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Korean troops explode

Friday, August 5th, 2011

The Korean troops explode heavy weight scandal great commander 2,500,000,000 betray military intelligence report
Medium new net electricity comprehensive Korean medium report way, former incumbent air force chief of general staff in Korea etc. the air force relevant personage is on suspicion of to reveal important classified military information toward the American soldier work business enterprise drive prosecutor indictment, this matter causes the public in Korea shocked.

Ex- air force’s chief of general staff is suspected of revealing a military airplane

Central place in Seoul checks Cha hall to mean on the 3rd, the prosecutor waits air force to some(81 years old) former incumbent air force’s chief of general staff gold recently of the relevant personage launched a survey, they were suspected of an industrial tycoon the Luo gram hope toward the American soldier virtuous?Martin’s company reveals relevant classified military information that promotes air force’s war capability.

The prosecutor means that the gold is some to arrive to°from 20042010 at the beginning of the year to Luo gram rare virtuous?Martin’s company provided a war capability to strengthen a planned”consociation weapon system proposal”, Korean military authority the new weapon being pushing forward to usher in associately defends air-to-ground missile(JASSM) moderate breezes outside the area to revise cloth Sa machine(WCMD) purchase plan etc. military 2 classes-3 class secret.

Prosecutor discloses, the gold is some to hope in the Luo gram virtuous?Martin’s office clerk directly turns up to that confidential file while holding a marketing meeting at home and abroad, or passes to send out an E-mail etc. method to reveal a secret, and from in the illegal Mou took the income of USD 2,500,000,000.

But the gold is some to lay claim to, because the above-mentioned contents has already spread in the net boudoir and defend business hall also once public lead relevant data, don’t belong to classified military information.And, he denies he’s guilty and insists to don’t provide any classified military information to the American company.

The gold is some is the school of the air force’s sergeant two expect to be from, 1982-1984 year, term air force’s chief of general staff , after backing service, established the Luo gram domestic trade that hopes virtuous Martin’s company agency company in 1995 Seungjin technique.The prosecutor says that gold some technique for establishing Seungjin already 16 years, can not investigate him 2003 Porte behaviors is because of hasing already led litigation time limited efficacy(7 years), data to destroy to illustrate etc. reason with brush-off.

The prosecutor returns to bring up to don’t stick to staying an indictment to the some(60 years old, air force’s sergeant) the technique ex- vice president, Li Mou, (62 years old, the reserve service air force big school) of Seungjin and managing director Sung, their 2 people is suspected of and the gold some collusion, be responsible for the work that carried on collections and transmission classified military information.After this ex- court nonsuit somely arrests to make to Li Mou and Sung, the prosecutor takes advanced age as from connect to along together bring up to don’t stick to staying an indictment to the some gold.

The gold is some is the school of the air force’s sergeant two expect to be from, 1982-1984 year, term air force’s chief of general staff , after backing service, established the Luo gram domestic trade that hopes virtuous Martin’s company agency company in 1995 Seungjin technique.The prosecutor says that gold some technique for establishing Seungjin already 16 years, can not investigate him 2003 Porte behaviors is because of hasing already led litigation time limited efficacy(7 years), data to destroy to illustrate etc. reason with brush-off.

Find out a core secret through a younger generation inside the soldier

Korea 《Korean newspaper 》report way said, Seungjin technical employee in addition to air force’s great commander in addition to the gold being from is some and also have on suspicion of etc. for revealing classified military information is imprisonned in April, this year the air force big school of indictment is from of Zhang Mou(58 years old) wait 5 people.The prosecutor related personage says:”The technique of Seungjin although the scale isn’t big,the year sells a sum to be up to 1,000,000,000 the dollar is above.In addition to girl employee, front, the incumbent high staffs be all suspected of participating in spy’s behavior.”

Mostly relevant classified military information that strengthens troops’ fighting strength of what they stole, such as 《consociation military strategy target plan book (JSOP, 2 class secret)》, 《national defense middle plans (3 class secret)》etc..Still include among them, can accurate strategic target in stroke Korea inner part of consociation long range guided missile(JASSM), can carry a fighter jet, day and night and all can detect and identify the nighttime target of target to identify equipments, precision system to lead to gather to tie bomb and medium distance GPS navigate ushering in of instrument etc. amount and time.The prosecutor says:”They pass the front and back generation in the troops and have the incumbent staff of friendship and defended business hall employee’s etc. to steal a great deal of 2, 3 class classified military informations.”

The prosecutor means that they translate into English meeting data the classified military information coming to hand and send out or make use of with the E-mail the domestic and international meeting directly hands over to a Luo gram rare virtuous-Martin(Lockheed Martin) company.

3 Luo grams are rare virtuous-the high tube of Martin’s company and employee illustrate to say while accepting a prosecutor survey and made use of these classified military informations in the company marketing.

Prosecutor also means the repay that conduct and actions provides classified military information, the gold is only some to wait for someone at 2009-2010 years and then hopes from the Luo gram virtuous-Martin’s company acquired 2,500,000,000 dollar.The prosecutor estimates that from establish Seungjin technique company of 1995 start to calculate, they totally acquired a number 10,000,000,000 dollar.

The power that the Korean military divulges a secret to present to spread

Big court means, from 2005 up to now, 6 year, only takes up of reveal classified military information case to have 25, more than 50 persons get Xing.They mostly once in six sea air force’s headquarterses, defended business hall and joint staff this etc. serve as have relation with battle with army supplies, intelligence report of post, after backing service started stealing the Korean troops’ future strategy and ushered in various modern style weapon plan etc. intelligence report.The prosecutor means that check the case of place however is an iceberg dime, actually Korean military’s divulging a secret a problem have already arrived very serious situation.

But in above-mentioned more than 50 personses, there is no a person being judged solid Xing, or suspended sentence or postpone after the verdict, all can from lightly dispose of.The main reason that lightly judges BE, the intelligence report reveals to the United States or Israel etc. allied country, don’t bring realistic bane to national security.

But the ethnic Korean in the American navy intelligence bureau work once Luo uncle especially-gold because permeated affairs etc. related intelligence report in Korea to the river Ling submarine to reveal to the Korean ambassador to Washington building, was judged for imprisonment for a specific term 9 yearses and inspected for 3 years.

Korean lawyer, Li Mou, means:”The judges need to change idea, should be like the United States, even if divulge a secret don’t sell to the hostile nation to the intelligence report, also in response to the strict Cheng.Want in addition the perfect and related law is as soon as possible.”Be say, the congress is like a democracy party councilman in response to the perfect and related law Sung 旻 Chun suggests of 《penal code 》the revision bill is similar, even if the foreign country or foreign group that reveals to the not- hostile nation intelligence report, also with spy’s offense theory.

Korean domestic also someone point out, prevent°fro to quit office the deluxe public official make use of its special identity to obtain a nation secret.According to 《the ethics method of public official 》, currently above reserve service military officer in the big school after backing service of can not be engaged in to have something to do with backing before the service a post for 3 years in 2 years of work.The above-mentioned opinion is to say, if is the post that gets in touch with classified military information, should limits more for a long time.

differentiation of Hinduism and Buddhism

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

The differentiation of Hinduism and Buddhism

Though twos are produced to India, but is two kinds of different religions.The Hinduism believes in much absolute being and has three main absolute being at least, the Hinduism has already grown surname system, while the Buddhism emphasize equal.

Buddhism’s producing is produced to ancient India in sixth centry B.C..The Buddhism publicizes “the myriad living things is equal” on the soul and opposes “grow surname” system, but has no objection to slave’s system.The Buddhism thinks the person is on the hoof be suffer mental agony, the source lies in various desire and only exterminates the whole desires and carries on practicing moral teachings, the soul will get into “paradise” in the future;The Buddhism lays claim to endurance and obey.Because Buddhism doctrine on the other hand become large suffer hardship difficult people of relying on of spirit, on the other hand also the benefits of sign ruling class and use this as the tool that rules people, so get extensive support, the development is soon settled to for the country teach in third centry B.C. and start outwardly dissemination:The southeast spreads person Southeast Asia, the northwest spreads Asia in the person, the first centry B.C. is spread person China by the Kashmir of at the Tian, will continuously develop in China hereafter.

Hinduism in appear in fifth century, also Be produced to India, its orientation feudalism unifies of thought, synthesize various religious doctrines, such as Brahmanism and Buddhism…etc. but form.The basic doctrine of Hinduism is “method” and”industry dint transmigration of soul”.So-called”method”, mean the norm that people life and behavior;So-called”industry dint transmigration of soul”, is say that the person is in a life time if according to giving own”method” go to living, the clay-cold soul can turn to living for more deluxely grow surname, present generation of the inequality is what previous incarnation destines.The cause and effect thought of Hinduism paralyzes labor people and caters to ruling class, is a feudalism and exploits relation and inequality of grow surname the system Bian protects the most emollient spirit tool, as a result get protection and support of feudalism ruling class, after ninth centry A.D., the Hinduism becomes in the whole country and shares the religion of the governance positions.Because the rise of the Hinduism and afterwards eighth century spread a person since the Islamism, till 13th century, inshore Buddhism in India almost destruction almost exhausted, though the half expects later Buddhism to contain the instauration and development of certain degree after 19th century,nowadays the Buddhism follower of a religion is in India not enough 20,000,000 people, although the Buddhism comes from India, but develop in China.But Hinduism nowadays India but own extensive foundation, and traditional influence, today India follower of a religion is in India already 800,000,000, so India in nowadays is the nation that 1 regards India follower of a religion as principle.

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