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Sarkozy admits to

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po expectations. Public opinion, shellfish

Lu’s decision can be overwhelming Sarkozy’s served as the role of the opposition to hold an open
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Be eliminated in the first round of voting Bayrou said, will not ask supporters to choose any party, but made it clear that they will vote for Hollande. He criticized Sarkozy’s fight for 18% of the ultra-right National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen’s voters support right-wing, this I am truly sorry,

Because there is no common values ​​with each other and accused Sarkozy trampling and deny the country’s most precious beliefs.

Loss of two alien votes opinion edged up

Bayrou and Sarkozy to work in the right-wing government, to express personal wishes, and immediately attracted the parties to the dispute. Nicolas Sarkozy belongs to the Secretary-General of the UMP Cope criticized him

Refers to the Founder support a

Sarkozy, however, the day before yesterday for the first time publicly acknowledged: Landes still five percentage

The point gap is widely believed that Hollande will eventually win by 54% to 46% of tomorrow’s election.

The analysis refers to Sarkozy If you want to re-election to obtain the supporters of Le Pen 80 percent of votes, but also to have both Bayrou’s supporters, but Le Pen has already announced that the white vote will vote tomorrow. The poll showed that Le Pen supporters, only half the investment Sarkozy,

31% will vote white votes.

François Hollande, if elected to visit Germany

Moscovici, François Hollande, the campaign adviser, on the other hand, yesterday revealed that, once Hollande elected, he or visit after being sworn in Germany, as his first overseas visit to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to address the outside world worries Franco-German relations are faced with

Rupture. Same time, he will be on economic growth in Europe with the other party to seek a consensus, as the bilateral cooperation foundation. He also refers to Sa camp in the campaign fragment to use the photos of U.S. President Barack Obama, and fear to make people misunderstand Obama Sarkozy, but the United States in France

Museum spokesman has clarified that Washington does not favor any party.

After the election, France next month, 10 and 17 parliamentary elections two rounds of voting to elect 577 seats. Analysts believe that if Hollande win the presidential election, the Socialist Party won the majority seats in parliament but no surprise to us, because Sarkozy if so

Retired from politics, the UMP is expected to split it, plus the ultra-right National Front is rapidly emerging, so the right wing’s share of seats in distribution or different.