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pro-US military support

Friday, December 30th, 2011

December 28, 2011 CCTV

- Japan’s

Moderator Shui Junyi:

Welcome back to

Yesterday, the Japanese government threw out a heavy political bomb, blow up the country to adhere to for decades, Relax arms export ban, the move to open its new defense contractor market, but also caused the Japanese have a complex history of relations between the Asian neighbors wary. Lifting arms embargo, the Japanese government’s strategic intent in the end where? The occurrence of such a major defense policy why a change? What kind of consequences it will bring? Studio we have invited two commentators, one is Mr. Yin Zhuo, there is a Mr. Song Xiaojun.

First, ask Mr. Soong, a

Are reviewing: a major turning point in national defense policy?

Opinion: From a legal point of view on the future export of all weapons can be

Song Xiaojun Commentator: Simply put, what is the future of Japan weapons can be sold, legally speaking, because today he is the chief way to say this conversation then, and this passage has been widely reproduced. Can be seen, this passage from the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs co-authored a passage, from a legal perspective it does not have any limit, it can be exported to any country any kind of weapons, including the main equipment, it only take future public and moral responsibility, that is, all the legal binding release of all.

Shui Junyi: From the details, or specific events behind in terms of what kind you look at it the other side of the background here?

Song Xiaojun: I think the main reaction is faster today is that you immediately to the Yomiuri Shimbun editorial said, patrol boats and sell body armor, of course, it is important that all of his military enterprises are very supportive of this matter. We know Noda turned out to be the children of the SDF, the United States in fact, Bush has been up to them to break through the exit.

Shui Junyi: the Japanese?

Expert opinion: the U.S. military on the principle of breakthrough

Song Xiaojun: Yes. Because the U.S. military over the past decade the manufacturing sector collapsed badly, went on to play the financial, hoping to give it the Japanese patch. For example, the F35 software testing problems, such as missile cooperation, cooperation is the anti-missile system, that is Hillary Clinton left to a basic disk, military enterprises, these things would like to work in Japan to back him, from this , only to Noda government relaxed this one was, of course, Japan’s military enterprises are indeed unable to feed, for ten years, the Japanese military’s subscription fee is in decline.

Shui Junyi: Mr. Yin to see how Japan such a move?

Expert opinion: This day: pro-US military support

Yin Zhuote about Commentator: You can say it two purposes, one is pro-American, another one is to support the military, these two. Of course, keep the military defense industry with a complete system, which is its main concern. Why Yueqin the United States? Because now, all of Japan’s military cooperation is essentially only for a country like the United States, it provides a lot of other U.S. high-tech, including high-tech components, especially electronic products, then each of these high-tech components weapons inside, past the three principles of Japan’s domestic constraints, it is engaged in cooperation with other countries, in addition to the United States to other countries, sales of these controversial weapons in the country to the Japanese government has been criticized, and now it is fully liberalized, indicating that the US-Japan can cooperate, a large number of other countries to the world of high-tech weapons, without any limits, this is a. Why support the military? Because Japan itself is its own small-scale military action, so his example, F-2, he made the grade equivalent to F16 aircraft, it is F16 procurement costs twice to three times, so such a point of purchasing its own aircraft, It is simply too poor to feed the military industrial enterprises, the annual government subsidies to give it a lot, so that it can make it out sales greatly reduced procurement costs, reduce after purchase, of course, Japan has a complete defense system, military power for it to laid a good material base, which is the long-term goal.


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the defense lawyers who have drug house Xin Gang Road

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

China News Network on 23 December, then a reflection of a person’s heart, a national popular discourse in this country but also to some extent reflects the status or mood. By China and Baidu News Financial Network launch in 2011 Top Ten News Quotations, price increases because of the people too much money suffered subversion, questioned the credibility of the government, public servants of the people questioned speech, questioned the times of their own … … end of the year, look back in 2011, full of undying emotion and vicissitudes.

No1 Believe it or not, anyway, I believed

7 月 23 日 20 时 38 points, from Beijing to Fuzhou D301 times to run EMU trains near Wenzhou in eastern China, bound for Hangzhou and Fuzhou in front of the D3115 times EMU train rear-end accident, after four cars derailed cars fall under the bridge, where a car left vacant; the vehicle in front four carriages derailed. Accident has killed 35 people were killed and 192 injured.

in the When the Ministry of Railways spokesman Wang Yongping asked, Because at the scene and rescue the situation, the environment is very complex, here is a quagmire, Shi started to very easily, so that the front buried below the soil cover, mainly to facilitate the rescue. Currently he explain why this is, as you believe it or not, I believed anyway.

No2 Liantong 8 knife is playing the piano repetitive motions

Xin drug house, Xi’an Conservatory of Music junior students. October 20, 2010 night, then gave the driver to drive the injured spines caused the death of eight knives, then drive to Guo Du escape again hit the pedestrian crossing, near the mass escape when captured. May 20, Shaanxi Provincial Higher People’s Court of second instance for the maintenance of family medicine Xin first instance death penalty cases. June 7, 2011 morning, Xin drug house was executed.

period, the defense lawyers who have drug house Xin Gang Road, defended and said: to vent my anger or emotion of a heart. Therefore, when he again encountered such an unpleasant stimulus, he saw a person is injured, but also in mind his number, his behavior is actually similar to the knife hit the behavior of the piano. Because do not buy this year, next year will be more expensive. Ma Weihua, also suggested to develop financial products, with different degrees of financial risk products will be in the hands of the people to absorb excess liquidity to prevent its re-enter the property market and other fields.

No4 I gave up everything, and XX eloped

5 月 16 日 23:21 minutes, right from the bottom of King Gong (CDH Venture Partners and co-founder ) microblogging: Thank you for years of care and help, I wish you all happiness! Can not face everyone’s expectations and trust, and we also can not explain, but also embarrassed, it is gone and. Call-in, please forgive! Power right bow.

power after the king the right to find micro-Bo, the object point to elope Investment Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Zhongfu founder Wang Qin. The search function right and Qin Wang Wang Bo in more than a micro-interactive, Wang Qin issued a picture amazed. Wang Gong Rights:

modern society, and eventually a person want to do it, seems to have become scarce, so the king the right to run away to such a successful concern.

No5 My dad is the law of the land

2011 In June, Vice Mayor Feng Shuanggui’s mother died in a car accident, residents in accordance with local customs and Liu Wen in the incident set off firecrackers to show evil, giving rise to Feng Shuanggui family dissatisfaction. Funeral of the deceased late the next day, Kang Yan Feng Shuanggui wife, son, Feng Yuan, brother in law Liu Kang Dragon Man broke into home, Liu Wen random knife stabbed and severely wounded. Feng Feng Shuanggui second son in a violent assault victim in the course of the source, the victim asked for constantly declared: law of the land

In fact, from This is kind of a context, as Further, if he does not control such a heart, how could Yechuang Liu Wen home, fight, Liu Wen random knife stabbed into the injured?

travel date

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Zhongguang Wang News reporter learned from the Beijing Railway Bureau , from January 1, 2012 , the train started all the real-name ticket system .2011 December 22, telephone booking , December 23, 2011 from the Internet, consignment at , the passenger station ticket window you ready ( to carry ) valid ID card .

Shanghai next year, the real name system for all train

Shanghai Railway Bureau news , since January 1, 2012 ( travel date) , the council implemented tickets for all real-name system of passenger trains , passengers must present valid ID to purchase tickets , and tickets and ticket holders when use of occupant original valid ID card ( a free ride for children and hold a ticket for children except for children ) stop, ride . The station will be popular , focusing train all passengers real name verification, testing is not popular .

New Year’s Day next year all the real names of Nanjing Railway Station ticket

Reporters learned from the Nanjing Railway Station , from January 1, 2012 ( travel date), all passenger trains on the station to implement real-name ticket system , valid ID card are required for passengers to buy tickets , and tickets and ticket holders used when the occupant original valid ID card ( a free ride for children and support child a ticket except children ) stop, ride .


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you can contact me with any questions phone 15863149753.

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Change the sub-charge price tag

According to the National Judicial Examination Center of the Ministry of Justice announcement, November 18, 2011, participated in this year’s judicial examination of the candidates through the website and voice telephone queries the score. May publish the scores after three days, a User in End of the World Forum published an article entitled The content is claimed to participate in this year’s judicial examination network called

Gaosuibuyou Thailand The dialogue shows, November 9, 2011, to the

I, we have acquired through internal relations to help you search results for free and told you, that time you will reconsider whether to change the points, do not change it does not matter, not a virtue in the sale.

In addition, the ; 200 to 249 points, change points twenty thousand.

November 11, It is noteworthy that the subsequent conversation, .

According to the disclosure of the post show chat, >

Possible to highlight how tricky it, 101, 300 points or less is 81, and another six candidates finding out personal information is incorrect.

However, according to the National Judicial Examination Office of the Ministry of Justice Nov. 16 announcement said: National Judicial Examination 2011 results on November 18 announced that the national passing score of 360 points. Candidates can at 8:00 on November 18, the S & P China by French Ministry of Justice website ( and voice call my results.

At least half of the real thing, so people who want to be able to this concern, the Ministry of Justice to make us an account of the candidates hard pro forma.

Chat show, vice in the ticket master card blank card or write: agree to change points, Joe Smith, after the payment through check points. Joe Smith, that is to write the candidates name, phone number candidates. 12 and 13 are ready to send to my QQ mail, 13-14 change points.

, ticket number, ID number on it.

Net posts to display sub Information does change with a candidate this year, the same Si Kao

The quote in the posted picture shows that in a points! Sun Cheng,

December 18, reporters repeatedly call the phone, but that number is always turned off.

But correspondents General French login Chinese query, exam scores 360 points.

In addition, the post has also posted copies of the same sign a , and scores more than the bar exam scores.

Reporters found through the search function QQ friends, could not find the But the reporter noted, the By querying the account, the reporter found that the account of the network called Well, you can contact me with any questions phone 15863149753.

December 18, reporters repeatedly call

Candidates are more than reflected pressure points

Many candidates in his post about a similar situation around.

But there are also candidates to change the points that similar information is not credible. A candidate message said: The database allows you to change the points so easy ah? a discerning eye to see that this is a liar.

In addition, according to the candidates, and they had test scores in the query and found a strange phenomenon, all three volumes in the first 270 points or more candidates, volume IV are very low (sub-four judicial examination papers examination, a total score of four a score of papers and correspondents note), so there is a lot of 358 points, 359 points. The first three volumes in a number of 240 points, 250 points of volume IV scores of the candidates have emerged more than 100 points, with candidates basis that

Friends volumes are 275 +, and to the Bureau of Justice asked the Bureau of Justice who saw my review of the results said results are not any sense, said this year had been placed on more than 358,359 candidates in particular.

Judicial examination results this year after the publication of judicial examination counselors Zou Chapter posting said: it!

Department of Justice has not released the findings of Si Kao allegedly declared yesterday

It is worth noting that this year’s judicial examination in September to open exam declared yesterday after a large area of ​​doubt, a widespread post screenshot of SMS revealed that the screenshots show time is 9 May at 12:10 on the 18th, message content related to judicial examination of the questions related to some of the content, which means that in the judicial exam 14:00 to open a two-hour exam, it was informed by SMS exam questions.

Legal Publicity Secretary in the Ministry of Justice interview responses that from friends microblogging content provided to see, not very conclusive evidence that the incident was declared yesterday event. Publicity Legal Secretary at the Ministry of Justice said: However, according to inquiries from reporters, no findings are published today.


Especially tip-top company investigate the company honored amidst international listeners.

Han Guohai Police Department said that so far

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

According to People on the 12th, 12th in the event of a

Han Guohai Police Department said that so far , Han Guohai Police in law enforcement in the main weapon is the first to use rubber bullets transmitters , and other non-lethal electronic shock gun type of weapon . Only in the event of violent resistance led police to personal safety is threatened , will the use of firearms . Currently Han Guohai Police are investigating if the recurrence of events last-ditch weapon carrying Chinese crew , marine police will be approaching the stage from the use of guns ,

It is reported that Chinese fishing boats Han Guohai Police is currently focused on operations in the West and the South China Sea has sent a patrol boat day 6 .


United States

Monday, December 12th, 2011

United States, The report quoted the statistics that the U.S. Air Force in 2004 to 2008 , 274 U.S. soldiers were part of the cremated remains of garbage when the landfill ; another 1762 can not identify the identity of the body pieces back from the battlefield after the same manner.

In the media at least 274 U.S. soldiers killed in the ashes were thrown into the body a Virginia landfill , the U.S. 8th Air Force suffered a severe criticism . Democrats Rush – Holt criticized this practice , said the Air Force is clearly of desecration of dead soldiers . Meifang Zhang Panetta has asked the Air Force on this incident on the punishment of those responsible for the decision to re- evaluate .


support for terrorist organizations

Friday, December 9th, 2011

People December 9 hearing, according to official Iraqi News Agency reported Iran , Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman梅赫曼帕拉Manchester United set for the virtual embassy in Iran to respond , he said , suggesting that the U.S. government recognize the interrupt with Iran diplomatic relations was a mistake.

The spokesman said the U.S. government did in fact acknowledge the interrupt relations with Iran was a mistake , and this move is not set up a virtual embassy from the United States the right to pass any information to the Iranian people .

He pointed out that the Iranian people over the past 30 years have seen time with the U.S. sanctions , support for terrorist organizations , full stop Iran’s scientific progress , and rumors groundless slander and other means to deal with the Iranian people .

梅赫曼帕拉Lancaster said , in fact, all problems are rooted in the United States government, from the Islamic revolution, a coup against the people before the government launched the current U.S. government to assassinate Iranian scientists are at work , they also ignore the choice of the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic to achieve happiness and prosperity for their efforts.


the missile in terms of strategy implementation with good mobility and reliability.

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

present, the Chinese Air Force has at least two squadrons of F-11B fighter aircraft is in use. The initial F-11 fighter is put into use in 1998, but production was very limited, only produced 100.

present, PL-10 is already in use has not been determined. However, the issue of PL-10 has been described and discussed at least three years.

Chinese officials on the performance of Russia’s outdated electronic equipment is very disappointed, so China has put forward its own production. Since then, at least they produced a 100 which weighs 33 tons of F-11A fighter.

data show that China is about 200 J-11 series aircraft in service; In fact, about 40% Series F-11B fighter.

this model J-11 uses a

According to the U.S.,

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