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According to Hong Kong the restaurant tea

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Bin Laden was buried at sea in the implementation of tasks of the U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson , 27, is the second visit this year , will stay in Hong Kong three days, along with a cruiser and two destroyers, a total of 5,000 officers and men , ashore in batches holiday yesterday , Wan Chai bar suddenly milling around .

Carl Vinson commander , said the visit happened to be Christmas and New Year holidays , the officers and men on board are said to enjoy the fun.

According to Hong Kong the restaurant tea

U.S. Navy nuclear aircraft carrier sightseeing and shopping. With the U.S. military hopes to experience life in Hong Kong , while 21 -year-old Chinese crew Yu Ziying served just 10 months , intends to take advantage of Hong Kong to visit my aunt and two restaurants on the tea , and when the Vietnamese Chinese American engineer decade Lu Hui also said the city , each times to Mong Kok in Hong Kong will eat snakes Lang .

This is already the fourth year, the U.S. aircraft carrier to visit Hong Kong , how often attracted outside attention. Commander ThomasShannon clarify a few months earlier than planned this visit .

Visit as early as four days in May this year , a displacement of 90,000 tons, the deck can be placed up to 90 fighters , and this visit will put more than 60 military aircraft , along with two destroyers , one cruiser .


Beijing announced the purchase of the implementation of new policy – Then

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Tomorrow will be the end of 2011, the

The end of January this year, Of these, 10 cities,

Whether to continue after the expiration of the end of the purchase, a focus of attention of the public, as of today, France late correspondent inventory found that the purchase of the 48 cities, there are 25 cities (with no clear deadline for the purchase of the city) clearly position, after the expiry of the purchase to proceed. The Hefei, Guiyang two policies is about to expire tomorrow, the city is still no movement.

Department of Housing Minister Jiang Weixin, 23 at the National Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Work Conference said next year will continue to unswervingly adhere to real estate, continue to implement the local government’s responsibility for price regulation.


48 cities put a

January 26, the State Council executive meeting held to study and plan to further improve the real estate market regulation work. The meeting identified the strengthening of differential housing credit policy, strict management of housing land supply, adjust and improve tax policy and other relevant measures 8, referred to as Soon, mid-February, Beijing announced the purchase of the implementation of new policy – Then, across the country have introduced a restriction order.

According to the law late correspondent statistics, as of December 20, 2011, there were 48 cities implemented a restriction policy, of which 11 cities have a specific deadline, provided the other 37 cities have not stopped the purchase period.

Nearly half the city is still ongoing,

Data show that in order for the purchase of housing prices rose too fast to play an important role.

Since March this year, with the purchase of credit limit and other regulatory policies of the in-depth implementation of many cities’ housing prices

According to the National Bureau of Statistics released the latest prices in 70 cities of view, since April this year, the new housing price increases have been in reducing the number of cities, when April 54 cities rose, and by November , 70 cities, only five cities rise.

Department of Housing and Local Government informed in early December, for the purchase of the policy will expire at the end of 2011 the city, local governments need to purchase after the expiration of policy continuity.

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee, responsible person, after a year of control work, the city’s new general housing transaction price fell 6.3 percent last year, has achieved Next year, Beijing’s most serious

This morning, law reporters late information from the Bureau of Shijiazhuang, the building housing the Department that, due tomorrow, the city will continue to execute the purchase.

Thus, the implementation of the 48 But there are still 23 cities did not stand. Among them, two tomorrow, including Hefei and Guiyang city policy is about to expire.


Restriction is a

Xie Yifeng leading real estate analyst, said although the Ministry of Housing, said the purchase to proceed, but for the purchase of what to execute when the purchase of performance standards, scope, and so a series of implementation details, Department of Housing did not express.

And both want to control the price of local government to achieve the control objectives, but also want to maintain the volume of transactions, to ensure the steady growth of the local economy. Therefore, some local governments do not take the initiative to continue the purchase of the policy. The remaining undecided city, will choose wait to deal with silence.

There are real estate experts said the delay is because the local government has led to the purchase of direct revenue shrink. This sharp drop in income which is not just land, but also the volume down after the other tax reduction. In this case the real estate market is not conducive to the smooth development. The purpose is to curb the purchase of speculative real estate, but local governments do not want to affect the normal market stable.


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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012