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Great occasion

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Great occasion of nation gold week goes on a tour tour accident insurance can not the little Qiao choose an outlet to buy insurance
Writer many travel agencies with large house learned of from the Hu recently, this year 11 gold week traveled market pretty much the fire exploded, Euro-American long line swam, the Southeast Asian island swam and the local and popular tour circuit was doubly subjected to favor.The travel insurance has already become the essential article that the citizen travel, however, choose the way for insuring is quietly taking place variety.The network, telephone, and message…etc. are all new to insure a way of rise, once covered to pass the situation that the travel agency insures.

The travel agency outlet falls into disfavor

Is travel insurance tradition to insure a main outlet, the agency insurance fee of the travel agency income although the total amount still keeps continuing to increase,it has the comparison of the travel insurance total insurance fee income is descending.Its reason be, Be current tour the market essential crowd of youth citizen, didn’t carry out to insure in the travel agency while going on a tour.

This year great occasion of nation stanza period, Ms. Chen2 will together go to an European tour with Sir.Ms. Chen2 tells writer:”Although at offshore travel basic don’t worry the obstacle of language communication,face unfamiliar humanities, weather and geology environment, we still keep hoping to own an insurance to increase bottom spirit for wes.However, I didn’t right on the spot carry out travel insurance in the travel agency, but chose to insure at the insurance company official site.”

The writer inquired the week Sir whom the same choice network insures travel insurance again.He said that under the general circumstance, everyone arrives travel agency to usually pay attention to the most is tour circuit and contract, carrying out the travel insurance is conveniently an all close by be over but is it, for guarantee responsibility excepted the responsibilities can’t in earnest go to and read.If is arrive insurance company website to understand insurance to grow, goods than 3 after, the insurance buying has more to aim at sex.

Mr. Yang’s insuring then the outlet of travel insurance is more convenient, namely the message insure.He is Chinese to move[77.25-0.52%]cellular phone bank the card pay customer and go in of a day ago, edited ID card number the message arrived appointed terrace, and completed a message to pay an insurance fee, can easily acquire a guarantee.However, usually only 7 day in of the tour route of travel can apply.

The person protects wealth insurance branch related representative director of Shanghai City reveal while accepting interview, travel accident insurance but speech, the citizen can purchase through many different outlets and order such as the insurance company net, travel agency, network and telephone or message.Although the insurance company provides the insuring of diversification the outlet,the travel insurance standardizes degree higher, it guarantees scope, excepted the alike degree of responsibility almost is up to 99.99%.

Independent choice understand insure

When is asked and why no longer would like to arrive travel agency to insure travel insurance, Ms. Chen2 and week the Sir all think the insurance fee is opposite more expensive.With great occasion of nation stanza period idea method Rui 10 sunrise territories swim for example, Ms. Chen2 insures an accidental injury to protect sum 300,000 dollars, medical expense 350,000 dollars, urgent responsibilities, such as medical treatment rescue and trip delay…etc. toward the some large travel agency inquiry.Travel agency’s giving the offer of is that 300 dollars is or so, the insurance company on-line discount price only 216 dollars.

Compare the citizen’s sensitivity to the insurance price, making it hard more what to accept is numerous in the misleading of small travel agency.Aunt Li who likes to travel reveals:”Now, for increasing Fa code for own tour product, many travel agencies all will in printing the product last part’present tour insurance’of certain context.At first, I also thought is presented tour insurance, can contract label just know after so-called present of the tour insurance is actually a travel agency liability insurance, rather than travel accident insurance.”

So what differentiation do these two styles of insurances have again?Expert of insurance of Hu raised an example, travel agency liability insurance compare to the rules action of travel agency, being a nation tour bureau and protecting Jian will be clear to make to stipulate travel agency have to the insurance insuring grow;The tour accident insurance then belongs to a visitor of from choose action, can choose if purchase or purchase how much according to own wishes.

A lot of have no knowledge of medium the old-age citizen all really think to have already owned an insurance guarantee, need not insure tour accident insurance again.In fact, the guarantee responsibility of travel agency liability insurance is the visitor’s Human body or property loss that causes because of the mistake of travel agency and belong to the management risk of passing on the travel agency.Actually, after accidental injury happening travek society with don’t belong to a travel agency responsibility for from but brush-off indemnification.

develops a company

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

The tour real estate can become “Help rice straw” that develops a company
The front-line town house clinches a deal to shrink 230%, the stock pressure already goes to the tallest level in history.But travel the recreational real estate market different soldier Tu rise.In the accomplishment statement in August, the tour real estate of some building Qis quota even is up to 60%.This background under each big house property company in the whole country for evade a limit and buy to make a beginning at travel horse race turn ground in tourist spot.(September 14 《newspaper in Guangzhou 》)

Tour real estate very hot reason, be one after another limited to buy in 12 line cities, limit loan after, invest a need is squeezed, thus fly to haven’t been been included in the tour region that the limit buys scope.And under overcast general situation in the building City, develop a company to also engage in mental drudgery, ask for help of various promotion means sells building, the tour real estate is considered as a “Help rice straw”, and the packing becomes the main force that expands a market.

Start to talk about tour real estate this concept can not avoid and mention Davao Islands certainly.While creating the great target of “international tour island”, Davao Islands magnificent and victorious turn the subterranean heat tide once made people of this world shocked, the development from whole country company, divided the high-quality position of Davao Islands almost exhausted, greatly did quickly up, traveled in layout in the whole island recreational real estate, and drew on numerous other parts of country investments guest, stir-frying the sea south building price must soar rapidly all the way.Can now, after being stir-frying of madness to make to turn off, the building City in Davao Islands seriously atrophies, a great deal of house encounters empty place, huge quantity funds also drive idle, and so-called”international tour island” didn’t also make a shape up to now.

Be showed from this, if the need that didn’t is true does to prop up, light depend play with concept is nothing doing.Currently, many places all chase a development tour economy conduct and actions mainly pay pillar industry, big four canvass business a turn of ground makes a tour development, but in the resplendent and multicolored plan project, tour the item is mostly the trickery for packing, the tour real estate of kit be develop a company of way of producing wealth.The local government favors with development the company cooperate to make tour item, be because the amount invested is big and promote achievement to do good to the officials.

But, everywhere but have intention to neglect to travel real estate existence of concealed suffer from, pays attention to short-term efficiency, didn’t consider keeping on a development.Develop everything company do now, just for selling a house, but doing not hesitate ecological devastation environment, at will modification programming, even violate the rules to build a great deal of villa, golf course.At in many ways of the resultant force stir-fry to make under, tour real estate drive make hot fire dynasty sky, the investment guest also comes to pay tribute in succession, hope from in again get 1.However, once traveling the item encounter failure, didn’t attain anticipant visitor’s discharge, or was been included in building City to adjust the limit controling to buy list, so the tour real estate of kit will also suffer a defeat and face to lack the end that the person asks about, while Davao Islands is their best model.

In all its bearing comprehensive to see, traveling the real estate is just briefly falsely hot, there is no actual need doing prop up, pure stir-fries by speculation Be lord, don’t more impossibly become “Help rice straw” that develops a company.After this crary development heat, will inevitably run into an endless real estate cold winter, beating the tour real estate of vain concept will first be abandonned, leaves an is empty to concuss of house.

buy ticket gullibility

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

The tour peak season trap much goes on a tour to need to pay attention to a net to buy ticket gullibility
The ticket high Qi and building fee is difficult to decline of swim peak season in summer vacation basic draw to an end, but early autumn and 11 front and back of tour peak season again according to appointment but go to.The tour peak season makes the person unforgettable not only only is an inside the daintiness being rare in normal times is tremendous, more urged to living some lately go on a tour trap, make the person impossible to effectively guard against, here slightly raise 12 to remind a consumer.

Trap a:Add a meal to kill person more at the time

Does the summer vacation of Ms. Xu that the primary school is a teacher at a people in report regiment to took part in the tourist group of Inner Mongolia together with colleague.Big steppe in beautiful Inner Mongolia makes Ms. Xu very difficult to forget, equally unforgettable still have the regiment meal this time.Originally, the guide looks like to at random start to chat the topic of “the regiment meal probably general sort, hope everyone has a mental preparation” with everyone on the car, once the regiment friends listen to, also feel that the hope eat naturally like 1:00.By this time the guide recommends to everyone’s a place of”heart water”, the regiment friends gladly go to, but unexpectedly eat also very generally, and after meal everyone AA’s meal fee is also more wide of the mark.

Trap two:The misty words hides cat to get fed up with

Swim in summer vacation in, a lot of the visitors discover that he or she physically enjoys of eat standard and label contract inconformity, tell toward the travel agency hurl but discover, oneself is bilked by misty words.For example write clear”wrap a meal” in the contract, but the meal mark didn’t write clear, the result is the lunch box of two vegetableses one soups.Have of write of is go into”quasi- five planets” cabaret, but physically live of cabaret bathroom even the hair dryers all have no.Publicity of the tour circuit advertisement that still has of is “30 minutes of diving will see resplendent and multicolored bottom of sea coral”, in fact, diving but only have 15 minutes, and just the snorkeling useful bread feed fingerling, basically have no”resplendent and multicolored”.In fact, it is a lot of to is similar to in summer vacation visit on the first or the net up purchase of tour product, travel agency and visitor the contract of label not norm.And a lot of departures swim to also hide the margin larger”misty words” in the circuit.In explaining regiment, travel agency will explain a whole distance is the accommodation three star classes still four star classes, but didn’t explain where.But went to Europe, the guide usually took a visitor to live in cheaper suburban area.

Trap three:At one’s own expenses item what it many

In summer vacation, the departure swims pretty much fire to explode.But a lot of visitors discover, the regiment fee of some tourist groups looks like very low and get to the region but still has various words that self-provided item all take part in down, at regiment fee foundation up much spend 230% again.”A lot of famous tourist spots are all additional charges of, coming to 1 cans not not go, either.”Just took part in Mr. Li whom the European depth tour regiment returns to calculate a Zhang:After the domestic paid the regiment fee of 18888 dollars renminbi, went to various self-provided item in the region and handed over about 500 euros more.But some famous tourist spots all have to be self-provided, Mr. Li spends 4000 diverse renminbis again for this.

Trap four:The net buys ticket gullibility

Recently, the nation travels the visitor that quality in the bureau direct management released suffer a net to buy the case of ticket trap.Mr. Zhang plans to travel, on the net after finishing buying a ticket, receive a telephone that claims to be to book a personnel from service in a center, tell Mr. Zhang the ticket style the security deposit that is frozen, needs 450 dollars.Because the other party say service for time and Mr. Zhang originally should service time taking has obvious discrepancy, Mr. Zhang just avoided falling into trap to cheat.

Ms. Liu also purchased two special price tickets on the net, forthcoming completion net when the silver trades web page shows “the network speed is slow, pay not yet finished, please again pay once”, Ms. Liu successively three times transfers through a net silver and much paid 2700 diverse.Ms. Liu contacts a service later on, the other party tells it needs ATM to operate on board, the result is again turned some money of walking.

travel big development

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

The sum helps Na ensign the dint push seaport economy and travel big development
The Allah is kind on September 5 give or get an electric shock this year, sum help Na ensign with the plan gram promote international often the year open seaport for chance, the dint pushes seaport industry economy and travel the industry is big to develop.

Quickly push forward seaport passage to change an extension, Hao to across the territory leather belt conveyance, side people with each other city trade area, public take charge of area and economy trade area, town road, reach a town to the plan gram and the plan gram to etc. point item in two per class highway in the swan lake to constuct, quickly develop clean coal, new coal chemical engineering and metal to deeply process item.Limit the low level repeated construction in the meantime, according to processing area loading ability, particularly support to fall to the ground a business enterprise development, work hard for to make the seaport industrial economy had a new breakthrough.

Do to greatly do strong tour brand.Speed the tour industry programming step, usher in the investment business enterprise of having the real strenght, to beard Yang Lin, reside to postpone sea, black city etc. to mainly travel view area to carry on programming, construction and create A class view area;Continue to strengthen to save area with periphery and Mongolia the country is in the aspects of traveling of communication and cooperation, create an exquisite article tour circuit;Carry on a depth development to the local race handicraft article, special feature delicacies and excellent soil special product article, create an additional value high, the visitor like of tour product

Swap a mindset and get book review over here to appear bright.

peak season close

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Does the peak season close by”drink to travel” plum open two degrees?
The big dish declines to be close to 5% in August, but dining tour and food beverage tectonic plate negative city soar to be close to 3%, the scenery is only good.The Jing is beautiful of win report accomplishment and Mid-Autumn great occasion of nation of close by, become these two tectonic plates to come out the motivation of independent condition of the market.Get into September, the market still keeps facing many indetermination factors, however dining tour and food beverage tectonic plate still will be subjected to benefit festival and lift the resonance of effects, such as price and policy…etc. and continue to”observe a festival”.

“Drink” to”tour”

Observe a festival in advance August

Since August, there was continuously”black swan” to once fly an A sky, cause market’s always covering with various haze.Adjust the rating, outer circle economy motion, and the domestic savings reserve cardinal number extension…etc. under the beautiful debt a series of sudden benefit empty the factor make big dish rapid to decline in the beginning of the month, after keep on a minority vibration.Statistics suggests that the whole August last certificate Zong points to decline 4.97%, deep certificate become point to decline August 4.95%, all is this year the second fall.

However, face various impact and the big dish tired and weak trend at home and abroad, take food beverage, dining tour as the representative’s big consumption tectonic plate but keep on to stimulate.Although Mid-Autumn great occasion of nation double the stanza didn’t go to, funds obviously already the no time for waiting ground start”drink”, “tour”ing and observe a festival in advance.

Add the power average method according to the market capitalization, August 23 shen in case of class profession index number in, only have a dining tour to soar with the food beverage index number realization, and rise all in above 2%, distinguish to 2.82% and 2.71%.The related negative city soars, in the tour of three especially cableway, medium green the trip and Chinese country travel in August difference total amount to soar 18.84%, 10.82% and 9.48%;But ST yellow set, alcoholic wine and gold seed wine etc.6 food beverage the rises in August all in above 10%.

A side is a market to shrink quantity vibration and Chi Chu not ex-, a side is a tour and wet goods of negative power strut about, song of victory Gao Zou.The analytical personage points out that tour and wet goods of so canning suffer a stroke a view in the weak city is only good, main because of Jing beautifully in report an accomplishment and”double stanza” nearby.

According to Wind information data, the dining travels this year the tectonic plate is first half year of the net profit belonging a parent company Be smooth to add up to together compare to increase 25.07%, among them, the tour in Xian, eastern guest house, beautiful river travels, laurel the wood travel etc.9 listed companies carried out the accomplishment of above 100% to increase soon;The food beverage tectonic plate first half year net profit is soon and more smooth to adding up together is more ancient than increasing to be up to 41.51%, the well Gong wine, 3 dollars share and Yi 9 accomplishments of companies, such as benefit share and gold seed wine…etc. increase soon also in above 100%.

The Jing is beautiful of medium the report accomplishment embraces the bottom spirit that the regiment consumes for funds, but Mid-Autumn, 11″double stanza”s of close by, more and constantly promote and boost the morale of funds.History experience suggests that every year of three quarter, all of degrees are domestics to travel the traditional peak season of profession and white spirit profession, consume in the festival of arouse under, the related tectonic plate natural difficult Yan excitement, “observe a festival” in advance in August, came out independent condition of the market.

The markup policy double promotes and boosts

The performance can expect September

The market has been gone to September.See currently, being subjected to August the inflation may still high Qi, save quasi- cardinal number extension to continuously exert pressure a funds noodles and Europe’s debt to expire concentration September etc. domestic and international factor influence, the A stock market field still keeps existing bigger indetermination September.Under this background, can tour and wet goods that have already”observe a festival” in advance August break out once again and continue to win the market at running?

The analytical personage points out that the effect of the festival has already hoped to continue to ferment in September, will significantly push the need of rising the white spirit and tour;At the same time, a new policy expectation that lifts price and tour industry of white spirit, will also become new stock price catalyst.

On August 30, five food liquids announce to announce to call and have provided price of goods space to”five food liquids”s wine product factory since September 10, 2011 to raise 20%-30%.According to know, of current five food liquidses factory price is 509 dollars, if lift price 20%-30%, so it the factory price have already hoped to break 600 dollars, market terminal price or attain 1000 dollars top and bottom.Five food liquids lift price and”double stanza” nearby, may arouse white spirit profession to appear very much a new of markup tide, but the markup expect to hope a push white spirit continues to launch to magnificent and victoriously soar condition of the market.

Say for the tour tectonic plate, the local consumption got stripe to bring tour profession huge explosion dint currently, the arrival of tour peak season would appear quantity price the profession to together rise of very hot situation.In addition, market to tour profession”25″ programming the expectation of pedestal inside the year be continuously also heating and have been already hoped and festival effect resonance, continue to expand the north bound space of the tour.

Walk in the August negative city certainly high behind, white spirit and tour tectonic plate consumed to definitely soar kinetic energy, the medium report accomplishment of also existed bigger divide.If the market great environment is poor and then want the careful basic situation not quite right returning of to adjust risk.

Report in tour

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Report in tour in Xian the net profit soars 110200%
Medium the report disclose of after curtain formally pull up, the accomplishment index sign of listed company is also all to float a surface.In all listed companies, the accomplishment index number of tour in Xian changes laster year same period can be wide difference, can make it far away be led to the whole A listed company troops:Be belonged to the net profit of listed company shareholder smooth increase 110239.23%, is about 18,810,000 dollars;Each income is 0.0956 dollars and together compare to increase 95500%.

For the variety of accomplishment, tour explanation in Xian is the west trip international item 9-27 F in center apartment inside the report period to finish construction to continuously consign, the real estate income takes up 62.18% of the gross earnings, income structure consequently occurrence a little bit greatly change.But main business duty circumstance watch then suggests, although tour the gross profit of the service industry leads is higher than real estate business,BE reporting inside the period, real estate about 230,000,000 revenues want to be farer high than and travel the service industry revenue of about 140,000,000 dollars.

Medium report show that the information can analyze to know, in order to make the accomplishment kept the power head of growth, tour in Xian have intention to adjust main camp structure, make the real estate business occupied bigger specific weight in the long term.In report said and reported to expect to attain 30.45% inside the real estate business gross profit rate, in the meantime, the company reduced gross profit to lead to travel the tour income of international travel agency limited company in lower Xian.

Seeing from the circumstance that the finance data showed, Xian travels various eyes are inside the report period change range obviously, because of revenue more the last year same period turn over foreign, the administrative expense and sale expenses etc. following also surge.

But because of being subjected to the influence that the first half year of central bank money supply tightens, tour in Xian becomes big in the loan interest pressure of real estate item.Finance expenses more the last year same period increase 900% enough to spares, the main reason of the growth is a big hospital item in the last year’s same period pass, long joy don’t Yang item loan interest capitalization to.

Remarkable BE, although in the as early as quarterly report, tour in Xian namely announce to twist the Kui as Ying and medium the report continued this kind of situation, at first half year of, company at first the second Bo Hong in shareholder Zhejiang investment adviser limited company(called Bo Hong in Zhejiang as follows) again and again reduced to hold.

On May 6, tour in Xian releases to announce and calls that Bo Hong in Zhejiang is between March 9-May 4 1% that passes a concentration Jing price method to reduce to hold about 1,970,000, has total subscribed capital, but checks companies to come and go to announce and can discover, from 2007 up to now, Bo Hong in Zhejiang totally reduces to hold a company stock through six times, and reduces to hold a comparison each time all about 1%.But up to medium report suggest, Bo Hong in Zhejiang holds a comparison to only remain 2.03% currently, row the third shareholder.

Order to review:in the A Gu company, the net profit income of tour in Xian is unattractive, be this unattractive number but make it appear 100000% soaring of enough to spareses with the comparison in same period, this makes the investor canned not helped heart livinging exclamation.Because first half year of the influence of the half-hardy exposition for being subjected to twist Kui and Xian, the stock price performance of tour in Xian at 3-4 months also not very vulgar, but later on stock price namely have a fall.

Have the analysis the personage and thinks, company regardless the performance of a management still a capital market Be every consider to isn’t very strong, whether can keep an accomplishment of long term, have a preface, stable the growth still take time and examine, this also means that companies want and think to get in the capital market is whole and promote, also need and has a longer road of discipline