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Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

China news agency, Beijing, January 17 (Reporter Sun Zifa) – Correspondent 17 from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation was informed that the task space , the year 2012, the group scheduling 21 arrows 30 stars launch.

Chinese the group company, is an extremely heavy task for one year , high-density high launch and flight test , a significant task effects.

Space mission , the annual scheduling 21 arrows 30 stars launch. Shenzhou 九号space rendezvous and docking missions will be implemented ; Beidou II satellite will launch six satellites , complete the construction of area navigation systems ; ‘s first civilian satellite mapping Venezuela will achieve China’s first remote sensing satellite remote sensing satellite exports.

Missile weapons , weapon models for a number of annual flight test .

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation raised will go all out to ensure that aerospace research and production test task is satisfactorily completed : first, to ensure that Shenzhou 九号space rendezvous and docking space for the launch on behalf of the 21 successful missions to ensure that strategic and tactical missile flight experiments a success.

Second, a comprehensive national science and technology to carry out major projects and key technologies developed to ensure that all types of satellite , the mission to develop a new generation of carrier rockets successfully completed projects .

The third is to actively promote Nigeria 2, 3 telecommunications satellite and other export items and Bolivia signed communications satellites , communication satellites and other project implementation in Belarus .

Fourth, innovation, research and production organization and management , depth aerospace research and production management maturity assessment and continuous improvement , and comprehensively promote the key products shaping aerospace , construction certification and production line integrated security system weapon models .


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in a peaceful way to solve the problem .

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 19 , according to foreign reports, the U.S. Defense Panetta said Thursday the United States has with Iran on the Strait of Hormuz confrontation on the issue of doing a settlement of disputes .

Panetta said on that day , ready .

Late last year, Iran has threatened that if subjected to Western countries or further sanctions against force , will block the Strait of Hormuz . The U.S. has stepped up its navy outside the Persian Gulf military presence .

Panetta said,

Panetta reiterated the United States is very aware of their goals , will work to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and blockade the Strait of Hormuz . But he also stressed that the U.S. hopes that with the international laws and regulations , in a peaceful way to solve the problem .

Previously reported for the United States sent a letter to the Strait of Hormuz issues regarding Iran , Panetta refused to comment , but pointed out that the United States have channels of communication with Iran , and will continue to keep these channels open.

Recently, relations between Iran and Western countries increasingly tense , some analysts said the Persian Gulf war may be imminent


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To improve survival

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

ITAR December 30 reported that the Russian army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel谢尔盖弗拉索夫Friday announced that the Russian army in 2011, equipped with more than 30 new -style the system . Prior to the Russian military has claimed that this new weapon will replace the old with the

According to the Russian CLC, will be used to replace the It is reported that ,

Compared with old-fashioned In addition, the In the

To improve survival , Russian CLC said,

Russian Army missile forces and artillery director said in an interview , the next longer range

In addition to


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the medieval castle ruins

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Arrived at a delicate time in Syria, Arab unrest in the new eye of the storm.

When we receive directly or indirectly, to the Syrian Ministry of Tourism issued the invitation, the eastern Mediterranean Arab countries are facing tremendous pressure. Since March 2011 some parts of the anti-government demonstrations calling for democracy and freedom, and government forces forcibly suppressed, people read from the media, most of the news of bloody violence, and the United States and Russia and other powers around it and started the wrestling game.

First, the European Union, the United States and the Arab League have announced sanctions against Syria, the Arab League and then in November very rare in Syria’s membership freeze, followed by the United Nations released a report, through the 223 victims and witnesses, police and disclosure of Syria security forces of murder, rape and other human rights violations, including rape in front of his family face a boy. According to UN estimates, Syria, the number of people died in the conflicts over 5,000 people.

United States and other leaders of some countries have already asked Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down. Military defections came the news frequently. Outside the hot start is that Syria will become the next Libya, Bashar al-Assad regime will collapse. Some analysts even warned that the country has come to the brink of civil war.

It is in this situation, early December, we received a tour of the country’s Embassy at the invitation of bypassing the Foreign Ministry to private access way to Syria.

When my visa at the Embassy, ​​First Secretary, who reviewed my side information, she asked me: >

Since much of the office seems to start between Syria this storm in the eyes of West Asian countries, has been eager to show us the other side. After the trip, we were told more than once:

Our police delegation 16 people, some of the news media reporters, some of the tourist class media reporter, a television, a Web site, as well as two international scholar, the afternoon of December 18, local time, reached the Syrian capital of Damascus.

This visit was a mix of travel. Many times, travel arrangements were really like a leisure travel, we were led to visit the Old City of Damascus, to visit the largest mosque, the medieval castle ruins, the ancient monastery, those twists and turns through the streets, to from the old house converted into a restaurant for dinner, tourists usually prefer to go shopping bazaar.

These times, I just trance: Is this a civil war that is said may be the country? Life seem all normal. Street shops are open, all kinds of commodities, fruit and vegetable food filled with shelves. Great Mosque, the people to pray devoutly, mosques, the young parents led their children to a group of pigeons feeding. What a relaxing afternoon.

Along the way, curious to see ordinary Syrians looked to you, since almost all filled with a smile to his face, no shy, warm hellos with you, children, young people, the elderly, you may be stopped, with simple English or gesture than painted, to give them your camera. They are so enthusiastic that the contents of peer association, Bo Yu, director Nguyen Hong lamented that,

Other times, we met with the country’s senior officials from the tourism minister, deputy foreign minister, the mayor’s second largest city of Aleppo to the presidential adviser, as well as Grand Mufti and other religious leaders, to talk about the moment of grim situation. Religious leaders tell us that in Syria the country, all religions, sects living together in harmony how. Government officials are almost without exception, made a speech the same meaning: now taking place in these turbulent Syria, the US-led Western countries-led conspiracy, is fighting with government troops, is The Government is promoting a variety of reforms, which will no doubt be to undermine reform. These are precisely the Syrian state television and domestic news agency and other media to tell people over and over again.

Such a voice, and the outside world heard of before, almost completely separated. As ABC Barbara Walter, senior female reporter after the interview with President Bashar, in the program using one word to describe her feelings:

Public opinion on the split, but also hard to find. Online video in a variety of anti-government demonstrations mighty momentum, and the reality, we have repeatedly seen on the streets holding a presidential head groups of young men, waving small flags to go to support the Government’s parade. Many Syrians lost no time in expressing the government and the president’s For example, in a bazaar, we were suddenly surrounded by a group of students, they first let us give them scrambling to take pictures, then pranced in, rhythmically shouted slogans in support of the President, and – because China and Russia in the UN Security Council draft resolution on the Syrian issue a veto, the way we hear a lot of classification instead of themselves shouting

Of course, you can suspect that these are organized, but I flew to Damascus from Aleppo on the plane, accidentally sitting beside 30-year-old housewife Lina, her support for the Government appears to be sincere. These Fluent in English, too, was flushed with excitement.

17-year-old Aleppo city high school Simon will probably not agree with her. The boy also told me, blushing, that he never see the Syrian television, . Not long ago, the city of Aleppo had the students’ strike for dignity Previously he has since published inappropriate remarks, and was looking to security, but not beaten.

He thought,

A dramatic change occurred in the ancient castle ruins Citadel. A group of girls in primary schools come to visit is said, in a vacant lot on the music lively singing patriotic songs, the crowd suddenly I do not know who opened the banner of opposition groups, accompanied by security personnel will soon be taken away.

Classification of the territory in our interview in the past few days, news that the foreign media from time to time, other cities such as Holmes, etc., there are some people in the government troops and rebels were killed in the conflict. The international media news release and the number of casualties, mostly quoted from opposition groups, activists and a British-based NGO organizations, report on new developments, statistics casualties figures. But the authority of the media such as BBC, Reuters and other typically account, because of the difficulties immigrants interviewed, the data can not be independently verified, and had to rely on these more accessible source.

What happened in Syria? Perhaps the mission sent by the Arab League, the third-party investigation, at this point in time becomes extremely important, they come to the findings, the next will affect the international community of Syrian decision-making.


another thief associates came and pulled out a dagger stabbed to Lie

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Has more than 130 million people (Jiangxi) Feng city, not only rapid economic development of the hundred counties nationwide, the city is well-known heroes. 2012 New Year’s Day in the day, the city took place in an age of 21 veterans Chao, pickpockets were arrested criminals chopped selfless heroic sacrifice of moving events. 3, the reporter learned that the whole incident.

Pocketing the occasion of the knife to sacrifice his body a few

3, according to city Public Security Bureau Political Bureau of the abundance of relevant personnel, at 10:40 on the 1st or so, Lie by 2 bus to go downtown to drink a hotel wedding. Shortly after the car he found a man stealing an old man’s wallet. The thieves see things brought to light, they stop committing crimes.

When the bus continued to travel to the next station, the TV drama Lie keep men out of the car theft. Subsequently, in the bus stop bench, Li Chao started fighting with the man, then, another thief associates came and pulled out a dagger stabbed to Lie, Lie the body in several knives, a knife the middle of the chest. Upon seeing the two criminals fled the scene. When 110 police arrived, they found covered in blood lying on the ground Lie, after He died on the same day 11:30 stopped breathing, only 21 years old.

Rapid detection of two criminals were arrested the next day

Yichun city levels and abundance of the case the public security organs attach great importance to, and immediately start the murder detection mechanism. Meanwhile, Yichun City deputy mayor, police chief Wan Qi is not only personally attended to show, also sent expert investigators solve the case went to Vivo City to participate.

After investigation, access and retrieval of video data, 2, police have locked the suspect committing the crime. 2, 16 am, in the abundance of the city build a new community culture parametrial Bureau of Mines, the police will suspect Chen, Cai successfully captured.

According to Cai, Chen confessed the incident that day, they each carry a knife on the 2 bus, waiting to pick-pocketing money from the passengers. When pickpocketing a wallet elderly restrained when Li Chao, the two Pianyu off. When a road vehicle to the people of this station, pulled tightly Chao Chen want to get off, pick-pocketing to be ordered to hand over the money and goods, Chen immediately denied the chops money, followed by Cai and Chen Li super attack, during a dagger stabbing took Cai Chao. Lie still and seriously wounded in fighting with Chen, the final result of the number of knife and stabbed down, the two have fled the scene. Currently, Chen and Cai has been under criminal detention.

Easy to learn as excellent soldiers

Lie Yongdoudaitu glorious deeds of sacrifice spread his lifetime where the armed forces, they are only touched on the behavior of Li Chao and sad.

3, the reporter from the People’s Armed Police Corps of the relevant departments of Jiangxi learned, Lie in December 2008, the Armed Police Corps Ganzhou, Jiangxi squadron detachment rather have the army, retired in November 2010. The guy after 90, served two years in the armed forces outstanding performance, was awarded the title of excellent soldier, Lance Corporal was awarded the military rank.

Recalls his comrades, the biggest feature is the Lie easy to learn, but he is also very humble, and his comrades get along in harmony. At the same time, he also Vice warm-hearted, who has difficulty in his comrades, as long as he will be happy to go and help.

Chao’s character is also very forthright, before retiring to sign in to join a reserve agreement, means that at any time to obey the national call. In some people hesitate, he did not hesitate to sign the agreement, saying it was the bounden duty of a soldier.

Much enthusiastic praise neighbor man

Reporters, through visits, also learned the process of growth Lie. City streets in the abundance Jianguang Lane West community of a general population of any building, 57-year-old son’s father, Mr Li made the photos looked heartbroken mother Ye Renying her son’s sacrifice and many fainted. In the near poor home, but to a lot of friends that day, they are all heard about the Lie sacrifice comfort came after two elders.

According to a neighbor introduced Lee Father in Qinghai Geological team to work outside year round, he retired after 55 years of age until the return home Hojo. Lee is no formal job mother, by Dengsanlun living. Niu Li Chao’s brother after graduating from high school to Guangxi to work, get the news of his brother’s sacrifice, is back in time.

Lee said the neighbors out, are full of praise. One grandmother said she grew up watching Lie, he was either in primary or secondary school, have the students said he was good. enthusiastic about helping people. A neighbor Wan Shueisiou family does not light, Chao know, once in the past helped to fix the lights. When Chao heard about sacrifice to fight criminals, Wan Shui Sau and the surrounding neighbors are crying, some spontaneously to the crematorium for the Chao off.

Hi love the record straight

It is understood that Chao’s courageous act was not accidental, he has always dared to say bad things on bad management, the people around know he has a happy warm-hearted meddling and love the record straight.

In September, Lie in a computer shop during working hours, and once to the countryside to the town of Merlin to understand computer aftermarket, in the car saw a pickpocket is committing the crime, he is also to come forward, so pickpockets did not succeed. After returning home, he will go through to tell his mother, the mother worried about her son, advised him to Mo meddling. And Li Chao said, bad nobody, the more furious.

Last year during the Spring Festival, Li Chao and students walking in the urban road construction, but also saw a pickpocket pickpocketing a young woman is preparing the package, Chao quickly in the past to remind young women. Classmates and colleagues, his meddling and the character we all know the record straight.

Party Secretary instructed punish the murderers

In recent days, fighting criminals Lie to spread the news of the glorious sacrifice of their home, we are losing such a good young and regret. Leaders at all levels and relevant units who also made a special trip to their parents and family members came for sympathy. His Jianguang streets and West community is also very concerned about the Chao family, on many occasions to visit his family and condolences, and said that their family problems to help.

3, Harvest Party Secretary Li Chao Yang Yuping dedicated to home, in addition comfort Lie parents, but also immediately give directions, be sure to punish the murderers, promote righteousness. It is reported that the recognition of such matters Lie also being stepped up


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southern north-central

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Most of the South continued to rain snow weather

A significant weather

1 Southern most continuous rain snow weather

4 to 5 days Qinling Mountains, most areas south of the Huaihe River from west to east with a rain and snow (sleet) weather, freezing rain in parts of central and western Guizhou.

5 days, most of the South continued to rain (snow) weather. 8 to 13, with rainfall mainly south of the Yangtze River.

Two specific predictions
the next three days

4 08 to 5, 08, northeastern Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, eastern, eastern Shandong Peninsula, eastern Tibetan Plateau, north-central South, Guizhou, a small to moderate snow or sleet, which, northeastern Tibet, Guizhou, central , central Hunan, Jiangxi Central Bureau to have snow (5-6 mm), central and western parts of Guizhou have freezing rain; south eastern and south, southern Jiangnan, South China and other places there are small to moderate rain or showers; Inner Mongolia, Northeast have 4 to 5 wind; the Taiwan Strait, South China Sea in the northeast and east of 7 ~ 8, the northeasterly wind gust 9, the southern East China Sea, the North Bay, northwestern South China Sea and the western waters will have 6 7, 8 to 9 gust of northeasterly winds.

5, 6, 08 am to 08 pm, Heilongjiang, northeast, southwest and eastern Tibet, Qinghai, southeastern, southern Hubei, southern north-central, central and northern Guizhou and other places have snow or sleet in some areas, of which the central Guizhou , central Hunan, Jiangxi and central to the heavy snow in the local area (3-5 mm), western Guizhou Bureau to have freezing rain; south eastern, southern Jiangnan, most South China, Taiwan, light to moderate rain or showers; Inner Mongolia in the east, northeast wind 4 to 5; the Taiwan Strait, South China Sea in the northeast and east of 6 ~ 7, northeasterly wind gust 8.

6, 7, 08 am to 08 pm, mountainous western region of Xinjiang, North China, Northwest Southeast, Southwest and eastern Tibet, Qinghai, eastern, northern Guizhou, Hubei, southern, JAC south, southern parts of the north have snow or rain clip snow; Southwest east, central and southern Jiangnan, most South China, Taiwan, light to moderate rain or showers; eastern Inner Mongolia, Northeast, North China and other places there are 4 to 5 winds; the Taiwan Strait, South China Sea, 6 ~ 7, northeasterly wind gust 8.


934 people. By investigating the case for the state economic losses 8.44 billion yuan .

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Beijing BEIJING, Jan. 6 (Reporter Zhang Ran ) Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary-General spokesman said in Beijing Cui Shaopeng 6 , 2011, discipline inspection and supervision organs of the country received a total of 1,345,814 letters and visits ( times) , disposition 142 893 people, including given disciplinary punishment 118,006 people , 35,934 were given administrative disciplinary measures , sanctions cadres above the county level 4843 people.

6 Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission was held in Beijing discipline inspection organs work investigating cases press briefing . Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary-General , informed spokesman Cui Shaopeng discipline inspection and supervision organs of the country in 2011 the work of investigating and handling cases . He disclosed that in 2011 the country received a total of discipline inspection and supervision organs of 1,345,814 letters and visits ( times ), in which prosecution against class 960 461 ( times) . Initial verification of discipline leads 155,008 , filing 137 859 , closed 136 679 , action 142 893 people. Among them, 118,006 were given disciplinary punishment given administrative disciplinary 35,934 people. By investigating the case for the state economic losses 8.44 billion yuan .

Cuishao Peng said that in 2011 the discipline inspection organs prominent focus of investigating cases , seriously investigated in the leading organs and leading cadres in disciplinary cases. 4843 action cadres above the county level who transferred to judicial organs of 777 cadres above the county level . Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission investigation of Zhang Union , Song Chenguang , Liu & Ideal and other major cases have been transferred to judicial organs according to law ; currently under investigation along with Liu Zhijun , Tianxue Ren , Huang Sheng and other law and discipline violations


According to reports

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Julia Tan Global Network correspondent reported that U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Asian and Pacific Affairs Kurt? Campbell is currently in South Korea, and Japan visit. According to U.S. media reports, January 5, Campbell’s first press conference in South Korea, said he recently met with Chinese officials expressed concern about the situation in North Korea, urged China to United States,

According to the U.S. In a press conference after the talks, Campbell said his four-day visit to China and held talks with relevant Chinese officials, urging China to be on the development of the North Korean situation with Washington to

Report commented that Campbell was after the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il’s visit to Northeast Asia, the highest level U.S. officials. His remarks in urging China should use its influence to curb North Korea not to conduct the transfer of sovereignty Although the extent to which China can exert influence on North Korea is not yet clear, but China is North Korea’s main ally and trading partner. In recent years, with the international community sanctions on North Korea’s nuclear program gradually increased, North Korea depends on China’s growing economy, which expanded the occasion of the handover in Korea, China may be in stabilizing the situation in the Korean Peninsula role.

Reported that North Korea against South Korea last week to further strengthen the use of sea ​​of ​​fire. Lee Myung-bak government and military have warned that if North Korea has any military provocation, South Korea will be a strong response.

According to reports, Campbell said at a press conference the same day, the handover process in Korea, the United States promised to He said:


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they will firmly defend the country against the threat of terrorism

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

BAGHDAD December 31 (Reporter Zhang Ning Wang Hongbin ) 31 Iraqis across the country held various activities to celebrate all U.S. troops from Iraq .

Thousands of people rally in Baghdad the day to celebrate this historic moment . Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said in a speech at the rally :

Maliki said the U.S. military withdrawal , the Iraqi people freed , they will firmly defend the country against the threat of terrorism , the government will mercilessly fight the forces supporting terrorist activities . He warned that some political forces do not have contact with terrorist organizations .

Maliki also said the government will work to enhance the ability of security forces , ready to meet all challenges.

Accordance with the 2008 Ibero-American Status of Forces Agreement signed by U.S. troops in Iraq was December 31, 2011 to complete the withdrawal plan . Currently, only less than 200 U.S. soldiers to stay in the U.S. embassy in Iraq to help train Iraqi troops . U.S. President Barack Obama announced on 14 June , the U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq marks the nine-year war in Iraq formally ended .


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due to Michael Dell

Monday, January 9th, 2012

January 5 , according to foreign media reports, the British network to track and report recently released by research firm Netcraft said , due to Michael Dell , chairman of Dell (Michael Dell) , and other venture capitalists of all ages , the emerging open source web server ‘s Nginx has more than Microsoft (microblogging ) IIS ( Internet information Server Internet Information Server), became the active site in all the world ‘s second-largest supplier of network servers .

According to Netcraft, the decline.

It is reported that since July last year Nginx founder Andrew Alai Kexieyefu (Andrew Alexeev) and Igor Theo Joseph (Igor Syosev) to create the company has already brought a certain impact on the market . The platform was launched in 2004 , focuses on the world ‘s busiest 1000 sites in the top 25 % of the company that provides high-capacity network traffic , including Facebook, Zappos, Groupon, Hulu, Dropbox , and WordPress , etc. Nginx last October received from Dell CEO Michael Dell ‘s private venture capital firm MSD Capital, BV Capital and Runa Capital investment of $ 3.0 million .

According to Netcraft , currently has 12.18% of the active sites running on Nginx web server , which has unique content , not the monotony of a total of 22.2 million websites . In short, the report Netcraft statistics of 582 million Chinese Web site , which is a total of 18 million active websites.