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more real benefit

Friday, October 14th, 2011

The stanza travels behind the price “dive” the wrong Feng go on a tour more real benefit
Along with 11 gold week waste heat gradual dissipations, the tour industry also gets into traditional off season gradually.Each greatly travek the organization beginning do to correspond adjustment to the tour circuit offer, according to understanding, 11 gold week swim circuit offer to widespreadly descend behind, part of popular circuit price next the rate degree is up to above 30%.The citizen whom this visits to the choice wrong Feng come to say, undoubtedly can an economical expenditure.

The reporter spends a holiday circuit with distance net to reserve center to understand from the local and well-known tour website, some popular long line tour the circuit offer descend range in 25%-30%.”Swim on the sixth such as Saipan island” great occasion of nation period quote about 6100 dollars, great occasion of nation after quote about 4880 dollars;”Thailand-Hong Kong swims on the 7th” circuit great occasion of nation period quote about 3700 dollars, quote to 2880 dollars to rise now;Some circuits of”hot push”, such as”Hong Kong-Macau 4 nights the 5th swim” great occasion of nation period quote in above 2310 dollars, 11 after quote to 1650 dollars to rise.In the meantime, have some the heat pushes of the departure island swims circuit and quotes in above 6800 dollars before the stanza such as”Phuket 4 nights the 6th swim”, stanza after quote to 5880 dollars or so.

In addition to the long line swims, the short line periphery swims circuit offer the reduction is also about 10%, if”eyes lake in the sky swims on the 2nd” now quote start to is 338 dollars, great occasion of nation before quote about 380 dollars;”The yellow mountain purely plays to swim on the 2nd” quotes 578 dollars now, great occasion of nation period quotes about 640 dollars;”Thousand lights ancient towns swim on the first” that has been being extoled quotes to only need 98 dollars now, the reporter understands, between each gold period, the ancient town swims price generally higher.In the meantime, Be aimed at to the hot springs that will soon arrive hot, releases many new products with distance net, quote to 368 dollars to rise such as”eyes lake in the sky resists water temperature spring to swim on the 2nd”;”The dinosaur valley hot springs in the park-dinosaur swims on the 2nd” quotes to 290 dollars;Spend a holiday item, representative director, Ms. Wu Jian, tells a reporter, the hot springs circuit becomes the head that the citizen go on a tour to choose right away, we release of the new product at the right moment agree with  visitor’s need, the telephone consults recently of the person form a continuous stream.

Swims to wrong Feng, Wu Jian says, the great occasion of nation travels behind the market will be placed in an opposite off season and travel at home and abroad the circuit price will widespreadly descend to adjust and choose to go on a tour at this time since can enjoy low price, and then avert from to go on a tour high peak.Wu Jian finally reminds a visitor, together the distance net lately get stripe a cellular phone the customer carry to have to collect a strategy guide and correct wrong function, the visitor can pass a cellular phone search information and let to go on a tour to save heart more.

Japanese chief commander

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

The Japanese chief commander admits that the Chinese gymnastics male regiment is pressed to divide day Mei to call to report the enemy of one arrows
Medium the new net give or get an electric shock last night on October 13, the gymnastics championship male regiment finals in world presented to public “hopeless situation backstroke” fascinatingly in 2011 one act.The preliminary contest develops a not quite right Chinese brigade to depend on an almost perfect performance to always divide 275.161 surprised sky of converses host of Lord’s day originally brigade, carried out “five connect hat” of a life time glorious match that item.

The rim of eye is suffused with after male brigade captain match of Chen Yi Bing of Chinese gymnastics team red, a few too agitated sob difficult speech in the interview.He towards a words tube to proudly say:”The member of team 1 compares a stick!”"Although there is the factor of a lot of disadvantages in the game, the member of team insisted very stubbornly.”

The Chinese brigade changes before the finals, , from Chen Yi Bing dozen the head cannon Zou Kai presses stalk, and send the strict clear brave that a qualifying competition didn’t show up to fight pommel horse and ring game.On the fifth horizontal bar, a set of significant tall difficult action of Jackie Chan piece is outstanding to complete, many body and conjunction act good enough, got 16.200 absolute high marks, Teng seashore and the not vulgar performance of the Zou Kai add, the Chinese brigade outstrips a Japanese brigade by 0.519 weak advantages and ascends first.

In the decisive battle finally, the Chinese brigade is steady to accept an officer on the floor exercise item.But on the end item horizontal bar, Japanese brigade’s the second Tienchung for appearing blessed Dian to drop down.The village sail inside the trump card is even to also appear an important mistake to drop Gang later on and make this brigade pain lost gold medal.

Match day after tomorrow this medium unanimously think that the Chinese brigade that didn’t mistake calls that the king is “great king” of gymnastics item “well-deserved”.But the Japanese brigade be again vanquished by oneself.For reporting the enemy of one arrows in Olympic Games in London, have to moderate a very high difficulty relationship with of stability.

Well worth mentioning BE, the village sail even match inside the Japanese brigade chief commander confesses behind that the Chinese brigade suffered assize to press a cent.”Because this time is the main field in Japan game, so judge of beat to divide opposite or even be advantageous to Japan, the I can also feel of come out.”

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many sins to annoy Korea

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Halt American solider’s forcible rape to rob to absorb poison to sell illegal drugs many sins to annoy Korea
Summary:According to Korean medium report way, near segment time, halt American solider soldier to commit several criminal acts in Korea, they not only sex invade a local female and rob citizen and even still absorb a poisonous illegal drug selling.This strong disaffection that caused Korean government and citizen, requests a modification 《Han Mei stations soldiers a position pact(SOFA) 》of the noise of shouting is severely gradual.

Round-the-world net report way of reporter, Zhang Zhe, , according to Korean medium report way, near segment time, halt American solider soldier to commit several criminal acts in Korea, they not only sex invade a local female and rob citizen and even still absorb a poisonous illegal drug selling.This strong disaffection that caused Korean government and citizen, requests a modification 《Han Mei stations soldiers a position pact(SOFA) 》of the noise of shouting is severely gradual.

According to Korea 《Korean newspaper 》October is 11, Long Shan’s police station in Seoul means on the 9th, halt American solider sons and daughters A some wait the citizen whom 4 people are suspected of once beating up road, and rend away 1,000,000 dollar(match about renminbi 5440 dollars) product.Although the Korean police carries on registering for the record a survey to them, travels circuithave to hand over them to an American solider according to the SOFA rules.

Allowed at 4:00 A.M. the 24th of last month, halted American solider 2 teacher private the K was some to drink dead drunkly and intruded into east bean a single apartment inside the Chuan City was threatenned 18-year-old A with the weapon involved in murder some, strong line had sexual behavior with it, and rend away 5000 dollar.On the 6th of this month, the K is some to be arrested by the police.

But previously of allowed at 5:45 A.M. the 17th of last month, halting American solider the private R was some to intrude into numb river bank of Seoul of raped a 18-year-old gold inside area an examination hospital some, and rent away to be worth of 1,000,000 the notebook of the dollar, the R is some to be arrested by the police after.Equally, the police gives the American solider the R some handover according to the SOFA rules.

Moreover, the N of American solider’s troops belonged to is some to be caught because of absorbing poison at a club of the pear Tai hospital hole of mountain area dragon on the night of the 6th of this month.But ex- the July here, the club detection’s 3 American solider’s soldiers sell a drug.

The report way said that according to 《halt the crime present condition of American solider 》suggest, up to now in 2007 June, year, reach to 1455 people at American solider’s soldier of halting of crime in Korea, commit crime 323 annually on the average.

Another according to Korea 《newspaper in East Asia 》report way, along with recently halt American solider’s crime to continue continuously, the Korean government decides to re- discuss the rules concerning criminal case and the case in SOFA investigate usual practice.

Trades according to the Korean diplomacy a related personage reveals, recently Korean government with halt American solider’s sex crime case for chance, survey authorities in life Korea starts completely commit crime to the American solider of meet in survey and indictment process of problem and SOFA the rules and luck camp launch a research work.

But another someone the private’s possibility to modification SOFA means:”The related rules of the American solider who will influence to station in other nations, so halting American solider is more difficult.”He says:”Han Mei signs in 1966 of SOFA have been modified twice up to now. The second-time modification in 2001 is also experience for 7, 8 years of the negotiation just can carry out behind.”

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Peking tour number

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Gold week the Peking tour number break a must main tourist spot to see “huge”
Together compare to increase a tour number a tourist spot tour view area tour experience police in Peking tour the destination tour make sight-seeing trip 11 huges
“11″ periods, five road transportation in the city inside the wreath roadses are steady to have a preface, the transportation index number is basic to be placed in”unimpeded”, “basic and unimpeded” level, average transportation index number is 1.4(unimpeded), compare last year great occasion of nation stanza period average transportation index number 2.0(basic and unimpeded) together compare descended 33.1%, the transportation circulates condition good.

Stood in the south of Peking yesterday, embarked large numbers of travellers whom Hu high speed railway in the city returned a city to have the preface the station.This report reporter, Zhang Wei, shoots

The great occasion of nation gold week holidays ended yesterday, because of seven annoy every day fine good, the fast fierce growth, total number and gross earnings of the tour number in city reach to respectively 1069 and 6,800,000,000 dollars, together the score don’t increase 15.1% and 12.8%.In the meantime, 121 point business service industry business enterprises also the total amount realization retail sum 5,930,000,000 dollars and increase 13.1%.Because gold week and Double Ninth Festival lap over, festival period calls on relatives to visit friend and travel the tourist flow increment, the whole city passenger transportation quantity also over 150,000,000.

The other parts of country guest all consumes 2295 dollars

Great occasion of nation gold this report Xun(reporter farmland tiger) comes from the data that the city day off does to suggest, week, Peking travels total number and tour gross earnings reach to 1069 respectively, together the score don’t increase 15.1%.Number the increasing also brought not thin income for the tour economy in Peking and traveled the gross earnings attain 6,800,000,000 dollars and increase 12.8%.The other parts of country visitor person all travels to cost 2295 dollars.

The city travels Wei related representative director said, because of thoughtful in the great occasion of nation gold come before, the whole citieses have already released 10 greatest topics, 100 tour destinations are provided for visitor to travel to experience personally, each coliseum festival period also present to public abundant colorful of 105 cultural activities, each perform the new choice that the place, museum, library, and science and technology building…etc. become a tour.But each area county and related section release of more than 100 topic cultural tour activity and the festival recreational activity, especially great occasion of nation period organize of bicycle match in the international design week, Chinese tennis open tournament and wreath city in Peking is a point athletics, cultural activity, make inbound the visitor and other parts of country came to visitor in the city and citizen to go on a tour to have more choices.

According to the statistics, the great occasion of nation gold period, my city 177 reviews AN and main view area reception visitor’s 1328, together compare increase 16%, admission ticket income also together compare significant growth.The my city residents arrive view area the recreation visit to add up to 502 and together compare to increase 21%;Person all the tour cost 201 dollars, together compare increase 11%.Peking receives another province City to travel 238, together compare to increase 3%, other parts of country visitor person all tour cost 2295 dollars, together compare increase 6.1%.

Not only the income of city area each main view area significantly increases, view area and suburban area view area of some peacetimes”nobody”s also significantly increase, such as the lotus pond park and Long Tan park of together attain 90% than the growth, Hsiangshan park together compare increase 56%, Long Qing Xia together compares growths all more than 30%, north temple forest park together compare increase 28.6%.Far suburban area hotel on the average the rent rate attain 43.5%, the ratio promoted 7 percentage points last year same period.The country tour adds up to reception visitor’s 329 and together compares to increase 16.2%;The country tour income reaches to 327,000,000 dollars and together compares to increase 18.2%.

In addition, like the sea of Shi Cha, south gong and drum lane, ex- avenue in the door, 798 etc. city tour comprehensive the body be also subjected to visitor’s favor very much, according to the statistics, the Shi Cha sea scenic area reception number together compare increase 2.800%, dynasty sun park together compare increase 72%, red Luo temple together compare increase 30.8%, happiness valley in Peking together compare increase 30%, wildlife park in Peking together compare increase 34%, Pacific Ocean bottom of sea world together compare increase 28.6%, the North Sea park together compare increase 23%.

Ex- five Godses want a tourist spot to visit “huge”

This report Xun(reporter farmland tiger Wang Shuo) does a statistics according to the city day off, the other parts of country visitor has got into return journey high peak since the 6th, but gold before the week five day, whole cities each main tour view all of the area(order) keep a high movement.The day off namely gets into to swim park high peak on the second day, among them, the Feng value appear to reach to 70.2 on the 3rd, together ratio 2 days in advance last year, increased 8%, after expect basic maintenance the high in 60 amount of reception.

Is subjected to the National Palace Museam(tiny Bo) that the visitor pays attention to most , this year gold week for shoulding flow to the super big guest, open time from 8:307:30 in advance, and all open in 16 guichets in square in the noon door of in the meantime, at carry one west of door dynasty the building increase to establish a temporary box office and alleviate audience to line up to hustle.Protects aspect at Anne in the meantime, the gold period aims at visitor in the National Palace Museam this year if knit of condition, police in Peking protects Anne in Tienanemen to direct before the department the cent before moving to noon door in National Palace Museam in command of department, the city police department vice- bureau chief stays in in person, 500 members of people Jings, armed police and public security support the public order order of National Palace Museam and periphery every day.But be that as it may, October 2, the visitor, who arrive National Palace Museam to visit, attains 13 and release before the stanza far above the related section of 8 myriad peoples limit discharge.However the guest flows to be worth to drop gradually from the Feng since 3 numbers, basic till the 5th hold with former years same period even.

In addition to National Palace Museam, eight reach Ling the Great Wall, Summer Palace, Altar of Heaven etc. these traditional famous view areas all between each gold period the high peak period that got into a tour number, the person flows breaks or approaches history apogee, seeming”the person is full to bring trouble” is everywhere.Altar of Heaven, Summer Palace and zoo, once in a row much daylight reception amount of visitor broke 10, seven talents don’t the total amount receive visitor’s 770,000, 680,000, 53.

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Peking travels

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Peking travels big Ba Liu Che bump to kill 3 Hong Kong visitors
Yesterday, cause trouble of the tour bus stopped on the spot and side still put the clothes of having the passenger, the police blockaded to handle trouble on the scene.This report reporter, Sun Chun Xia, shoots

The origin reports the afternoon of Xun yesterday, the Chang even area south town one inside the city hospital, company’s a tour bus because of slipping away a car to injure by bumping 3 visitors, through salvage invalid death.Currently, the police just investigates by law to the tour big Ba Che’s driver.

Hong Kong halts a city to do related representative director’s confirmation, dying 3 visitors is HongKongness.Day off in Peking City does to mean the start has already met an emergency to prepare a case.State Department HongKong-Macau does to mean to pay attention to this matter.

Slip away a car bus to knock down to bump a person

Last night 8:00, was located on gold palace comity store in Peking of the Chang even area south town, the hospital door closed tightly.The public security guards front door, investigates and searches towards passing in and out strictly and refuses reporter’s getting into.Passing the front door can see, the matter inside the hospital discovers that the field has already started to round with the whiteboard.

Nearby residents, Mr. Chen, said that yesterday about 1:30 p.m., that yard inside takes place traffic accident.A tour bus is empty none the person stops in a shop and side, “do not know the reason why, greatly expect a car to suddenly slip away a car, injure by bumping 3 visitors”.

Mr. Chen says that a hoist will travel after the matter hair the bus hang up, just the extrication is pressed the visitor at the underneath.The visitor is immediately sent by 999 ambulances to walk to save to cure.

Another witness said that traveling the place of bus parking is a slope and estimate the slope is about 30 degrees and travel the bus glided about 3410 meters downward while slipping away a car, period in addition to knocking down a visitor, return to bump and destroy a reflection mirror of van, finally bump a bread car to just come to a stop.

Hong Kong regiment 2 females 1 the male die in an accident

The reporter understands, the tourist group having an accident comes from Hong Kong, and the set regiment agency is an in good health travel agency.

Yesterday, in good health travel agency said, Peking of October 4 sunrise hairs 5 day, regiment, including a leadership and 24 visitors.The original route of travel goes to the Great Wall tour, yesterday afternoon 1:00 arrives the Chang even area some restaurant dining, the visitor is just preparing while getting into a restaurant, a tour bus of parking lot that stops in the restaurant is suddenly been hurtled forward by slope, 3(2 female 1 male)s are serious over here get into the visitor of restaurant is knocked down and draw in car bottom, give first-aid a personnel to confirm to die.

According to know, 2 dies in an accident the female visitor is 43 years old and 37 years old respectively, dying in an accident the male visitor is 40 years old.In the trouble, should travel female guide in Hong Kong and an attendant of store of regiment be also slightly chafed, other visitors all didn’t get hurt.

The driver calls to have already pulled to start Cha

Cause trouble a tour the bus be possessed by north vapor.

Yesterday, north vapor related representative director said, should travel the bus carried out eight to reach a Ling tour task, after guest get off, the driver stopped the car good and then had a meal in restaurant.

This driver is 48 years old and drive an age for 15 years and have already pulled to start Cha while claiming to be a parking.After trouble takes place, the driver receives other people’s telephone to tell and just knows occurrence.After matter delivers, the tour bus is dragged along by the related section to walk to check.

That representative director said that the north vapor carried on a check to all vehicles during the period of great occasion of nation.Travel bus why slip away a car, need to wait for a related section doing a technique to then can make sure reason after authenticating.

Currently, should travel the bus driver is taken by the police to accept a reviewing, the police investigates trouble reason just and further.

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research anticipates

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

The tour institute for research anticipates 11 departures of Chinese visitor to cost USD 2,100,000,000

According to a medium in Peking report way, the Chinese tour institute for research released a statistics to suggest recently, “11″ periods anticipate will have 220 myriad peoples and want to exit from country a tour, this number compared to increase range to attain last year same period two number of percentage, anticipated average everybody to consume to USD 950 in the outside, amounted eyes to attain USD 2,100,000,000.

The Chinese visitor makes the Korean vogue brand come back from the brink of death
Korea has been Chinese offshore because of being nearer apart from China visit of one of the popular destinations, no exception this year.According to Korea 《Korean newspaper 》October is 2, gold week only leaves for the Chinese visitor of Korean tour to already arrive many 7 myriad peoples now this year.Only September 30 a day, have 25 flight paths 70 aerobuses to fly into the airport of Ren Chuan from China.

The Chinese visitor’s arrival also arouses the retail trade abnormality of Korea very hot.According to 《Korean newspaper 》report way, Be can or so Korea retail the influence of business enterprise structure huge customer, some Korean vogue brands even come back from the brink of death because of Chinese visitor.The report way says that having on the 30th of last month, in modern trade center ladys’ wear store”EnC” in department store Seoul is a lot of two hand very full Chinese female.Several year agos, EnC once faced the crisis of withdrawing the department store because of the management problem, but ever since that time the condition mutation happened after the Chinese fashionable dresses market occupied the dress of a place to love to procure that brand in 2006.The dress after loving in upscale general merchandise market in China to set up EnC the monopoly store also starts soaring in the sale sum of Korea.Report way said, this because, a lot of Chinese visitors who arrive at Korea thinks EnC is “the upscale brand of Korea” and purchase 56 clothings at a time.EnC sold a sum to attain 48,000,000,000 last year dollar, increased 30% than the year before.This year’s sale target is 90,000,000,000 dollar, approach 2 times of last year.

Visitor”the blood puts together” the strength head make Za tongue in the store
Choose offshore visit of the Chinese visitor make moves straightforward purchase the behavior of costliness merchandise also highly anticipated.According to Hong Kong 《the text make collective report 》October is 2, the beginning of gold week also infused into new motive for Hong Kong retails trade.Tour in Hong Kong develops bureau and tour industry parliament to anticipate, in short 7 days the hinterland guest will be up to 4,200,000,000 dollars in the consumption sum of harbor.A curio in Hong Kong clock store representative director said that not a few no time for waitings, the No.8 breeze ball in Hong Kong in last Thursday period already”rob Zha” visits harbor and braves wind and rains “the blood puts together” and knocks on door purchase form to that store, more the Hao toss 200,000 dollars to purchase 3 curio wrists form.Busy because of business on that day, he only braves wind and rains to return a store processing, anticipate to unexpectedly have several hinterland guests are loitered inside the market, and Kou that store has already closed of iron Zha, the desire purchases a clock.

This representative director also reveals that a rightness of the husband and wife who comes from Shenzhen “urgent” buys 3 curio wrists with 200,000 dollars form, including physical labor private, 100 reach Fei beautiful and river Si Dan wrist form, make moves straightforward.
Ms. Liu and Ms. Chen who come from Shenzhen take advantage o holidays to make a special trip to the harbor”sweep goods”, short 2 hours, 2 people match to totally cost 3000-4000 dollars to purchase to protect skin article, cosmetics and snack.Ms. Chen said that renminbi appreciation, comes to harbor consumption to become to mutually get 8 fold a special discount, and the product of Hong Kong since be free of tax, and then have a quality control, their budget everybody costs tens of thousands dollars to buy shopping in the harbor.

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occasion of nation holidays

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

The great occasion of nation holidays takes tour market in fire Tibet
Come to say to many busy office workers, “11″ gold period, Tibet is that the head that their egress plays choose.The Cui surname representative director of Jiao international travel agency in Tibet sky says:”The visitor is a lot of now, our agency inside as long as have the car the enough guest.

New China net pulls Sa to give or get an electric shock(reporter, Guo Ya Ru2 , ) to come to say to many busy office workers on October 4, “11″ gold period, Tibet is that the head that their egress plays choose.Reporter from pull several travel agencies inside the Sa City to understand, “11″ arrival of gold weeks again took fire tour market in Tibet.

According to understanding, since 9 the end of the months the visitor of each travel agency of Tibet receive quantity to day by day increase and received the visitor’s amount to increase above 30% every day on the average compared with 9 beginning of the months.”Have day Ka is then”"have to walk Chuan to hide line of”, in the Jiao international travel agency in Tibet sky, a lot of visitors are consulting circuit problem in a line.Also renew to put together the information that the car puts together regiment at any time on the remark plank out of the door, there is route, there is date, under still noted telephone number is had intention to with convenience to consult.

The Cui surname representative director of Jiao international travel agency in Tibet sky says:”The visitor is a lot of now, our agency inside as long as have the car the enough guest.”He introduces and comes to say to the visitor, the cloth reaches to pull tourist spots, such as temple and big Zhao temple…etc., besides which, , wanting to walk the Lin Zhi, Na wood is wrong, inside and Chuan hide a linear person also a lot of, constantly someone come to look for to put together a car to put together regiment to set out together, this since can save money and can increase the fun of some tours.

Mr. Zhang and wife who come from northeast Liaoning just on October 1 to pull Sa, wanted for these two days put together a car to set out the Ka in day then.Mr. Zhang tells a reporter:”Come to Tibet to travek will never falsely this trip!”

According to each travel agency introduction, a lot of to put together the visitor whom the regiment puts together a car to want the second day sets out.Aim at this circumstance, travel agency reminds, “11″ gold period, Tibet gets into tour peak season, traveling the vehicle is limited, the price will have to soar, having a visitor whom line plans had better go to each travel agency to register to schedule to route in advance, and the in order to prevent influences a line.