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Ecological temptations of Japan

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Apart from Tokyo, Kyoto, Japan is also an exile with no impurities in the “original” – Japan, Greater China region. The original ecological enough to let you travel to Japan to subvert the inherent impression that here is well-known cartoon characters and Detective Conan Kitaro’s home town.

Tottori: who did not move far has been the heart

The fairy-tale magic of the place hidden in the Japanese Sanin region, north of the vast depth of the Sea of Japan, mainly counties Shimane and Tottori, Japan in accordance with the administrative division, we have the equivalent of two Chinese provinces.

Shanghai, more than an hour after the flight, we came to this completely different world. Okayama out of the airport, green and luxuriant trees everywhere, such as washing blue sky, as if a vacuum were transparent, clear sunlight stabbed a semi-closed eyes always half open.

Okayama Airport to Tottori along the two-hour drive, we have been this original surrounded by natural beauty, vision, in addition to the traditional wooden Japanese countryside gray, the color of nature left, ears to hear Only the nature of the Tianlaizhiyin – a flood of birds, I do not know the name of Tottori whether as a result of more birds come from.

Autumn of Tottori Prefecture, with the Maple Leaf as it’s rich in pine needles, like red crab, colorful leaves, layer upon layer, making the other more beautiful and ancient buildings, elegant and beautiful autumn was appropriate.

We have received the guide said that if by the end of November to the late autumn, the original cinnamon or green forest, all of a sudden as the flame burning as unrestrained, Hongyan, Shashi spectacular.

Tottori you is unexpected to see the sea, the feeling is not a Chengbi Bay and the clear water suddenly appeared in front of you at the time of the spectacular, but to stand tall sand dunes, the capture of the deep sea. Tottori sand dunes of Tottori Prefecture in the east, next to the sea, the rolling dunes of our large, 16 kilometers from east to west, 2 km north-south and 30 meters high and wide in the sea breeze blowing sand, beautiful waves as the wave form of Curve.

Tens of meters high standing on the sand dunes, Jimu from a distance of the Sea of Japan near the light blue to dark blue, the crystal sea waves, like the huge silver crystal necklace to the beach sets the link Another aspect of walking barefoot on the top like walking on clouds, like the soft sea breeze Qing Fu, you can feel a fine white sand from both sides of the soles of his feet over, the cool, the itch to give people a feeling of crisp Ma. So close to the sea, already feel – are not moving, the heart has been far.
Tottori in western mountains is to let you do not want to leave the mountains for 8 linked to the general term for the summit, the highest Jianfeng 1729 meters above sea level in Japan, and its reputation as did Mount Fuji.

On the north side of the mountains for more than a steep cliff, but the reverse direction has become a beautiful view of the mountain, so there is Bo Qi Izumo Fujitsu and Fujitsu’s reputation. It is interesting that spring from the green to dark green in summer, golden autumn, the seasons all the year round can enjoy the distinctive color change.

The feeling is that most of this Wan Ju Ji, one day we will live in the Mid-levels it’s a hotel. After dinner, into the forest, silent mountains, forests silent, put away all the noise of the birds in the past, I would even dare to move, afraid to move this pace, the tremor vacant land, to alarm the Silent forests.

Engineer: Tottori in time to take the opportunity to look to well-known Japanese cartoonist Castle just the home-chang – North Wing-cho, now has just chang Castle Museum, which gathered all of Mr. Castle comics, but also cartoon characters to sell a variety of characters The works of art, many at home did not sell.

Shimane: This is a painting

End to indulge the natural beauty of Tottori, Shimane Prefecture next door into our authentic Japanese human tunnel. Shimane Prefecture of Gu Cheng-yun, there a lot of clouds on the country’s myths and legends, it is the myth of the township known. Shimane administrative and cultural center of the city of Matsue and Kyoto and Nara of Japan tied for the three major “international cultural tourism city” of a long ancient city. Many of these sites can even be traced back to “the myth of the times.”

Matsue City, the site was built in about 400 years ago, the main building castle tower on the roof looks like a triangle 1000 to start birds wings in general, 5-story.

I climbed up level by level, we can see the Warring States era of Japan to retain a variety of weapons, helmets, war, as well as officials of the Edo period, fire-fighting team, and other clothing items. However, from the castle tower on the top floor to watch the city under the most excited about the scenery, there are always want to be a Master of the impulse, with a modern skyscraper in the city night view of the wait-and-see mood is completely different.

Shou-day shade from the jungle out of the Court, Matsue moat may wish to boating, water moat, wild play calmly, on both sides of the towering old trees, bushes really are in the city.

However, Shimane the most unexpected places where it is the Adachi Museum of Art, called Japanese-style garden of the extreme, and reflect on it like a sub-Office-like quiet and the foot of a mountain lake, no matter Zhaomu twilight, there’s refreshing attitude. Adachi Museum of Art’s wonderful is that good to the King by the way, does not belong to the original landscape of the park, as a result of the angle created by the visual effects, and King set off the main level more sense. From the large swathes of curtain walls looked, but no time Yizheng Pian quiet scenes, landscape and garden behind as if undulating mountains like a painting in general, people are entering the Shangri-la, feel deeply attracted by, it is not surprising for five consecutive years Garden by the U.S. magazine’s first all-Japanese garden. And sitting in the corner of the museum, to imagine the Rock Hill, Beibaisha to imagine the sea, which is a combination of Zen and the courtyard.

Engineer: If you do not get tired, there can be two to a cup of coffee and tea house for the time being take a break, even for a whole day to spend time here to stay, and they would never feel boring. There is also a collection of modern Japan, as well as pottery painting, sculpture, painting, etc. Illuminated, especially in modern Japanese painters Yokoyama Grand collection of the most famous collections of up to 130.

Hot Springs: a clean body and mind wasted on a pilgrimage

Hot Springs is a trip every day, an essential element in every hotel here, almost all of Hot Springs Hotel, located at the foot of a mountain was not that close to the sea. The spa has a long history, and some have gone through thousands of years of history, but does not deny its charm as a result of years, but with the accumulation of years appears to be more flavor.

The hot springs do not seem to be outside the hotel, it was into Journey Into Amazing Caves. On the first day of a call to Akashi home spa hotel, but classical lobbies small fine, across the glass wall of the garden suddenly Dunjue.

Hotels scattered high and low, almost all wooden buildings, faint light from the house Litou, moist texture of the wood in the yellow light, especially the “home”. The hotel is very clean and slippers are placed in good order, spotless tatami, I always come out the front of “Oshin” wipe the floor to kneel on the floor of the scene.

Into the bath, very naturally pay attention to, first in the pool outside the body will be running water, with a clean body into the pool, can not towel into the hot spring pools, hot spring pools can not wash your hair or body wash … …

Nevertheless, a clean body and mind wasted on a pilgrimage, it seems to be only the beginning. Yelanrenjing, not around the city of Xuan Rao, Looking around, everything is like a silent film, only the faint shadow of the movement and the smell of sulfur onto the sense of smell. Apart from romance is full of pure feeling, the feeling like in heaven. If one side in the morning can also enjoy the hot springs on the side of the outdoor scenery.

Have to say, here’s the hotel spa services, in particular the warmth of honest, to leave in the morning, the owner and staff on an early send-off parade at the door, kept waving good-bye, even if you have step by car, but as long as they also seem to be able to see, Hands on a non-stop play, you feel the way they are within sight.

The reputation of the region’s largest hot spring hotel to a jade-made hot springs, hot springs good effect, it is a time that is Sanin reputation as a soup god, not only has a long history, but also places frequented by the Japanese emperor.

Of course, there are various characteristics of each, but in terms of which have enjoyed a wonderful elsewhere.

Engineer: Japan’s hot spring hotels are usually on a daily basis to provide a breakfast and dinner, are authentic Japanese food, sashimi, crab pine needles, authentic tempura, sweet rice in particular, even if very alone to eat with relish .