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personage’s luncheon meeting

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Li Ke Qiang attends economic Korean boundary personage’s luncheon meeting
Li Ke Qiang points out that medium is a dress to take aqueous neighboring country, two country association the source far flow to grow.Both parties have diplomatic relation about 20 in the last yearses, the political mutual trust continuously deepens, the high association keeps close and trades a contacts result to show Zhao, the mutual investment keeps on increment, humanities communicates to extend day by day, win practicality the cooperation have already had good foundation.Both parties want to adapt to new situation and hold tight opportunity and greet a challenge and innovate mechanism, scoop out potential, make two country economic trade the cooperation leaps onto new step and exceeds a new step in the middle of trading liberalism, economic globalization progress and promotes two people people’s welfares, in the meantime for push northeast second is going to the world to prosper a development to make one aggressive contribute.

Li Ke Qiang strengthens medium economic trade and humanities cooperation to put forward six suggestions:The first, quickly push forward medium constuct progress from the Mao area and start two countries on schedule the negotiation is from the Mao area.The second, adopts to set up “environmental industry strategy cooperation mechanism” etc. measure, strengthen an environmental industry to wait a newly arisen realm cooperation, actively promote circulation economy and low carbon development.The third expands to invest a cooperative new way.The Mainland encourages Korean business enterprise extension to the China high level manufacturing industry etc. investment and participate in the west of China greatly the development, the northeast old industrial base develop with central part rising, also encouragement have the Mainland business enterprise of real strenght to Korea to invest.The fourth pushes forward financial cooperation and innovation.Are bilateral two countries this currency with each other change scale is extended to 360,000,000,000 dollars renminbi by 180,000,000,000 dollars, the enlargement pushes financial market stability in the district and development together to financial support that two country small and medium enterprises cooperate.The fifth, closely bilateral and multilateral cooperation.Full exertion already establishment of government and folks communicate the function of mechanism, carefully solve an economic trade cooperation in may take place of problem.Manage to strengthen position and policy coordination in the structure reform in global economy. Hope Han Fang conduct in the business enterprise, personnel contacts etc. provide more conveniences for the Mainland business enterprise.Two state-owners enterprise industries can expand at the Three Kingdoms infrastructure construction, market expand the cooperation of etc. realm.The sixth extends humanities exchanges and cooperation.The Mainland has invited 300 Korean youths annually since next year the increment visits China, will send 1400 Chinese language teachers to Korea at 2015 year agos.Medium strengthen the exchanges of cultural realm further and create a cooperation lately a little bit bright, provide to hold out for long time motive for two country cooperations.

Li Ke Qiang said that China is carrying out “25″ to program, will push science development, speed change economy development way, insist carrying out to need strategy inside the extension, deepen reform to open, guarantee and improve people’s livelihood, keep over a long period of time Chinese economy Be steady to develop a little bit quickly.We insist that the benefit totally win with each other of open strategy, make China and the common benefits of trading partner’s country expanded and deepen.

Li Ke Qiang emphasizes that China constantly walks peaceful development road, insist and border on to do good and take bordering on as a companion, concentrate on development together the periphery friendly cooperative relation of the nation.The Chinese assertion pushes forward peninsula non-nuclear turn progress, support heavy the Qi six-party talks, wish and relevant everyone’s joint effort, for carry out peninsula and northeast second of peace stability make should have contribution.

The whole Korea economic person’s uniting will wait four big economic groups, big business enterprises and medium property organization representative and attendance luncheon meeting of about 300 members of the Mainland delegation.

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management passenger car

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

The yellow stone hangs a crackdown to travel near the management passenger car
“GPS supervises and controls to become a decoration, brush-off individual door the vehicle hangs to depend management, don’t would not° until bring about the precept of blood behind know penitence.”Yesterday, in the yellow road tour passenger transportation safety in stone City management special subject will up, yellow transportation bureau bureau chief Huang Qu Po of stone City said and determinedly cracked down to hang near the tour passenger car of management, enlarge”black car” stroke strength.

Allows at 9:00 A.M. yesterday, after going and seeing yellow two tour in stone City passenger transportation company, Huang Qu Po discovers China dragon travels the passenger transportation company install of GPS the equipments unexpectedly became a decoration.”Supervise and control a computer to put on the old total office desk, he which sometimes does see?Spend money buys of the equipments should produce result.”Huang Qu Po emphasizes that the whole management style that change current GPS, have a foothold in solid supervise and control, and build up perfect GPS to manage system, travel to charter car an issuing of card to have to be strict secondly, attain to press a time to issue with the contract, “one card one label, a trip per label”, Huang Shi Ji travels the passenger transportation vehicle don’t get a long term to be engaged in operation in the place ground and avoid a management the top appear a blind spot.

According to know, yellow tour passenger transportation business enterprise in stone City already basic carry out companies to turn management, purchases to personal property or company supports not enough 51%, business enterprise not own the vehicle relief that above 51% produces power to hang depend contract.Up to currently, yellow stone City 7 financial situation road tour passenger transportation business enterprise all to luck tube the section made written corpus responsibility commitment, 5 companies completed vehicle to produce power audit, 2 companies under way the vehicle procure to produce power audit with vehicle.

In the aspects of accepting luck person’s responsibility to nearly insure, practice difference to turn standard, namely A business enterprise vehicle each year responsibility quota 200,000-500,000 dollars by oneself choice; B business enterprise vehicle each year the responsibility quota is no lower than 350,000 dollars;C business enterprise vehicle each year the responsibility quota is no lower than 500,000 dollars.

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heels of afterward

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

The report calls global net soon the quickest Hong Kong Japan, Korea closes on the heels of afterward
The dawn of October 26 Peking time news, global biggest network discharge management company Akamai today announce 2011 second quarter degree global network current conditions report suggests, get to the Internet on the average in city in the whole world the speed Be quickest to is the big Chiu and big farmland of Korea, getting to the Internet the speed quickest nation is also Korea, in the meantime world suffer the most serious region in network attack then in Asia.

The Akamai the report totally and totally investigated more than 604,000,000 independent IP addresses nets soon and investigated scope to spread over 238 nations and region.

Get to the Internet quickest city

The Akamai report takes city as unit first and get to the Internet to each city the speed launched a survey and reside a hat by 15.8 Mbpses towards carrying on evaluation as a result, among them big Chiu in Korea and big farmland.What to close on the heels of afterward BE(15.2 Mbpses), the absolute being Nai grounds, such as Chuan(15 Mbpses) and East China Sea(14.2 Mbpses)…etc..

At global net 100 soon quickest cities in, the Asian city predominates.Japan occupies 59 cities, there are 10 cities in Korea.Moreover there are still China Hong Kong, and Sydney, Australia… etc. entering the final contest.In Europe, the net soon quickest city is a Czech cloth Er promise.But in the United States, the net soon quickest city is San Jose in California.

Global all countries get to the Internet on the average the speed promote

Akamai is taking nation as unit to suggest towards getting to the Internet the survey that the speed carries on, the whole world gets to the Internet on the average speed at second quarter degree exaltation 21%, come to a 2.6 Mbpses.In addition Akamai still discovers in the middle of accepting 80 inquisitional nations and region, in the last quarter degree in, speed in on the average getting to the Internet of everyplace deeply raised above 10%.

In the middle of taking nation as unit to evaluate, Korea still keep being the first in the world, it gets to the Internet speed is 13.8 Mbpses.Close on the heels of afterward of is Hong Kong(10.3 Mbpses) and Japan(8.9 Mbpses)

In Europe, the net of Holland is the soon quick and link the speed as 8.5 Mbpses on the average and rank the fourth in the world.Its Feng is worth speed to 25.3 Mbpses.Holland breadth takes a customer in the middle 95%ly get to the Internet the speed there was another 68% customers to connect to go into extremely high over the 2 Mbpses soon network.

The network attackstones Asia according to the head

In addition Akamai report way also suggests, world of in the network attack, the Pacific Asia area had of 47%, Europe shared 30%, the United States shared 20%, rather than continent then only 3%.

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Japanese central bank anticipates

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

The Japanese central bank anticipates next adjust an economic growth to estimate to 0.2%
According to Japanese medium on Tuesday(October 25) report way, Japan the central bank(BOJ) anticipate will 2011|2012 wealth year the economic growth estimate from 0.4% descend adjust to 0.2%, in the meantime 2012|2013 wealth year the economic growth estimate from 2.9% descend adjust to 2.0%-2.5%.

The report way said that the Japanese central bank will lower an economic growth to estimate to attribute to global economy to slow down and Europe debt crisis and yen appreciation.

This front, the Japanese government adjusted while announcing 10 every months and telling the time to that country exit, industry to produce with the estimate of the folks consumption, in order to come to head to see for 6 months, call that global economy deceleration is snuffing out Japanese factory to produce to recover with exit.

The government means that Japanese economy still in the growth, but recovers a step to put slowly.In the meantime, 3.11 earthquakes result in of various difficulty is still the main factor that the economy faces.Spread to debt crisis in Europe in addition, the misgiving of economic American physical endowment and financial market turbulence is implicating the country’s economy recovery.

Report reiterates that anticipating the Japanese central bank will adopt appropriate but resolute monetary policy measure, and keep with government close cooperation with prop up Japanese economy.

The next day had the medium report the way to say, Japanese central bank just under the consideration adjust the growth expectation of Japanese economy this year and next.Report way points out that the Japanese central bank is adjusting to below 2.5% under 2.9% for while considering to expect the economic growth rate of next wealth year from the July, and expect the economic growth in current wealth year from adjust to 0.2%-0.3% under 0.4%.

Japanese central bank the policy meeting will convene on Thursday October.According to knew what happened a personage to say, the central bank anticipated half year that releases in the in the same day degree economic report in under adjust an economic growth estimate, this will continue for the economic environment worsen relax monetary policy to spread further even road.

Owing to International Monetary Fund(tiny Bo)(IMF) anticipates global economy of this year soon will slow down to 4% for increasing of 2011-2012 yearses or so, and March earthquake in Japan empress of the reconstruction anticipate to prop up need in Japan, the Japanese central bank thinks and still have no definite proof to show the economic foreground is obvious to worsen.

But the yen soars record high once again, will continue to exert pressure Japan central bank, request it to relax monetary policy further, and possible encouragement monetary policy committee in of pessimism a trait of take action.

Convene an argument interest meeting in the Japanese central bank of a day ago, the EU leadered to again summit with working out EU should to the strategy of euro area obligation crisis.The dynamic state of Europe will decide whether the Japanese central bank will be in now or whether relax a policy soon afterward.

If on Wednesday EU Feng will of the result cause more inflow yens that avoid an insurance funds, make the yen exchanged USD to break the record high that touched last Friday significantly 75.78, so Japan the central bank probably will pass to purchase more properties relax monetary policy further.

Also have the market analysis the personage to think in the meantime, the monetary policy anticipate to keep constant until Europe should disappoint me to cause market’s oscillating to the plan of crisis.

However, even if the this week of Japan central bank presses soldier’s immobility, Japanese government and central bank may also hard insist too for a long time, because of avoid insurance the funds inflow exchange USD the yen to continuously be located on a high.

investment opportunity

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

domestic multiform exhibition

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Three months ago, announced on official site in the Chinese Geneva cross head quarter 《elucidation concerning flower Gang peaceably friendly fund 》.Decade come, China the Red Cross helped flower Gang fund to manage committee to look for 520 famous courtesan gang Chinese labors, and help to carry out trust money and education a gold of issue, help organization arrangement flower Gang the personnel leave for Japan to take part in to sacrifice an activity, and hold in the domestic multiform exhibition and meeting etc..

According to Zhang Hu’s introduction, reach agreement rules according to that year, 250,000,000 among those yens are been used to carry on indemnification to the victim, another of 250,000,000 yens then carry on the movable budget of history survey etc..The research spends the writer of Gang affairs Li 旻 but think, the that year Japanese aspect is the indemnification that carries on according to 1000 people, 520 people announce according to the Red Cross, and more than 400 persons and its family members didn’t get this money.So 250,000,000 yens the surplus debt after indemnification should give announcement.

Li 旻 :250,000,000 yen insides, he found out more than 500 persons just with half of money, another more than 400 persons hadn’t found out, this money does what?This is everyone’s question.That 250,000,000 how did you spend?Everyone concerns this problem, everyone hopes your Zhang the eyes open.

Face querying of public, Zhang Hu reveals that this fee for writing gold has already done to make collective report in spending the Gang peaceably friendly fund management committee, the Zhang eyes really still have a surplus currently.

Zhang Hu:In fact I feel flower Gang real beneficiary, I feel to have no much doubt in this aspect, because they have a communication meeting, this communication will be establishing before very early, the important activities are all done an opinion for unifying by them of, money is on the usage all of them are to have right to speak, and we were spending the time that the Gang fund establishes ten anniversaries last year, using of money circumstance has already carried on to make collective report with the related personnel of flower Gang.In fact this money, not that have been already ended, the direction isn’t clear and make activities to all want annually from in pay.

But for Zhang eyes public problem, Zhang Hu is candid in saying, the predominance square of funds expenditure isn’t in the Red Cross.

Reporter:Is also say, this money, isn’t an announcement to have right announcement be not is said by our Red Cross of calculate?

Zhang Hu:Be not is said by the Red Cross of calculate, because most the beginning just lets Red Cross chase this money tube good, because stipulates according to China, they have no business their they to draw account alone, so equal his account draws and passes a Red Cross, so his finance management wants pass nation of relevant stipulate, carry on a management according to the relevant finance rules of the Red Cross.

Reporter:That for example says that he wants a conference, but concretely spends how much , how to spend that each money?

Zhang Hu:That this he is budgetary.And his money has been already requested as well, can not spend in disorder.

Reporter:Is also say that he spends money to want to have been audited?

Zhang Hu:To, after finishing doing, the time in the end of the year all have already audited an office to audit.

Li 旻 follows flower Gang affairs several years, and once composes a long article for this reportage, for two war period the distress been subjected to by Chinese labor have to more deeply realize, for this 500,000,000 reaching agreement of yens the fund also have deeper comprehension, however though she has been laying claim to accounts publicly, also approbation Zhang Hu’s parlance, China the Red Cross really didn’t predominate power for this fund, but Zhang eyes can not publicly of the reason lie in a trusting of funds identity.Li points out that Zhang eyes can not publicly of the reason lie in a trusting of funds identity.

Li :This he is unjust to open, there is the problem to reach agreement a top, this fee for writing gold is called trust money, the trust money has a characteristics be only trust a square can audit accounts, the outsider can not audit accounts.

This money belongs to trust money, the property of trust money BE, only entrust a square to have right search, direct.But entrust square that day originally Lu Dao company, the others have no right to check.Entrust a square not to check, the public can not know funds direction, but public of query and is an objective existence.See, the suspenses in it at that time returns hard untie.To this, voice and Chinese broadcasting network of China will also continue to pay attention to.

Move an Internet

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

modern”tour through”

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

“Ancient country in Bohai Sea” Dun in Jilin turns 24 pieces of stones and the modern”tour through”
Locate at at grow white halfway up a hill ground of the Jilin province Dun turn city, because of being the tang dynasty period country in Bohai Sea all the city be again often been called “ancient country in Bohai Sea” by people.It is inshore to have many histories of historic relic, among them the most famous and mysteriously want to count 24 pieces of stones.The reporter arrived at Dun to turn city recently, the close quarter visited this historic relic and also understood to this ancient city in the meantime of the modern”tour through”.

The Dun turns city history long, call from 《the doctrine of the mean 》medium”the small virtuous Chuan flows, the big virtuous Dun turns”.698 A.D., the Su end leader big Zuo glory takes the lead to build city here from solid, found a capital to call a king.713 years, the religion of Tang Xuan sets up formally the big Zuo glory as county king of Bohai Sea and starts to call country in Bohai Sea, be suddenly founded a capital to sweat city, right now the Dun in sky turn city.

On the morning of the 19th, the reporter rushes through toward Dun and turns the road of the city from town in the honk lake up, see the brand that the roadside set up “24 pieces of stone historic relics”s while passing by a village that nameds waist Dian.Turn into waist Dian village, walk to then arrive at to be located on the village side this historic relic side within farm land for five minutes.

Elfevident, 24 pieces of stones are to constitute to°from 24 pieces of rocks of a rectangular stone, the stone is divided into 3 lines and goes 8 pieces each time.The reporter sees, these traces that is similar to a piece of piece of big rock of stone Dun, all had a dozen to whet to once process, stone quality all is basaltic.The rock of these tidy alignments is used for doing what?

“It is use to to dying of the Bohai Sea country princess park a coffin wood.”Just in the near side corn ground bye a waist Dian village of the Bao rice the villager tell a reporter like this.

More mysterious BE, 24 pieces of stones not 1.The road that turn to go up north Heilongjiang province Anne to rather go from the Dun up, the ancient ruins of this kind of 24 pieces of stones contain quite a few and turn just in the Dun inshore distributed in river’s east, officer’s ground and wood and won with waist Dian everywhere.Moreover, the party in government fresh inshore salty mirror north way a take of neighborhood in the meeting text, also discovered 24 pieces of stone ruins.

Distribute in the same stone of these different places, all is use to to Bohai Sea country of does the princess park a coffin wood?Province people’s custom academic association chairman of the board in Jilin Shi Li learns to mean, concerning 24 pieces of stones of the legend have a lot and for example stop to work properly to say, offer sacrifices to say, the courier station says, the public granary says etc., but until now also have no which explain to can let person completely letter take.Just because of such, research concerning country in Bohai Sea this history historic relic, until be still subjected to concern now.

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creates to contend

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

The sea south tour profession creates to contend for first excellent set up visitor’s shopping of”conscience store”
Pearl, crystal, coco vulture, shell skill, the Li brocade, island takes ……come from a domestic and international visitor at the time of purchasing these sea south special feature tour merchandises, also packed the beauty of Davao Islands to take to return to together.However, often appear of discounts an etc. bad phenomenon by time good Chong and a large amount of shopping, make the shopping become travel the hurl tell of a little bit hot.

“Whole professionses will with create to contend for an excellent activity first for chance, construct sea together good tour shopping of south environment, the push constucts one to make the customer trust of’ conscience store’”.The province travels the merchandise business enterprise association remaining of Secretary-general mean from the force, whole professions will common for constuct sea Yugoslavia border tour insularity border top-grade shopping heaven of target but diligent.

The tax-free shopping arouses tour shopping market

Tour the shopping once was sea south tour of short leg, April, this year, I saved in the domestic to lead off carry out an island tax-free shopping policy, make the shopping become to travel a great attraction thing, also saved for me travel a merchandise to bring a really fine development opportunity.

“Currently my province travels merchandise industry existence of a present condition BE:The big business enterprise would not like to come in funds devotion, the small business enterprise has no real strenght again.”From Wu Shuo, remaining’s the south of the sea is engaged in development and production currently tour merchandise of business enterprise probably 67100, have certain scale to only have or so 100ses;The tour merchandise sells business enterprise more than 1500 houses, but the large business enterprise doesn’t conduct area to attain 10,000 square meters not to 10 to 20.Investigate its reason, because the profession profits is low and belong to an intensive type of labor industry, financial power strong business enterprise would not like to get involved.

However, flourishing in the Europe and America nation, tour the shopping have a tour to always expend 70%, but our country not arrive 30%, travel the merchandise develop to far and far get behind with the whole tour industry development.The statistics data that comes from three second tax-free stores suggests that since the end of April started practice, up to 8 the end of the months, have already drawn on about 20 shoppings, sell more than more than 580,000 pieces of duty free goodses.

The tour merchandise that only has a sea south special feature can also widely get to welcome like duty free goods?In remaining since the force saw, the sea south wants to become an international top-grade shopping center and have the development of the tour merchandise of native special feature necessary.”To make the merchandise become a kind of tour attraction thing let visitor the at the thought of sea is south, thought of the tour merchandise that a few kinds have a special feature most , or at the thought of see a certain merchandise, will thought of sea south.”Remaining is from Wu Shuo.

Build up trustworthiness system, build up “conscience store”

While strengthening the special feature tour merchandise development and expansion, how solve domestic tour shopping market widespreadly exists currently of discount with time good Chong and a large amount of shopping etc. problem?

Three second tax-free stores started practice to bring my tour merchandise profession in province another draw lessons from.According to understanding, this year the great occasion of nation gold period, at three in the meantime, second tax-free stores’ customer’s Ying door’s my province travels commodity market sale but not very ideal, compared with last year same period to descend 15%-20%.To this, the industry knew of the private think, although be free of tax the store has certain stroke to the traditional shopping store,be also free of tax a getting into of store and lets the traditional shopping store will pay attention to the construction and expansion of trustworthiness system, and market marketing…etc. more.

The province travels merchandise association mean, will with creating of this time tour profession contend for first excellent is chance, push construction to make the customer trust in the whole professionses of”conscience store”.Put forth effort on service quality, sell a tour merchandise service, after-sales service conduct and actions invite the customer’s gold-lettered signboard, let the visitor buy comfortable heart, buy trust, determinedly eradicate completely Chong with the time like, sell the behavior of counterfeiting the false inferior merchandise.

Some group leader business enterprises also lead off to hang Fan, a lot of small scaled shopping stores carry on integration and produce a business enterprise to start to directly get into to retail a market to carry on expansion, even the scale is more than 100, these chain store not only unify image and unify a marketing, in the meantime in the trustworthiness, principle of management, publicity strength also ratio before more norm.

The outstanding sea south special feature enriches the merchandise category of traveling

While strengthening trustworthiness construction, the innovation that strengthens to travel a merchandise is an association at this time create to contend for an excellent activity first in of another point.According to know, the association has already reported department concerned currently, will create to contend for an excellent activity first through this tour merchandise and strengthen a product development and create the sea south tour merchandise brand and well make use of sea, the south enriches of natural resources, the development designs competitive products that has a heavy place special feature, race romantic feeling and promote sea further south tour merchandise of quality.

At 《sea Yugoslavia border tour island construction development programming outline 》medium, my province puts forward to devote major efforts to push forward sea south special feature tour merchandise development, guide the development of traveling the merchandise, production and sale, cultivate to form some tour merchandises a development group leader business enterprise.

“To do tour merchandise to go out to sea a south special feature turn a development to the exquisite article, then can draw on a visitor.”Remaining means from the force, will travel in the future the development of merchandise, design, the manufacturings all want to push formation standard, the push travels this the merchandise business enterprise turn, standardize to the norm, the special feature turn a development and try hard for to pass to create to contend for an excellent activity first and create to be subjected to a visitor approbation, have the tour merchandise of extensive influence brand, make a point the group leader business enterprise flow out to appear

special correspondent

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

South china sea net Peking October 14 news(south china sea net special correspondent Peng Lin Qin) the afternoon of October 14, the sea south province tour development the committee travel with Peking City to develop the committee tour strategic cooperation agreement to sign in Great Hall of the People, Peking.The sea south saves tour Wei director’s six ambitions in provincial governor assistant, province far, Peking City travels the Wei vice- director Sung Yu waited a leadership to attend signing of today rites.

Sea south province provincial governor assistant, province tour Wei director’s six ambitions far say in signing a rites, sea Yugoslavia border tour construction in the island Be nation strategy, its purpose be innovation and new tour destination for the Chinese tour industry system of creating and providing model effect.Under support of the national series policy, the sea south Wei in the province and provincial government chase with tour industry for the modern service industry of group leader Be predominant industry, pass the development of third industry to feed parents 12th industry, push forward the change that the sea south industrial structure adjustment and economy develop a way, finally carry out science development and overall coordination development.Therefore, strengthening a tour the industry construction is border in sea Yugoslavia to travel island construction of an important task.

Peking is the capital city of China, is culture all, is a well-known world tour city.No matter is all politics, humanities and niche advantage and tour management system etc.s to occupy important position in the world.The sea south is the biggest tropical island in China, after more than 20 years of construction, already the initial development become a famous China tropical zone alongside the sea spend a holiday divine spot with ocean tour, become a Chinese and Foreign visitor the recreation liking spend a holiday destination.And Peking is sea one of the important customer grounds of the south, is also an Euro-American visitor to turn a station to importance of sea south tour.Therefore, the sea south has with the tour cooperation of Peking to show with each other repairing of the Zhao sex and huge economic inside need.

Negotiate a contents to include:Build up a tour cooperation coordination and contact mechanism, strongly develop consociation publicity promotion, strengthen tour to program construction together, promote tour the industry whole character, build up traveling administration to enforce the law a cooperation mechanism, support two cities tour market together healthy development.Especially both parties travel section consociation the development”experience personally Chinese culture in Peking, arrive sea south the recreation spend a holiday” one distance much station type on-line tour product, and at oversea on the market carry on consociation promote sales.This will availably promote two city tour brand images and arouse the prosperity of the development and tour economy that both parties enter a tour, for acrossed tour cooperation in the province to have demonstration and arouses a function