate a value to cut over a period, the another stanza day off etc. factor will make tectonic plate north bound the space open further.In the meantime, State Department often works a meeting top the discussion passed 《national groundwater pollution treatment programming 》.The meeting puts forward, till 2015, the first step controls a groundwater pollution source, the first step suppresses the groundwater fluid matter depravation trend and builds up groundwater environment to take charge of system completely;Pollute source realization overall supervision to the typical model groundwater till 2020, the important groundwater drinking headwaters fluid matter safety gets a basic guarantee, the point groundwater fluid matter in the region obviously improvement, the groundwater environment takes charge of ability overall exaltation, Be finished groundwater pollution treatment system.In order to attain the above-mentioned target, the meeting puts forward following measure: hold firmly to develop a groundwater pollution condition survey and valuation, the dilimitation groundwater pollution manages area and defend to control area and general sanctuary.Raise the town life wastewater treatment rate and time to use a rate, strengthen garbage to fill to cover up construction and manage…etc.

Topic judgment:tour, economy energy the environmental protection topic offend to guard and have

Comprehensive above judge, tour the topic is real the of potential having high growth estimate a value beginning to have an attraction. Tour the tectonic plate estimate a value to see at present, up to last weekend, travel point company 2011 dynamic state PE the arithmetic all was worth 32.700%.But according to unanimously expecting calculating tour tectonic plate the dynamic state estimates to be worth in 201132.700%, the point company is whole to estimate to be worth 31.800%.Suggest the long-term development motive of point concern the view area son profession, can pay attention to the E eyebrow mountain(000888), Yunnan tour(002059), yellow mountain tour appropriately.(600054)We think in the meantime that economizing on energy the environmental protection profession is to transform economy point profession, it develops space huge.Our point concern is subjected to a benefit in”25″ periods the wastewater treatment profession “quantity”s “quality” double listed company for promoting.Combine a current market investment in the meantime hobby, from start a business the plank win election to take a high-quality company

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established recently

Friday, August 26th, 2011

The Chinese tour view area association established recently

The Chinese tour view area association establishes general assembly and the first-time general meeting interborough E Er much Si City convene in Inner Mongolia.The nation travels vice- president of association Du of vice- bureau chief in the bureau, Chinese tour association river, nation tour party in the bureau constitute a member and program a finance department department chief, China tour association vice- president of association literature Wu, and more than 400s from the whole whole country tour view area and parties concerned represent attendance meeting.

Du river says in the middle of addressing, Chinese tour view area association is adjust our country each kind of tour view area development of inevitable outcome, is also our country deepen system reform, enhance an association working talent, make the industry greatly developed of inevitable request.Hope China travel view area the association can well develop working talents, such as service, coordination and direct, self-discipline…etc. and function, for tour industry of the development make to lately and largerly contribute.

According to know, the Chinese tour view area association mainly constitutes to°from the member of 5 A classes in the whole country and the 4 A class view area.The meeting discussion passed 《Chinese tour view area association stand rule 》, 《Chinese tour view area association membership dues standard and manage way 》, the election produced association first batch council, the election produced president of association, vice- president of association and Secretary-general.Overseas Chinese’s city controls a group chief executive officer, Liu Ping Chun, win an election for the Chinese tour view area association president of association.

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Nepal this net the reporter

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

The several tour safe trouble happen in Nepal this net the reporter pay to recruit for the Chinese visitor

Currently, Nepal bordering with our country is placed in raining season and goes to the Chinese visitor whom Nepal travels to take place several safe trouble, this year, have already had two Chinese visitors to is drowned to die in Nepal, China halts a Ni embassy to release the regulation that the Chinese visitor leaves for a Ni tour on the 24th.This net comes to international broadcasting station round-the-world information broadcasting in on-line China to halt south second reporter, Wang Chao, and understands to once go to Nepal to travel to need a little bit advertent problems.

Host:Wang Chao how are you, first invite you to us under the introduction the weather circumstance of recent Nepal, also in the meantime please make us introduce once and go to Nepal to travek, which places Be worth going to, which places can not go again?

Reporter:All right, Nepal got into raining season from mid- June, recently the air temperature in Nepal is still feater of, about 25 degrees, but basically will have rainfall every day, probably will stop next more than 10 minutes, may also next 12 hour, the rainfall has been piercing through in the whole season.Plentiful rain water also the small river, big river ground of mountain area come to quickly soaring of the water level, will bring some natural disaster such as the disaster of Hong Lao, mountain body slippery ascents in the meantime as well.

Nepal is specially a nation that suits a journey, it is the Himalayas located on the vein south Lu to enrich of history cultural inheritance and grand view of the high mountain natural scene be known for.Canyon region in Katmandu in place in capital city Katmandu, people can expect square to see ancient templeses of experiencing successively a few century rains and winds in the Du, there is still in the meantime the most ancient Buddhism of Asia the saint vestige-monkey temple, also have already let a person the surprised gorgeous Pa Tan etc. historic monument in ancient imperial palace.But take unusual prosperous national forest park as the representative’s numerous bush regions, then explore the paradise of the tours, people can ride elephant to walk up a bush, the close quarter gets in touch with only Cape Xi, Ze ground crocodile etc. wildlife.

Raining season after, because of declining increasing of water, many rivers small river force of the current is very fierce, so everyone doesn’t want to easily enter water and avoid being drowned.And in the bush region, the raining season plant grows very luxuriantly, the wildlife is also very active and by this time should be careful into and avoid encountering the circumstance of otiose danger.Still need to avoid going to a rare rice to button up especially, wood Si pond etc. up to now still the region in the impassability road walking tour.Close concern the weather condition, the reasonable chooses for a date of line, if meet rain-storm to wait bad weather, seek shelter from rain to avoid insurance nearby.If take part in outdoor items, such as driftage and swimming…etc., should notice an ego protection, can not carry on alone.

Host:Boon, do we know that Nepal is a Buddhism nation to, while getting in touch with with native son, have some customses to need to be noticed?Moreover, at traveling to have in caution don’t with elephant etc. the animal play, frolic, this again is why?

Reporter:Is such, Nepal still has in the customs a lot of pay attention to of, needing the visitors is more careful, must respect the Nepali’s customs and habits and religion and faith, don’t be without restraint wild for.For example, get into temples and take off shoe, can not loudly clamor.The no taking skin gets into temples.The crowd of oblation product and dynasty saint that doesn’t want to touch to send into temples.Still have, don’t touch the kid’s head expression intimate, because the Nepali thinks the head is a sacred place, can not easily touch to touch an etc..

As for don’t play around with elephant, main reason is Nepal is provided for visitor to ride line of although the elephant tames to turn after artificial,still has certain untamed nature and much changes because of open country circumstance complications particularly while riding an elephant trip, elephant while feeling dangerous usually crazy big hair.Once had a to the Chinese husband and wife about 30 years old after the park once rode elephant, the husband wanted to match a shadow with elephant, the station is in the elephant before the body and it”intimate contact”, didn’t expect have already run about more than two hours and didn’t get alimental elephant and suddenly get mad, tie up this man’s neck and fiercely turn round with the trunk, make him suffocate there and then, afterwards is sending to the on the way of hospital and dying.

Host:The time seen to travel, the safe problem is the important event that the life has relation to.Moreover, we go out a tour, affirmation will along with take some cashes.But China’s embassy in Nepal is traveling to remind a Chinese visitor in the caution, obey Nepal’s rules to the currency managements, such as USD and rupee…etc., the circumstance of this aspect, please make us introduce in detail.

Reporter:Nepal practices landing visa system to the Chinese citizen, therefore many people feel this a national everyone the noodles policy is actually all very relaxed, but isn’t such, Nepal is an exchange control nation, general visitor’s everybody the immigrations can not take more than USD 5000 foreign currencies each time, super have to carry on declaring.In the meantime, Nepali rupee’s strictly forbiding more is taken out Nepal, otherwise will be confiscated by the maritime customs.Recently, take a Nepali rupee departure for many Chinese visitors, or had to confiscated a great deal of cash after being investigated and searched by Nepali police as for activity that be engaged in trade in Nepal as a visitor.The local legation reminds to leave for Ni the Chinese visitor obeys Ni law, don’t be engaged in business activity to avoid otiose economic loss.If carry on a business activity, must apply for business visa and work visa according to the regular path, and complete satisfactorily in Nepal to inshorely pay a tax etc. the affair launch a business activity like this again after.

Host:Okay, Wang Chao, thank you of remind and suggest, also hope to have Nepal to travel planned friend, can suggest according to these, the arrangement likes your route of travel and spends the itinerary of delectation but safety in Nepal.

make an agreement 4 grounds

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Shanghai and Japan is with each other three grounds of to sign a tour to make an agreement 4 grounds to push tour circuit
For strengthen Shanghai and Japanese bird and take county and Kang-shan County with wide island county at travel to make sight-seeing trip realm of exchanges and cooperation, promote further four grounds of tour industries of the fusion development, this morning, Shanghai City travels the wide work labor bureau, the industry labor department of Japan Kang-shan County of company from county in island in difference in the bureau and Japan and Japanese bird took county culture sightseeing bureau to sign two sides to travel friendly exchanges and cooperation pact.

Shanghai City travels the bureau chief with clear book from way in bureau, Japanese bird take county cultural sightseeing bureau to add the rattan gift two bureau chiefs, the industry labor department of Japan Kang-shan County difficult wave an also minister and Japan wide company from county in island the work labor Jin mountain in the bureau keep ascending the bureau chief attend rites also is representative is making an agreement an in the book signing.Make an agreement of signing and willing actively push with each other visiting of 4 and encourage industry actively exchanges and actively help the other party in the tour promo in this district.

Shanghai City travels international tour in the bureau helps long Li Bin in the everywhere to truly say in the middle of addressing, it is a bridge that rises civil comity to travel, it is the shortcut of folks diplomacy to travel and pass tour exchanges, can promote both parties’ mutual comprehension and deepen comity.Three grounds of the histories with long-term and friendly contacts and exchanges in Shanghai and Japan hope on the original good exchanges foundation and strengthen two further country 4 ground at travel the cooperation and exchanges of industry, strengthen two many citizens comities further, 4 grounds release more better exquisite article tours mutually circuit, make the bird taken, Kang-shan, wide island three county county the owned by private capital Be more to come to the choice of Hu tour.The joint effort that believes after four grounds of tour industries, can definitely get rid of “3.11″ heavy earthquakes in Japan as soon as possible to medium day double to travel the influence that the industry results in, thus together promote medium the day travel the prosperity development of industry.

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Real estate income

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Real estate income head super tour overseas Chinese’s city is first half year of to sell building to make money more
The tour comprehensive business income appears a negative growth, the real estate business under the yoke of policy adjusts to control to increase to soon slow down, have been being traveling and real estate two tectonic plates battle in the meantime of overseas Chinese the city A(000069. SZs) is first half year of to appear operating revenue and net profit smooth double of decline.

Though having been denying oneself is real estate business enterprise, overseas Chinese’s city first half year of real estate business income comparison has already risen to 58%, for the very first time exceed tour comprehensive business income, the main business duty real estate turns trend gradually obvious.

Copy the bottom two types of stocks after tumbling
July come now 10 greatest cow Wang Ya3 Wei only win 2 Lin mineral stones to rise in price 15 concept opportunities highlight a this week to lift the ban a sum 11,800,000,000 wreath ratios descend near 90% beautiful connect fall a this week market to stare at Bo2 Nan Ke to talk[grind a report]clean rate in the banking City only 1.300% the Jians are 5[tiny Bo]run quickly!Start a business the plank slump is once again inheritted[]do not embrace to fantasize the big dish still have to fall at 300:00 a large-scale turn ground investment and owe debt a business model bottom over a long period of time, the property liabilities of overseas Chinese’s city rate continuously goes up, while three Weis in the nation unite call stop examination and approval theme park item in the place, again give overseas Chinese the scale of the city extend even add 1 F of shadow.

The operating revenue net profit is smooth double of to decline

Half year that releases on August 20 according to overseas Chinese’s city reports, the company carries out operating revenue 5,869,000,000 dollars and descends 7.90% than the last year same period in the first half of 2011;Carry out business profits 1,483,000,000 dollars, compared to descend 18.58% last year same period;Carry out smooth 1,090,000,000 dollars of net profit, compared to descend 19.23% last year same period.

This also is overseas Chinese city from 2009 the main business practicality was whole to become available in the market now the operating revenue appear of for the very first time descend.Currently, the main business duty of overseas Chinese’s city includes a tour comprehensive, real estate and paper pack business three greatest tectonic plate.

At main business duty income in, the first half year of overseas Chinese city carries out a tour to synthesize business income for 2,073,000,000 dollars, together compare descend 44.2%.Overseas Chinese city in the middle of announcing explanation said, the main reason is more income structure the last year same period take place variety.

The real estate business is first half year of to carry out income of 3,380,000,000 dollars, together compare to increase 50.41%, increase speed a little bit last year whole years 116.31% but dictum showed to slow down.

Take the tour comprehensive item as a purpose to carry on into a slice to develop to the land, arouse a real estate market after the perfect slice of area kit and infusion cultural content, sell output cash and profits to feed parents a tour by real estate business again, the overseas Chinese city mode has already successfully made duplicate 23 line cities in front-line city in Peking, and Shanghai…etc. and Wuhan, Kunming, and Tai state…etc. currently.

The thorough development of overseas Chinese city mode arouses real estate to start outstripping a tour comprehensive business, the first half year of real estate income is risen to 58% by 40% in last year at the comparison of overseas Chinese’s city.

But because of the real estate market suffer to continuously adjust to control, overseas Chinese’s city is located on the Xi city of Shenzhen in the first half of 2011 item sale the disregard think, in the meantime district in Shenzhen the point item this year is the business real estate happiness coast, the thing industry’s overseas Chinese’s city intends to be whole to hold, but the district item big part out of same period Shenzhen hasn’t canned go into city and causes the company revenue decrease.

The overseas Chinese city means that is adjusted by real estate to control policy influence, and real estate product structure more the last year same period has differentiation and conduct an accomplishment slightly have been already descended.Settle accounts area to descend, the work project reason can make the real estate business settled accounts area to compare to descend together and make the company income decrease.

The wide hair stock certificate(000776, ) research paper thinks that adjust to control along with the real estate of keep on, will increase the sale difficulty of overseas Chinese city real estate item.The introduction that cites Executive Director, Chen Jian, of the overseas Chinese city real estate company in Shenzhen according to the medium has already built 13 overseas Chinese’s cities and nine greatest theme parks in the national scope currently.In 2011~the Year 2012′s the real estate business include Shenzhen, Peking, Shanghai in the product and become all, 23 items of Wuhan, Tienjin, etc.9 cities in Xian.

In 23 above-mentioned items there are 9 in Shenzhen, while overseas Chinese’s city be all located on Wuhan and become, the residence item of etc. ground in Xian also all buy in the limit of row, the continuously adjusting of the real estate market controls to regard high level residence as principle of overseas Chinese’s city bring a challenge.

Property liabilities rate again go up

The national hair changes Wei and the national territory resources department, housing and the city country construction department to unite a hair text on August 5, in bar of blindly constuct a theme park everywhere, print hair from this notice of from day, all can not grant to constuct new theme park item everywhere;Have already carried out an examination and approval procedure but haven’t begun to work the item of construction, can not start work construction, either.

This time theme park construction that call to stop a local government examination and approval is thought idea at the having of norm theme park preface competition with take theme park as of in great quantities store behavior, is a real estate to adjust to control of continue.

The overseas Chinese that regard theme park as principle the city mode consequently face many indetermination factors.The research paper of China Tai consociation stock certificate thinks that overseas Chinese’s city has been already started work currently after setting up item temporary and can’ting be subjected to influence, but draw up to obtain item for time and willing push.

Currently, the overseas Chinese city expects to examine and approve before the theme park item setting up has Wuhan overseas Chinese’s city, Tienjin overseas Chinese’s city and overseas Chinese’s city in Yunnan and all have already completed and start work construction, therefore can’t be subjected to call the influence for stopping.But the company draws up to add of overseas Chinese’s city in Qingdao and Wen Yu He’s item in Peking, beard etc. the hair change Wei concrete norm measure the pedestal juniors go, time anticipating to obtain will postpone behind.

The development that presses overseas Chinese’s city in 2011 plans, company whole year travels comprehensive business kit the real estate and real estate business plan opening area for 1,430,000 square meters, planning can sell the area as 1,510,000 square meters.

It particularly starts work the item of construction to contain Shanghai Su river gulf, happiness coast, Wuhan overseas Chinese’s city, Yunnan overseas Chinese’s city, and Tienjin overseas Chinese city…etc. in 2011.But along with the increment of a great deal of item development and land storage, overseas Chinese city funds the pressure continuously enlarge.

On March 4, overseas Chinese’s city releases to announce to call, draw up for company 2011~2012 years an overseas Chinese city group the application entrust to borrow funds toward the parent company, the limit is 13,000,000,000 dollars and mainly carry on a funds blood transfusion to the items, such as overseas Chinese’s city and Tienjin overseas Chinese city…etc. of Wuhan overseas Chinese’s city, Shanghai Su river gulf and Yunnan.

A series of raise Cuo to bring an overseas Chinese city property liabilities the rate for successive years increase.According to announcing a data statistics, the overseas Chinese city distinguishes to 61.49%, 63.56% and 65.83% and 69.7% in the property liabilities rate of 2007 year-ends, 2008 year-ends, 2009 year-ends and 2010 year-endses and rises to 72.3% in the first half of 2011

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Japan trades receipt

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Japan trades receipt and expenditure July the second month carry out surplus in a row
According to common agency news in Japan, Japanese finance saves the trade statistics(taking customs clearance as is quasi-) data that announces on the 18th to suggest and trades the surplus that the receipt and expenditure carried out 72,500,000,000 yens(about 6,000,000,000 dollars renminbi) July, this is after June in a row the second month carry out surplus.Although Japan just after coming out earthquake gradually significant fall, the surplus amount of money still compared to reduce 90.8% with month last year and fell to the lowest level.

Japan trades the surplus as 68,600,000,000 yens June and is also placed in almost same alike lower level July.The exit in July is with the production instauration but gradual rally of metalwork machine etc. profession.However is decelerated by global economy and yen appreciation influence, trade surplus to will extend to still exist indetermination smoothly from now on.

Very fruitful business turned there in order to cope with statistics project

Because of ships, electronics zero parts etc. exports are overcast, the exit sum in July is 5,781,900,000,000 yens and together compared to reduce 3.3%, already connect reduce for 5 months.Import because of crude oil, liquefied natural gas etc. increment but together ratio increase 9.9%, attain 5,709,400,000,000 yens, increase continuously for 19 months

Korean ruling party represents

Monday, August 15th, 2011

The Korean ruling party represents to request marine corps to station only an island
Medium the new net gives or gets an electric shock according to the report way of Han Lian She on August 15, Korea governs of big national party representative the Hong quasi- Biao requests a government to station marine corps on the 14th in day exists sovereignty controversy only island(Japan calls a bamboo island), but the green tile pedestal maintains careful attitude to this.

Green tile set tall officer means on that day that the green tile set thinks, being ruling party representative can make the above-mentioned request.Request to this, the premier has already meant in the congress and will do farsighted consideration from now on.This is the position of Korean government.

But that tall officer means worry, “consideration”ing a make the island become a dispute region.He also points out that police at only on duty in the island and marine corps stations only an island, don’t know to have a dissimilarity.

Green tile set is responsible for the officials of the diplomacy safe business to also mean, the Korean government hasn’t hard once considered to station marine corps up to now only insular problem.Another staff officer also means that if beneficial to Korea, will certainly quickly carry out, whether wanting to judge first of importance is beneficial to Korea.If the possibility that the diplomatic existence creation disputes then need not adopt the above-mentioned measure.

The report way analysis said that could see from the above-mentioned reaction of green tile pedestal, the Korean government would respect the ruling party representative’s assertion, but saw very difficult implementation from the realistic angle.

Central bank in Korea

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Central bank in Korea maintains policy interest rate constantly
Central bank(Bank of Korea) in Korea in a row the second month maintains basis interest rate constant, because in consideration of the global market significantly flaps to concuss and pluses around the misgiving of main export market healthy condition in Korea to turn worse, central bank in Korea chooses to carefully push a policy to turn as usual.

Korean month in Thursday of central bank degree interest rate meeting up as expected maintain policy interest rate constant in 3.25%.

By several days, owing to the American reputation rating encounters under adjust in the market to cause controversy, in the meantime surround global economy may again sink into a decadent misgiving to turn worse, many analysts changed central bank in Korea to add the expectation of interest.

Consumer from July in Korea price index number(CPI) the rise rises to 4.7% from 4.4% in June, in a row the seventh month outran central bank 2% in Korea-4% target zones.

The this week accepts 15 analysts of the Dow-Jones Si correspondent(Dow Jones Newswires) survey to win in early time, 11 people’s anticipating central bank in Korea will maintain basis interest rate constant in this month, other 4 people then anticipate a central bank to add an interest 25 radicles order.

Central bank in Korea soon will release a policy pronouncement, the central bank goes a long show of gold Zhong(Kim Choong-soo) later on will in Greenwich Mean Time 0220 hold a news conference.

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Korean soap opera on Japan

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Thousand people come together a television station protest to excessively broadcast a Korean soap opera on Japan

Japan on the 7th around 2500 people come together to parade to demonstrate before Fuji television station and protest against that that pedestal excessively broadcasts a Korean soap opera.But because of should parade to haven’t yet is granted by the local police, therefore outward enounce a “stroll”, not a few parents take a children during the period of”stroll”ing continuously Gao Han’s”Han Liu eroded Fuji”, “stop Han Liu’s phenomenon”, “the Korean return my peninsula!”Wait slogan.

According to the “today news” news in Taiwan, Japan brings about the unrest of”anti- Han Liu” recently, be just pushing to criticize a Fuji television station to broadcast an excessive Korean soap opera especially(Twitter) from Japanese actor, Gao Gang Cang, , set off a topic, not a few net friends criticize the Fuji television station”Mei”.

In addition, recently again because of sovereignty in the bamboo island controversy, let the Japanese net friend’s anti- emotion rapidly rise, not only start to refuse the activity of seeing the Fuji television station, but also come together protest before calling for a net friend to that television station, not a few housewifes and high school students all have participation to parade this time.And this parade also through Japan website broadcast live, there are 10 totally and around appreciating.

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