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Mars and more distant goal the door . As to establish a base there to save costs

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Establishment of a permanent space station near the moon is described by many science fiction scenarios, now this idea is likely to become a reality . According to U.S. media reported on February 14 , the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has announced they are considering the establishment of a permanent space station on the side of the moon orbit , as the outpost in deep space exploration .
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NASA scientists suggested that the space station will be built in the earth-moon fixed point -2 (EML -2 ) near here is the Earth and Moon’s gravity as a

At present, the human deep space exploration from Earth detectors, while the Rockets to get rid of gravity need to consume large amounts of fuel, if we can base set up in space , it will greatly reduce the cost of deep space exploration .

NASA hopes the outpost in this preparation can play the role of a transit station , similar to the moon as the Earth out to explore the asteroid belt , Mars and more distant goal the door . As to establish a base there to save costs , NASA’s base upon completion, will greatly promote the development of manned spacecraft and space science research .

NASA still demonstrate the feasibility of the project , once finalized , the design of heavy NASA plans first advancing space -launch rocket system (SLS) and


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safety and environmental .

Monday, March 12th, 2012

On behalf of former deputy commander of the East China Sea Fleet , Zhang Huachen found in the research , the construction of naval aviation airport in recent years has made ​​a number of achievements , but a lot of the airport from the town of nearly surrounding the airport , aviation readiness training , and urban construction , economic development, mutual constraints increasingly evident intensive residents around the airport to put a higher demand for flight training, safety and environmental .
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Must ensure coordination between local economic and social development of naval aviation airport construction , push forward the construction of combat effectiveness of troops . scientific planning the layout of Hainan Airlines , Air Force and civil aviation airport . National People’s Congress as soon as possible large – scale military land exchange regulations and policies, to provide legal protection for the military airport relocation . At the same time , combined with the naval forces to the mission of the development of airport construction scale features to ensure that the new airport to meet the multi – model joint protection, offshore deep-sea training , combat readiness and training needs . The airport is located at the Government to exercise the important duty of the good protection of military facilities in accordance with the Protection of Military Installations Act .