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the first car is parked in the Pakistani side of the road repair bus

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Zhongguang Wang Yinchuan News November 29 (Reporter correspondent Han Peng Xu Xinxia ) Ningxia due to sleet weather in the morning about nine o’clock , 312 State Road Guyuan road near the bus station , three car chain collision accident occurred , resulting in two deaths.

scene, according to rescue personnel, the collision of three cars , the first car is parked in the Pakistani side of the road repair bus , the middle one is filled with chemical dangerous goods benzene tank . Severe impact caused by benzene leak , and fire , ignited in front of the bus . Behind the front of a fire truck with rice , severely deformed , truck driving position and co-pilot in two deaths . Fire brigade by cooling , dilution and other methods of emergency treatment, the fire has been extinguished, and control the leakage of benzene harm . Currently , road traffic accident, the crane on the wrecker is being handled .

settlements far from the road because of an accident , not caused the panic. But since the accident, where the road has been fully blocked , according to visual field , up to hundreds of cars blocked vehicles .


Senu Xi has also been arrested.

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Zhang from Libya, Libya Then with a transport plane to airlift to Tianjin frankly.

from Libya, to Tianjin frankly. Libya Then with a transport plane to airlift to Tianjin frankly.

Nov. 23, according to foreign reports, the International Criminal Court, the Attorney General Louis Soar Campo 23, said before the trial of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s second son Saif issues Libya has priority.

Ocampo, 22, arrived in the Libyan capital Tripoli visit, the recent arrest of Saif and Libya’s former intelligence minister Se Nuxi trial of talks with the Libyan authorities in power.

Ocampo held a news conference in Tripoli, said:
also expressed the hope that the Libyan authorities for proper investigation, then the survey results to the judges of the International Criminal Court,


June 27, the International Criminal Court for La Zanussi issued an arrest warrant. October 20, Gaddafi was killed; 19th of this month, Saif was arrested; December 20, Senu Xi has also been arrested.


chief executive officer company

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

the United States ‘ occupation of Wall Street

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Xinhua News Agency Reuters shows a survey on the 22nd , the United States ‘ occupation of Wall Street

survey conducted by the Associated Press , the occurrence data from the U.S.

According to the survey , is responsible for monitoring the protests , to maintain order and law enforcement agencies spent most of the costs , including New York City and Oakland, California police spent the most .

15 am New York police launched raids on the Oakland police and protesters clashed several times .

Because this activity is not over yet , the cost will continue to increase.

leaving a minority government bailout of financial institutions in trouble most people . The event quickly spread to many cities.


Notice organized examining suggestions on business.

comprehensive integrated concept

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Fly with the founding ceremony, facing the Korean war, homeland defense through baptism, bathing the reform and opening spring, people in the motherland and Miles Air Force air and space through 62 years of glorious history. Especially in the aerospace and information era, the people of the Air Force focus on national security and overall development, to adapt to new trends in world military reform, a new starting point, and vigorously promote the strategic transformation of the Air Force, concerned about air and space development, information technology to speed up and deepen training reform and tactical innovation, create culture with Chinese characteristics space, has developed into a multi-combined arms, with offensive and defensive information warfare capabilities under conditions of strategic military services.

adapt to changes in military requirements, to promote the strategic transformation of the Chinese Air Force

information age, the guidance calls for strategic thinking with advanced strategic air force. Today, information technology to modern warfare, a powerful plug in wings, aviation, aerospace and information technology is increasingly integrated air and space attack, global positioning, precision strike, rapid response, air and space power has been a qualitative leap in information technology has become a war a key factor in winning the basic requirements and military modernization. People’s Air Force standing trend of our head, clouds look nine days, close to the military situation and the need to fulfill their mission, to track the latest trends in information warfare, information technology continues to recognize the new mechanism of air and space warfare, new style, a new strategy based on the action plan, established the to both offensive and defensive changes. Resolutely implement the principle of active defense, the military, in the On the one hand breaking the strategic defense posture under the operational and tactical offensive operations initiative the ability to become truly active defense. On the other hand, breaking the

Second, from quantity to quality and efficiency change. Adhere to quality first, giving priority to efficiency, to achieve intensive development as a strategic transformation of the basic ways to enhance the quality of construction, improve development effectiveness. Air Force transformation and deepening the theory of building a major study of practical problems, to build the Air Force has the distinctive characteristics of the theoretical system of strategic guidance and information warfare theory system; according to the Air Force Strategic Air Force mission requirements and operational requirements of the pattern of elimination of old troops, the development of new combat power, the adjustment in the system to achieve new breakthroughs; strengthen information-led, comprehensive integrated concept, focused on building a competent and efficient offensive and defensive combat air power system, to enhance the integrated joint operational capabilities; comprehensive protection package for the construction, focusing on systems integration, improve intelligence, communications, navigation, meteorology, electronic warfare, engineering, maintenance and repair aid and other aspects of comprehensive security performance.

Third, from the traditional Air Force air and space power to change. Objectively speaking, for a long time, people in the Air Force is still a traditional Air Force. Into the new century, people a little space in accordance with the Air Force’s strategic positioning, the establishment of and effectiveness, accelerate the achievement of the Air Force to Air Sky body of strategic change. The future of system; the development of modern air and missile defense system, to expand the scope of space activities, to improve the strategic territory space surveillance capability, speed up building a national air and space defense system; strengthen strategic warning, and improve the monitoring of surface space, management system, the development of the air offensive forces form


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tell the truth

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Latest issue of In the article, entitled .

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